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Phase Early
Mar 14, 2004

March 23

The crescent moon is a day or two early, and it seems strange to me to see lunar movement stop only an hour above the western horizon, here in Mississippi, but it did last night. Instead of overhead at about the midnight hour this was about 7:00 in the far west, and still tracking north of where it should be. Even my wife noticed the lack of movement and commented on it.

March 14
So far this month, all the moon phases have been at least three day ahead of their posted days on my calender. I saw the moon 4 AM this morning on Mar 14 and it was just a sliver. It’s not supposed to be a new moon until the 20th.
Per SkyMap, the Moon from is indeed supposed to be a half moon on the 14th and a sliver on the 20th. Many have noted the Moon appearing full days early. As the Zetas said in 2001, when it was noted that the Moon phases graphs showed doctoring back in 1994:
Thus it was in anticipation of a literal day difference between viewing Full Moons, with the Full Moon seeming to arrive that much early, that the chart data was pre-set.
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