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Moon South
April, 2004

April 9

I decided to take the Moon shots tonight Apr 9 here in Victoria Australia as it's position seemed out. As it turns out it is some 65 degrees difference in the Azi and some 20-25 degrees on the Alt compared to the Moon shots of the Apr 6 at 9:25 PM.

8:55 PM Azi 135° S/E Alt 10° Skymap expects Azi 120° and on the horizon, so too far SOUTH upon moonrise. 9:25 PM Azi 95° S/E Alt 15>20°. Skymap expects Azi 115° and Alt 8°, so moved rapidly north at an extreme tilted orbit around Earth.

April 10

It is 6:00 A.M. EDT where I am south of Buffalo, NY, near the border with Pennsylvania. When I got up in the dark and went to the bathroom circa 5:30, I saw an unusual shadow pattern on my bathroom window, which faces south, and then I lifted the venetian blinds to see what was causing it. To my great shock, I saw the moon SOUTH of where it had been when it was full. I have NEVER seen it in that position before.

April 10
My house in Mississippi faces East, and moonrise used to be over my neighbor's roof (along with sunrise). In the last few months, moonrise has been (more often than not) over my neighbor's house across the street toward the South. Then moonrise was over the house to the right of my neighbor (further South). Friday and Saturday nights, April 9 and 10, moonrise was over the house to the right of that one, three houses from where I'm used to seeing it! We must have had a tilt that put the North Pole over Beijing!
April 10

Saturday, Apr 10, in NE El Paso, at 1:30 hrs MDST, I viewed a Moon that was approx 65-70% illuminated at Azi 125°, Alt 30°.

Skymap expects Moon rises at 2:00 AM MDST at 125°. Thus the Moon rose EARLY and was not expected to be at Alt 30° for hours.

April 11

The moon this morning, April 11, here in Missouri was very close to due South!