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Tilted Face
May 4, 2004

Look at the Moon right now. It´s bright orange and the face has rotated. In Toronto the moon is up and for the first time I´ve ever seen it, bright orange. It also looks like the face has rotated somewhat. It´s not just a little bit orange, it´s deep bright orange. It was orange until 11:02 pm EST.

South Carolina, bright orange Moon!

It´s orange in Hamilton,
Ontario too. Freaky.

I was looking at the Moon the night of the eclipse and although I couldn’t see the eclipse form where I am located I did notice the Moon looked differant, besides being very bright, the face did not look the same. I looked at it with binocs and the moon is not in the same position it was formerly.

Well I noticed the same thing. It was a very bright orange, and huge! The face was in a totally different position.

If the face has changed, that is big news, and if the moon is turning to blood, that is big news too. This is not normal either.