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Ebb Tide Increasing
July 9, 2004

I hold a Master Captains license. I operate a bridge for (Amtrak ) on the East Coast of the United States. Yesterday I noted at 8:30 AM that the tide had ebbed, meaning that the flow of water either way had stopped. However the flow did not restart till close to two hours later. I did not write down the times. Today [July 9] however at 9:05 AM I wrote down the time of ebb, at 11:35 AM I noted a flow. Ebb tide does not last this long.

It would seem, that perhaps there is another force holding the water! Ebb means it is at low tide, right?

The ebb tide is the time between movements, high, ebb, low, ebb, high, etc. That this is occurring at all may be because the earth is deforming, not likely since I noted the occurrence is still holding with the flow. Since the tide is controlled via the moon's location to a position over the earth at right angles, hence either
1. the moon is slowing in orbit
2. the earth is slowing in rotation, or
3. at the day time ebb slot, there is another mass.
Since the ebb represents the point (exactly) between gravitational attraction, it is other then astronomical observance to judge Lunar forces, ie the Sun also has an effect. However it's attractive value is much less then the Moon, however it is noticeable to a keen observers that lives in connection to a tidal zone. I think there's a problem. I was hopping you were wrong.