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Moon South
Oct 21, 2004

The moon tonight [Oct 21] at my location North of Dallas-Fort Worth was true to the half-moon pattern of the last couple of months. South. Way South. Further, rotation began right at the predictable pont of its highest transit.

Last night's half moon [Oct 19] was too far South here in Mississippi by probably 12 - 15 degrees or more.
Last night, Sunday [Oct 17] here in El Paso at 6:08 AM, the Moon was at Azi 225°, Alt 35° and the sliver was no bigger than a week ago. It is not waxing and it is not waining. It is just kind of stuck as a small sliver. Is there an explanation?

Skymap expects Azi 195° Alt 30°. Too far SOUTH by 30° for El Paso so the shadow from Earth is increased.