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Extreme Orbit
February, 2005

The moon did stall after an early rise last week [Feb 26]. I was up until 5:00am and kept a watch on the moon here in the Ozarks. At it's zenith, it literally sat for hours as if stuck when it should have been heading westward towards its descent.

The moon had me spooked. Last week I got up in the morning and watched the full moon go down behind the hill. The next morning I got up and looked out the window, at the same time as the previous morning, and the moon wasn't there. It was way south of the hill.

I have been in my current home for about 4 years now. The front door faces north. Few days ago during the full moon everything looked fine. I can see the moon coming up over the roof of my house almost following the guter as it moves up. The next night I see the moon and I think, now that's odd. It's kinda south. Every hour after that the moon kept moving due south, it was not coming up over my head like the previous day.

Check out this site. They keep recalibrating the Moon's position, therefor they certainly know the irregularities are happening.

Wobble must be getting far worse. I have never in my life seen the moon so far South here in Mississippi.

At 2:20 hrs, Tuesday, O3-01-05, in El Paso, the moon is azi 147, alt 50/55. [Skymap shows the Moon rising a full 2 hours later, and at Azi 126 on the horizon. This Moon rose early, and was high in the sky and quite far SOUTH if it was viewed at Azi 147.]