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Moon Lifting
Apr 5, 2005

Melbourne, Australia
Apr 5, 2005
6:55 AM Azi 20 Alt 85-90
[Skymap expects Azi 35 Alt 87]
NORTH by 15

The rule had been for the past year that the orbit, like a hat tilted offset on a head, was consistently reported to be too far North after a New Moon, and too far South after a Full Moon. Per the Navy it is a ‘waning crescent with 12% of the Moon's visible disk illuminated.’ New Moon expected on 8 April 2005. Thus the new Moon is 3 days away, yet the Moon is seen too far to the North, not the South.

El Paso, Texas
Apr 5, 2005
6:30 AM MDT Azi 115 Alt 20
[Skymap expects Azi 111 Alt 3]
EARLY, but would be at Azi 118 Alt 15 by 7:30 AM.

Apr 6, 2005
5:55 AM MDT Azi 105, Alt 5/7
[Skymap expects Azi 100 Alt 3 at 6:55 AM MDT rising time]

EARLY by almost an hour, visible early if too far NORTH, and as the point where the Ecliptic breaks on the horizon moves North during the morning. Thus this measure indicates the Moon is NORTH of expected.

April 11
The moon is actually north to my location. Way too much north. I am at 46,45 latitude. According to my orrery, moon should be at 22,51 latitude, about over Texas.

And as expected during the New Moon to Full Moon portion of the cycle, Moon found too far North.

Melbourne, Australia
April 17, 2005
5:30 PM Azi 15 Alt 30
[Skymap expects Azi 25 Alt 23]
NORTH by 10 HIGH by 7