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Moon South
May, 2005

Now that Summer has finally arrived here in Europe, friends and I were able to carefully observe the sky both at day- and night times. The full moon trajectory of last night - compared to its trajectory during the two previous nights - was seemingly thousands of miles but at least about 60 degrees South of its "usual" line of journey.
Swizerland, May 24
Rumor Mill
There should be drums, there should be crowds in the streets pointing and speaking in hushed whispers and quiet midnight calls through the trees to neighbors. For two nights running now, the moon has managed to rise and set in the South part of the sky. It is rising in the deep southeast, transiting east to west about thirty degrees above the horizon and setting in the deep southwest. There should be drums. In India. In America. In Australia, Africa, New Zealand, Iceland. There should be crowds outside watching and there should be drums - but there are none. Nor are there crowds watching, pointing - anywhere. And that is what is so strange about This Moon.
Surfing the Apocalypse
I just ran outside here in Qld. Oz-straylia [Australia] and yep, she sure is kinda further south. Usually I can sit at this comp and look out the window and go, tha she blows, tonight not in her usual possie, Most people would not notice the phenomena 'cause it ain't on the idiot box to tell 'em.
Australia, May 24
Surfing the Apocalypse
I was driving home from town about 4:30 pm Wednesday 25th 05 and noticed the moon out and very low and very southish. I forgot to take details once home but remembered at 10:00 pm and took some at 10:05 and at 1:00 am [3hrs later on thursday morning]. May 25 at 10:05 PM Azi 85-90 Alt 60 [Skymap expectes Azi 97 Alt 42] so SOUTH 12 HIGH 18. May 26 at 1:00 AM Azi 45 Alt 85 [Skymap expects Azi 59 Alt 74] so SOUTH 14 HIGH 11.
Australia, May 25-26
Rose in the southeast and set in the southwest last night. Can´t ever remember seeing it do that. No it is not normal. It is way off, way to low maybe 20 degrees above the horizon. When the moon was new 2 weeks ago it was almost 90 degrees overhead. It should not vary by more than 5 degrees from the plane of the Sun.
Godlike Production, May 26
An observation from Ohio concerning the moon. The full moon has stayed in the Southern end and does not rise high enough to see above the trees.
Ohio, May 26