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Moon Orbit Aberations  

October 30
The moon is up about 5 hours early here in Missouri, again low in the southwstern sky.
October 29
I took photos of the moon about 30-40 degrees above the SW horizon around 6:00 PM the past couple of evenings. I noticed that on Oct 28 the light was reflecting off of the right 1/3 of the moon's surface, but on the following night the light had shifted to cover the left 1/3 of the moon's surface, with an enormous red halo surrounding it. Interesting how the moon can change its appearance over a 24-hour period. I don't think this can occur unless the earth's orbit is being affected in some way.
October 15
Sitting in a chair I took a picture of the full moon. The moon happened to be centered between 2 very large pine trees. Now, 2 nights later I am outside and the moon was really north of where it was 2 nights earlier. I then got a compass and checked the degree reading from where the moon was 48 hours ago to where it was now. The difference was 43 degrees movement in 48 hours. [and from another source] I looked out at the moon last night (Wed. Oct. 15) and was shocked at where it was located. While the Sun seems to have been coming south faster this year, last night here in Australia the 3/4 moon was located well north of the Sun's path (which path the moon should be following due to rotation of Earth). It was almost north - maybe in a north-easterly direction.
October 10
I`m from Russia, Novosibirsk. I`m looking for situation from March 2003. Moon Higher, rise Easter and Early, set Wester and Late!!!
October 9
Maybe this is normal, but I sure don't remember such swings over the years. I've only noted such swings in southern Colorado in the last few months.

October 3
Last Night I watched a half full yellow Moon with illuminated area tilted approx 22 D in relation to usual N/S poles. I got the Moon rise/set data for 10-2 from USN Observatory. Set was shown as 2315 hrs MDT. The Moon actually went down below a 1000 foot high Mtn just N of downtown El Paso at 2354 hrs. Estimate time to W horizon at approx 6 min, so Moonset was 29 min late, plus. [and from another source] The following photos are from Bonaire South Beach Cam in the Caribbean taken on Oct 3rd. The object shows red dust around it and heading straight towards the horizon at 1 AM with no arc. The object also shows a red reflection in the ocean.
October 1
The moon is up in mid-sky, and is too full too soon here on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. Also the moon is probably 5 degrees or more further south than it should be. [and from another source] Was able to observe the moon last night for the first time in a quite a while here on the west coast of Florida. A quarter moon did peak out at about 10:00 PM last night for a short while, and I immediately noticed that it appeared to be much larger in appearance, and situated way too far to the Southeast. I took a look at the calendar and low and beyold its cycle is off by 24 hours. The calendar indicates a quarter-moon on the evening of Oct 2, so my observation was 1 day earlier then expected. The cyclical motions of the moon continue to be out of place according to the astrological charts as well as many eyewitness accounts since August. [and from another source] At 8:00 PM exactly I observed here in Italy the first quarter Moon that in my opinion was not according to SkyMap.