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Moon Orbit Aberations  

September 15
I can't believe how high the moon was last night. I has been watching it dance at lower more southern locations these last weeks. Last night and early this morning [Sep 15] it was all of a sudden high at 80+ degrees almost straight up and my location is North at the US / Canadian boarder.
September 14
I view the Moon every night and tonight is a clear night.The Moon´s position in the sky is quite variable, unnaturally variable I might add. Just look at the Moon. Something is not right with the orbit or the timing. An older calander indicated a full moon on the 12th of this month. I saw a full moon on the 10th of the month. Looked full on the 9th but not quite. [and from email] I am starring in complete utter amazment, even though I should be fully aware and not be reacting in disbelief. The moon has now moved even further north just since last night. The odd thing about the setting moon which has been consistent all along is that it makes a cut across the sky at an angle towards the extreme south/southwest. No matter how far north, it still gets to a certain point and heads south. [and from another email] On Saturday night, Sept. 13, I saw the moon circa 10:00 P.M. rising in a southeast position. Last night (Sunday, Sept. 14, same time) I saw that the moon had moved to a northeast position. The moon appeared to have moved to a position two houses away from where it had previously been. I was shocked! I live in southwestern NY, south of Buffalo, near the border with PA.
September 12
The Moon had been in the extreme southeastern sky upon rising for a while. The fact that it was so far South was odd. Fast-forward to the night of the 9th, the second night I was recording. The Moon in relationship to my home had moved itself much further North upon rising in the East. On the night of the 10th I was able to see the Moon from my front door. My garage sticks out and the Moon was somewhat obstructed until it moved over the garage, nonetheless, I could see it. Last night the 11th was over cast. Now, tonight the Moon is dead center visible from my front door. These are extreme moves. So even with out Mars, the Moon is now rising in the direct East and showing a trend of moving steadily North along the eastern horizon.

Also, the Sun is setting and rising and further south along the horizon (not in the South) in the last few days. Noticed these two things around the same days. So it must be the Earth that has moved. My home and other things are landmarks. Could we be tilting? Is this a sign we are getting that close?
September 8
Something very weird going on here in NM. I was outside at 3AM this morning, Sep 8 and it was a full mooon! Not half, headed towards full which we all saw at 10PM Sunday [Sep 7]. Not only that but looking at it, the upper left side, the headed south part, was shaped like an egg! It had a huge bulge at the upper left corner! [and from another email] Orbits of the Moon and Mars are too far South, and the Moon is full a couple of days early.
September 8
Less than 10 days ago in Italy I saw, for a couple of nights, the Moon in the East position. Now it has been right behind my house i.e. South - for three nights. But considering that I can still see the sun rising from East, it is the Moon that has definitely been moved around - from East to South. 
September 2
Last night here in France I noticed the moon in the extreme south (heading west). It didn't seem like it was where it should be. [and from another email] The moon seemed out of place, it was in the soutwest at 8:15 PM here in Missouri. [and from another email] I have noticed that the moon is setting way south of where it normally sets. My computer has been at a west facing window here in California for the last 3 years. The moon is setting in the left side of the window and is very red. Up until now it has always set at the extreme right in the window.