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Orbit Slowed

Human calendars and clocks assume man to be looking out into dark space in the dead of night in different directions as the year progressed. But what if the orbit stopped? A given point on the globe would find the sunrise too early and the sunset too late, per the calendars and clocks which assume the globe to have moved along in its orbit. This is precisely what is being reported! It appears that both the Earth and Mars have been held back in their orbits, caught in the grip of Planet X, the mighty magnet. Both Earth and Mars have magnetic fields.

November 4
In Wisconsin, civil twilight was well in process by 5:30 AM vs 6:06 expected, and sunrise certainly occurred before 6:00 AM vs 6:36 expected. Early sunrise had been noted for some weeks. Per the Navy for Madison, WI ‘Tuesday 4 November 2003 Central Standard Time SUN Begin civil twilight 6:06 a.m.Sunrise 6:36 a.m.’ Sunset is also very early, pitch dark by 5:00 PM and the Sun appearing to have set well ahead of that time. Per the Navy ‘Sunset 4:46 p.m. End civil twilight 5:16 p.m.’ I would estimate a 36 minute difference here, both ends of the day, too EARLY
November 3
It is dark at around 5 PM here in Italy. Per the Navy ‘The following information is provided for (longitude E15.0, latitude N40.0): Tuesday 3 November 2003 Universal Time + 1h Sunset 16:55 End civil twilight 17:23’ Note this is approximately 30 minutes too EARLY, for civil twilight.
November 1
The sun rose this Saturday morning, just before 4.30 AM in Perth, Western Australia (not official time). For the past 2 days it has been between 5.20 and 5.40 AM. Intense sun glare for most of the past week.