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Mar 26 Sweep


Mar 26 3:30 PM Azi 315>320° West, Alt 45° . Per SkyMap, should be Azi 303° Alt 32°. 4:30 PM Azi 290° West, Alt 35. Per Skymap, should be Azi 290° Alt 22°. 5:30 PM Azi 275° West, Alt 20>25° . Per Skymap, should be Azi 280° and Alt 10°! 6:30 PM Azi 265>270° West, Alt 15>20° . Per SkyMap, Sun should be setting at 6:20 PM, at Azi 273°. WAY late for sundown!

On Mar 26 a detailed report on the location of the Sun showed the Sun a full 15° to far NORTH and to high. The detailed report continued to 6:30 PM when the Sun was reported still well up long past sundown, LATE. Thus a TILTED Ecliptic, perhaps overall 23°, in keeping with ongoing observations.

Mar 28 3:00 PM Azi 300° West, Alt 30>35° . Is this a bit off, say 10 -15° ? Going by recent past stats it would seem so at least to some extent. Per Skymap, should be Azi 310° Atl 37° for 3:00 PM.

On Mar 28, after the Sweep (note Australia is on the early side of the Dateline, thus their Mar 26 is a day ahead of those on the otherside of the Dateline, Mar 25 in effect so before the Sweep) a radical change was noted, a strong shift to the SOUTH by 10°, and putting the Sun lower in the sky. This would be in keeping with an increased LEAN toward Planet X, putting the Sun broadside to the globe.

El Paso, TX

Mar 29: Sunday morning at 06:02 hrs MST, in Northeast El Paso, I watched the sunrise from the East slope of the Franklin Mtns at Transmountain Hwy. Azi 72° NE of Magnetic North. Per Skymap the Sun should not rise until 7:00 and at Azi 86°. Sunday evening, the Sun set above a very high peak North of Transmountain Hwy. Saturday it set above a very high peak south of the hwy. That is about a 15° shift to in 24 hrs. This indicates a TILT of the N Pole toward the Sun. Since I was up until 03:30, I slept in until 07:30 Monday. When I went outside the Sun was Alt 80° + or - a few degrees. There is a very bright hot Sun today. Per Skymap, at 7:30 Alt should be 8° just risen, but considering an hour difference in sunrise, at 8:30 is should only be Alt 20°.

Sunrise is EARLY and SOUTH after the Mar 26 Sweep, with an extremely HIGH arc. Note this coincides almost exactly in time to the late sundown in the Southern Hemisphere. Sunset TILT toward the NORTH indicates a the N Pole pointing more toward the Sun.

Mar 13: Sunday, yesterday, at 17:15 hours, Sun shadow was Azi W 240° and E 60° and Alt 31°. Per Skymap should be at 250° in the West and 76° in the East.

Compare to Mar 13 report. This is the pre-existing situation going into the Mar 26 Sweep.

Seattle, WA

Mar 29: I noticed the sun was significantly higher in the sky and the shadow arrived so much earlier than my last reading and though I checked on it early, I wasn't early enough but the shadow had definitely moved further south, indicating an increased northernly tilt toward the sun. A second confirmation for the Northern Hemisphere, from a Seattle timekeeper.