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Mercury Missing

In the 16 Apr. image we can see a comet while it is not possible to see Mercury in each days (as my almanac SKYGLOBE expects). However the far stars background seems to be correct.

SOHO has been accused of inserting images from their archives, so as to disguise a stalled orbit and the Planet X components and dust wafting about in front of the Sun, problems they struggled with in Fall, 2003. But having a comet pass in front of the Sun has perhaps forced them to use live images for the present. But note in the images below:

  1. comet Bradfield
  2. Mercury missing

It´s all turning to light, all of it! What if SOHO has a bake out? Why is it so overexposed [Apr 16]?... I remember back in 1998/9 we used to see the whole frame sequence of comets entering frame and making a course all the way to the sun without a frame missing. The SOHO site has censored the last 6 or so images which showed the comet and a huge, expanding and brightening flare under the occulting disk arm. They are gone. This is outright censorship. They scrubbed the last 8 images which all of us saw and now they have been erased. ... I can´t say if it´s related, but the Mauna Loa Observatory hasn´t updated since about 1:06 UTC, either. There may be an embargo on anyone viewing Comet Bradfield. For the life of me though, I don´t know why. ... Latest I get here is 12 hours old. .... OK, this is strange. Never seen a double post of the same image on LASCO before. They just posted another 1:12 UTC image, above the blanked out ones. Something is definitely up. If they are trying to scrub, alter or edit the images.