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SOHO Deception

My observations on images SOHO are made in order to know, if possible, the position of the earth. SOHO has a complex orbit around the point of Lagrange L1, however it must follow the earth and so the background beyond the Sun changes. I find it difficult to think that SOHO after one year could see the same exact point in space. I printed the images C3 Lasco of days 9-15, April 2004 hours 23:42 and 9-10 April 2003 on a transparent paper. I have then overlapped the sheets and it is possible to see that the movement is approximately 1 cm. between a day and the other. But also there is the same background in the 10 Apr 2003 and 9 Apr 2004 images [this is the same day due to leap year Feb 29 being inserted] (2 milimeter of difference). I have then superposed the sheets of 9 Apr. 2004 and 10 Apr. 2004: they are similar, but the debris and noises are much dissimilar, while between the other days they are much similar. I think that the images until 9 Apr. are of a kind [from the archives], and the ones following are of another kind [current, live].