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SOHO Star Identification

I have traced the far stars in the background and it is not possible that this image would be correct! SOHO has a complex orbit around the point of Lagrange L1, however it must follow the earth and so the background beyond the Sun changes. I find it difficult to think that SOHO after one year could see the same exact point in space. The numbers are the stars' name per SkyGlobe. The circles are the stars used as markers. The difference between 2003 and 2004 April seems to be about 1 day (due to Feb 29 leap day). The same test in February 2003 and 2004 has given the same position also! On April 20 I could see Orion at 260 degrees instead of 250 in the evening. Therefore on Apr 20 the sun is not between Fishes and Aquarius but between Aries and Fishes. The Sun here is in Pisces and now we know very well that it is not true!