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Vancouver Photos
May 13, 2004 

Note, correction! Steve Havas has determined the assumption below to be incorrect!

I just checked some of the technical data on the katkam camera (a Kodak DC240) to see if I could determine it's field of view angle.
Using the automatic calculator in this link:
it appears the maximum vertical FOV for this camera with it's standard lens would be about 34.2° , not 90°!

Looking at the katkam image for May 13, 21:33 and taking into an acount the ratio of the amount of horizon viewable compared to the amount of ground viewable it looks like there would be about 19° of sky viewable. Venus was supposed to be around 19° above horizon for that time so it seems to be very close to right on.
A second Vancouver photo on May 17 shows, by comparison, that Venus is also dropping.

Katkam encompasses a span of 90 degrees, as can be seen from the photos below where the cam is looking sharply down, only 15° from the viewers feet, and still encompasses 15° of the sky above the horizon. In the usual evening photo, thus, one sees 45° of sky and 45° of ground beneath the cam, as can be seen in the photo where the bridge is lit, at 45° angle down from the cam. Vancouver is on daylight savings time, based on the photos showing the sunset. Thus, in this photo where Venus is visible, it is 42° above the horizon! Per Skymap, for this date and time, Venus should be at 18°, thus is 24° higher than expected!