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Sun Arc Skewed
May 2004

Japan reports the Sun too HIGH at noon, while El Paso TX reports it too far EAST at noon, evidence of a leaning skewed globe. Wisconsin also finds the Sun arc too HIGH and NORTH at sunrise. And Seattle finds it too HIGH at Noon.

Per my software calculation, Sun Alt was 72degrees in Osaka, Japan but maker shows 77degs, so 5 degrees far to north. I took sun maker photo on May 8 at 12:03 PM. too HIGH

Today, Tuesday, May 11, 2004, using true north, with El Paso at the center of a dome, the Sun was at Azi 162 and Alt 62. Navy had it at Azi 178 and Alt 76.3 at 1200 hrs. Too far EAST
At 6:18 AM on May 16 it was at Azi 63° Alt 32°. Skymap expected Azi 70° Alt 7°. Too HIGH and NORTH.
I took my level and a protractor with me for the reading May 24. I leveled the level and set the protractor on it. I sighted the sun. It was at 75° . 5/24 Reading: 1:17 Chart: 1:06 Skymap expects the Sun to be at 64° at 1:00 PDT, a full 10° too HIGH!
Today, Tuesday, May 25, 2004, in El Paso, Texas at 1338 Hrs, the Sun was Alt 90°, Azi 180° . Skymap expects Azi 150° Alt 78°, too HIGH and to the EAST, a lean.
Noon at 2:00 on May 31 in Wisconsin the Sun arc was 80° per shadows of trees and poles. Skymap expects only 65° high. HIGH.