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June 4, 2004

I´ll be damned! You´re right, it´s not there in two frames, yet the bright star Albederan is right where it´s suppose to be. Everything else is there, stars and all in sequence from the surrounding pics. Venus is NOT there! How could something that BIG just up and disappear when everything else in the image is right where it´s suppose to be? Whoa!

Zetas Right Again! Busted!

They must´ve had an intern working on these or something. Piss poor job. That really does look like a cut and paste.

This is weird! There is also a 5-6 hour gap between the two pics that are missing Venus.

The smaller object between 4-5 PM is the star Aldebaron, in the constellation of Taurus.

The conspiracy is definitely unwinding and this is concrete proof. Just as Nancy Lieder has already said NASA will doctor images associated with Venus and it´s upcoming transit. They got caught here and now we know they have already started doctoring the images. The Venus transit will not happen but now we all know they will say it did and give us their corrupted proof. NASA and the CIA gets caught here with their pants right down.