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Sun North
June 4, 2004

June 4
The Sun has been taking an odd course here in El Paso. Rises at Azi 45° or so and by 09:30 casts a true E/W shadow, then by late afternoon has moved N again and sets at about 315° . [Note: Skymap expects a rise at 63° and a set at 295°, a full 17° NORTH at rise and 20° NORTH at setting!]
 June 5
Today is June 5 in New York. Last night the Sun set outside my North window. North window looks at the Adirondacks. Its been doing this for a while but never this profoundly.
June 11
I have been watching sunsets at my house for decades and I have noticed that the Sun is already setting where it would at the summer solstice.
June 14
I was just outside here in NY watching the sunset as I have done so many times before. What disturbs me is that I have watched from the same glider for 4 years and now I can´t see it from the glider anymore! No, we haven´t moved the furniture. It has moved considerably to the North.
June 21
Today, Tuesday, June 21, 2004, in El Paso, the Sun rose at 6:04 AM at Azi 48° (relative to Transmountain Road (runs E/W). Skymap expects the Sun to rise at Azi 62! Far NORTH, a face confirmed by many.