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SOHO Down During
June 8, 2004

There is a big gap at 8.June.2004, during the time when Venus was transiting the Sun ( SOHO will see Venus under the Sun because of different angle ). Its amazing how SOHO works just fine with very few gliches, if any 24/7. OHO is still doing just fine, but someone just has their finger on the trigger to go, and that go word is "cut cut cut" so we can´t see.

Note the images are not available in any format between 6:38 and 20:07, a gap of 14 hours when regular refresh occurs every 30 minutes normally.

seit_00171_fd_20040608_2007.gif 08-Jun-2004 19:45 710k
seit_00195_fd_20040608_2149.gif 08-Jun-2004 19:14 212k
seit_00195_fd_20040608_2337.gif 08-Jun-2004 19:45 212k
seit_00284_fd_20040608_2013.gif 08-Jun-2004 19:45 793k
seit_00304_fd_20040608_2026.gif 08-Jun-2004 19:45 847k
slas_c2wlc_fd_20040608_0626.gif 08-Jun-2004 09:01 527k
slas_c2wlc_fd_20040608_2141.gif 08-Jun-2004 18:03 508k
slas_c3wlc_fd_20040608_0638.gif 08-Jun-2004 09:02 242k
slas_c3wlc_fd_20040608_2145.gif 08-Jun-2004 18:05 239k