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Solstice Early
June 17, 2004

There is something wrong in the solstice : the sun is exactly in the same position at the same hour (the hills in background) in 11 and 17 June. It is not yet the true solstice. I have the pictures od 18:26 of every days (apart from bad weather) and it seems that the solstice was early. The sun was in the max position towards the north in the days June 8, to June 11.

Sunrise on June 25 was later than last reading here in California, equal to the June 1st reading so appears that slowdown is quickening, not symetrical to the approach to the Solstice. On the Solstice day, the satellite indicated the tilt only reached 23 degrees, 26'. It is reversing at what appears an excelerating rate compared to approach, already to 23 20'.