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Monster Size
on July 7
GLP Message Board

I threw one in of the Moon as a reference as well as a non-zoomed shot. I used a Panasonic Lumix, max Zoom is 12x optical & 3x digital, all images [Jul 7] except the one with the palm trees is 36x. I really must admit that Venus is probably the brightest I´ve ever seen it as well as being slightly orange in color as opposed the stark white I´m used to.

I´ve been watching Venus rise in the Eastern morning sky for 3 weeks. Something is weird with this because I can see Venus getting bigger and bigger. Keep an eye on the size of Venus folks, it appears to be increasing in size. It is not just brightness, but the size itself is increasing.

Is there a way we can measure it and see if it gets bigger as the days go by? I woke up around 5 AM [Jul 8] this morning and stuck my head out the window and thought my God it’s the size of a softball. Dont ever remember seeing it like that before.

This morning [Jul 8] the object seemed to appear a bit bigger than the prior days.

Went out early on the 7th to check out Venus rising. It was bright and easy to spot, despite the low lying, fast moving early morning clouds. Took Pix. Location, Texas. Camera is a simple Kodak dx3600 without any telephoto lens. Still got pix of Venus dead center in the photos.

To me normal is the pattern of how things usually occur according to the pattern I have observed in the first 18 years of my continuing life experience. The brightness and the size of this alleged Venus sure is unusual, for me at least. I´ve never seen a morning star this bright, or this big.

I noticed it too. It is huge. At first I thought it was a plane, that’s how big it was.

I saw the Morning Star today in Miami, FL. It has gotten really bright over the past few days. I am living in Miami Florida, and the view from here was outstanding. It has grown in size and brightness by a lot.