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Earth Orbit Reversal and/or Lift
Jan 4, 2004

On January 4, 2004 photos from Italy show the Sun lower in the sky than in previous photos during December, 2003! Since reports of the Sun rising and setting lower in the sky by 10-20° have been received from both the northern and southern hemispheres, and documented by photos on occasion, this is the possible explanation. The Solstice crop circle, below, implied that our orbit would both raise and stall, and then reverse, backing up from Planet X as it approaches us. This is another potential explanations. If a reversal has occurred, then both earlier sunrises and sunsets would be reported, and they are.

After the Solstice on Dec 21, the northern hemisphere is supposed to find the Sun higher in its skies. Note by comparing these photos from Italy for Dec 13 (-7 days), Dec 18 (-3 days), and Jan 4 (+14 days) that the Sun is now lower when it should be twice as high as the Dec 13 difference. Proof that the Earth has recently moved up in its Ecliptic, and perhaps also proof that the Earth orbit has halted and may be reversed.