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Worldwide Report

Last night, Friday, [Jan 16], in South, South El Paso, at the intersection of The Loop and Alameda, I watched the sun set behind the mountains in Mexico. Much further South than any setset I have seen before. I did not check the maps until this AM. Now, I am thinking Sun set about 6/8 degrees South of my last report.
Robert, in El Paso
I have been watching the sun come up between two of my neighbors sheds (neighbors to the south of me) here in Ohio, but today [Jan 15], the sun rose above the middle of one of the sheds. The back of our homes face west. The sun would have had to move from the East further to the South to be where it is now. I cannot say exactly when this occurred but I do know it was recent as in past week. [Note: since the Solstice, the Sun should be moving north, not further south.]
Karen, in Ohio
We had a clear sky today [Jan 14] so I decided check the azimuth angle here in Vancouver. The skychart showed the sun setting at azimuth 236 degrees. My observations from a location where I could see the horizon was azimuth 236 degrees. I used a compass and corrected for 23 degrees to get true north. I also knew the road I was near was 3 deg west of south so my compass also confirmed that. So the only thing that seemed to be off was the actual sunset time. The azimuth is just 360 degrees around where you are or something like that. So geographic north would be 0 degrees azimuth, east would be 90 degrees azimuth and so on back to 360 degrees at north again. So when I found 236 degrees azimuth I just measured the angle from geographic north which I determined by compass, magnetic correction for the Vancouver area, and also comparing that to what was on a map. I think it should be accurate within a couple degrees, probably about as close as I can get without a better means to sight the horizon. [Note: an Iceland as N Pole would tip Vanvouver southward.]
Steve, in Vancouver
We installed in the ground outside our building a 2"x2" post, checked for vertical with a carpenter's level. To us, at least apparent noon is when there are no east-west shadows. How else would you do it? Couple of months ago apparent noon was at 1:30 in the afternoon. Now [Jan 8] its at 11:30 a.m. What's with this?’
Joe, in Mississippi
This morning [Jan 9] while weeding on the back porch which is North-facing, I noticed that the sunlight had crept onto the door sill (something I had not noticed before this season). Is the sun returning Northward, like it should? Which movement would mean that the Earth is progressing on in its orbit. Then we went to do our Saturday shopping and returned about 1 PM summer time (12 noon, standard time); the sunlight was about 8 inches off the sill. Last year even at the height of our Southern summer, the sunlight would come a little way into the back rooms: this year it did not, hence the conclusion confirmed by others´ observations that the sun had moved south - bumped-up in its orbit by Planet X. Now things seem to be moving-on, but are they? There are two possible explanations for this observed phenomenon:
1. the Earth is indeed moving on in its orbit, and the Sun´s light is again moving northward;
2. the Earth is (has) experienced a momentary wobble, such that the sun when viewed from Australia is more North (light on the sill) in the morning and more South in the afternoon (the building´s shadow does look deeper now).
Cara, in Australia
What does happen to the sun? Down from Jan 3 to Jan 4 to Jan 8. The day is clearly slowing, at the same time the Sun is dropping. And the Planet X is always on.