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Ecliptic Rise

Planet X approaches from the south, and the Pole Shift occurs because the S. Pole is pulled north with the N. Pole of Planet X during the passage. This stress is already evident in that many have noted that the Sun is too far south, rising too far to the south, for the time of year. Possible explanations for this are that the S. Pole has been pulled toward Planet X, creating a different tilt, but the constellations seem to be in their proper place. An alternate explanation is that the Earth's plane of the Ecliptic has changed, rising up, putting the Northern Hemisphere into a different slant, and placing the S. Pole more in line with the N. Pole of Planet X, an alignment Magnets Prefer.   

December 27
I have been making note of where the sun is at 12 noon my time (MST) for the last four weeks, taking a visual measurement by standing at the same spot and referencing the level of the sun against one particular tall tree nearby. To all appearances, the sun two days ago (Dec 27, 03) was slightly lower in the south than it had been on last previous measurement day (Dec 23). [and from another source] After Dec 21 the Sun is supposed to move North but it moved 5-6 degrees South. Okay what gives?
December 23
The sun is setting way too far to the south. My physics class and I were standing by the East River and everyone was pointing to the Sun setting behind the Citibank tower in Long Island City (which it does not do in December).
December 22
This view of Monviso mountain in Italy 116 miles from Varese beaming 228° after sunset. [Note: sun should be setting at 238°, so Sun is at least 10° too far South.]
December 14
Sunday,, in El Paso, the Sunrise above Hueco Mountains was at 06:58 hrs (USNODS time plus one) at 15 degrees South of East.
[and from another source] I drive the same route home for 10 years and the Sun has always been directley in front of me for my 14 mile trip. This year however since September it has moved about 15 degrees further then previous years. I no longer have to use my visor for it is no longer directly in front of me. I agree that the Sun moves during the seasons, just not this drastically. I have always had to use my visor for the trip home. The Sun isn´t suppose to move that far south. Why? [and from another source] Driving home tonight I noticed it was setting in the extreme south. I’m in the southern hemisphre, and mid summer the sun blazes in my front windows, only two weeks into summer and the Sun way south of the windows, somthing very odd here.
December 2
The Sun has been setting way too far to the South, so much so that people were pointing today from the subway platforms in Queens. [and from another poster] Normally the Sun sets over my neighbor´ house and yard beside me. He lives to my west. Today the Sun set across the street which is basically south. It set very SW from normal this time of year. [and from another poster] Hey I noticed it setting 20 degrees too far South today as well. How is this possible when it set pretty much on time?