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Ecliptic Rise

Planet X approaches from the south, and the Pole Shift occurs because the S. Pole is pulled north with the N. Pole of Planet X during the passage. This stress is already evident in that many have noted that the Sun is too far south, rising too far to the south, for the time of year. Possible explanations for this are that the S. Pole has been pulled toward Planet X, creating a different tilt, but the constellations seem to be in their proper place. An alternate explanation is that the Earth's plane of the Ecliptic has changed, rising up, putting the Northern Hemisphere into a different slant, and placing the S. Pole more in line with the N. Pole of Planet X, an alignment Magnets Prefer.    

November 30
Its 7:30 AM and the sun still isn’t up. I’m in Philly. Sunday Nov 30 EST Sunrise 7:02 AM. ... I´m in Philly too. Clear skies and no sunrise. ... The sun appears to have just freekin risen wihin the last few mins. 7:39 [and from another source] Washington D.C. area - same here. Looks like the sun is just now coming up. 7:40 [and from another source] Confirmed. I live in CT. Sunrise was to be at 6:53 AM now its 7:43 and its dark as hell. What is going on? [and from another source] just asked a friend online who lives out in Moorestown, NJ and he said it is really dark right there here he is too. Atlantic City, NJ, it´s just come over the ocean horizon about 5 mins ago or so. 7:48 [and from another source] It is now 05:16 am here in New Zealand, and we are currently on daylight saving time. I work in a large hospital on the highest point in this area. The sun started lighting up the sky about 5 AM. Sunrise should be around 5:57 give or take 2 minutes. I´m in Hamilton between Auckland and Wellington. Sunday Nov 30 Sunrise 05:51 And according to that the sun rose almost an hour early, well at least 30 minutes early.
November 29
Anyone notice the sun setting alot earlier, or is it just me? Everyone around me is saying this too, even tho they say these are normal times on the NASA sites and all, that doesn’t mean its normal. Could just be NASA and the government announcing those times to make us think they are normal. [and from another source] I live right outside Philadelphia and recall it being super dark around 3:55-4PM. I know this time because I picked my daughter up from a sports afterschool thing at that exact time and looked at the clock. That day seemed to be worse. Almost pitch black as you said. [and from another source] I am a cop in the Boston area and my shift starts at exactly 4:10PM. It was black outside just about every single day by that time the last week and a half. It starts getting really dim out around 3:30 PM or so. [and from another source] I work as a dentist at a local facility, and get home around, 4:30PM on Mondays thru Thursdays and FRiday and Saturday around 3PM. It takes me about 30 mins to drive home and by 3:30PM, yes I can say it is abnormally dark for that time. [and from another source] Here in Queensland, Australia, starting from about a week ago we noticed, when we awake, that it is as light outside as ten or eleven in the morning, check our clocks, and it is 4.30AM!
November 9
I am in Idaho. Since September I have been watching the sun . This evening 5:12 PM mountain time the sun is setting over my neighbors house. Last week it was setting between my neighbors houses. It has moved left towards the south. Something is definately happening with our patterns. [and from another source] The sun has shifted south. It has moved and is setting behind a house it has never set behind before! The shadows that are being cast today are very different. In length, longer, and shadows that I've never seen before.
November 7
I live in Ohio. The sun used to shine in my back door all the way across the room. Now it just covers the corner closest to the door. Because of its movement further south I no longer get to sit in the sun and enjoy my morning brew. I have lived here for 14 years and the suns placement is very different than it is normally this time of year. One of the reasons we bought this house was its setting in the perfect place to get sunlight all day long! Even my yard is mostly in the shade now because with the sun moving further South it causes the shade from my neighbors trees to cover my lawn.
November 3
I woke up this morning in Georgia and wondered what time it was because the sun was shining in my bathroom window which faces south, and it only shines in the bathroom window around 11-12 o'clock. It was 9 o'clock! The position of the sun rising now is SSE, not SE anymore.