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Lou Gentile Hour!
Apr 7, 2004

Fireballs and Debris

Apr 2: The mystery fireball-like object which sliced through the atmosphere on Wednesday night, bewildering its many North Queensland observers, may have crashed to earth just outside Winton. Reports of a large flaming fireball and small flashes of light were widespread across the State. Witnesses estimations of the object's size ranged from as big as a flaming commercial airliner.

Mar 28: A brilliant fireball streaked across the central Saskatchewan sky Sunday night. There are witness reports as far south as North Dakota. Described the rock as larger than a half-ton truck.

The tail of the giant comet, as it travels out in space, meets almost no resistance. The tail has dust, gases, stones, boulders, and moons. There is increasing talk about Star Wars, asteroid shields, Near Earth Orbit passes, and this has awakened concerns. The establishment wants this heightened concern, as they still hope to erect some magic shield to zap out anything coming close, which is fantasy. The best defense for humans is to huddle near cliffs, out of the wind, not in open fields, as most missiles that crash to Earth, large boulders, will not drop straight down! They come in at an angle, and will glance off hilltops, bouncing about. Thus, those in ravines are unlikely to experience a direct hit.
ZetaTalk: Comet's Tail

Martial Law Tests

Nancy had predicted a Sweeping Arm on Mar 25-26, her best estimate, so a test was scheduled for this time frame. The test would measure: 1.the degree of travel disruption 2.the alternate routes taken by those needing to travel
ZetaTalk: Blockage Tests

Mar 25: Bridgeport: Terror Threat Targets I-95. A terror threat targets Connecticut´s busiest stretch of highway, the Interstate-95 corridor in Bridgeport.

Mar 26: Fiery Truck Crash Shuts Down I-95 Portion. An oil tanker truck crashed on Interstate 95 Thursday night and started a fire that burned out of control, possibly destroying bridges in both directions on the heavily used highway between New York and Boston.

Mar 26: Fire Damages 30 Buildings in Richmond. A wind-whipped fire destroyed or damaged nearly 30 buildings in downtown Richmond on Friday. The cause of the blaze has not been determined.

It was presumed a problem would occur around the time of the Mar 26 Sweep, and it did. Local communities were advised to issue a Shelter-in-Place order, and to monitor the traffic closely to determine compliance.
ZetaTalk: Shelter-in-Place

Mar 30: Plant explosion in Texas City An explosion at the BP Amoco chemical plant in Texas City located at FM 519 East Tuesday evening had residents being told not to leave their homes. A shelter-in-place was in effect for Texas City and La Marque.

Apr 1: Explosion, fire at Exxon Baytown, TX, Chemical plant. A naphtha processing unit exploded at the Exxon Mobil Corp. Baytown, Texas, chemical plant early on Thursday morning but there was no indication of foul play. This is the second explosion at a refinery/chemical plant complex in Texas this week. The U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation warned refiners in Texas last week of an unsubstantiated threat to attack a refinery in the state before the U.S. national elections in November.

Passover, or Happy Easter!

Passover is the 8 day observance commemorating the freedom and exodus of the Israelites (Jewish slaves) from Egypt during the reign of the Pharaoh Ramses II. Moses' plea of let my people go was ignored. Moses warned the Pharaoh that God would send severe punishments to the people of Egypt if the Israelites were not freed. Again the Pharaoh ignored Moses' request of freedom. In response G-d unleashed a series of 10 terrible plagues on the people of Egypt. 1. Blood 2. Frogs 3. Lice (vermin) 4. Wild Beasts(flies) 5. Blight (Cattle Disease) 6. Boils 7. Hail 8. Locusts 9. Darkness 10. Slaying of the First Born

During the Jewish Exodus, when the last pole shift occurred, the Earth arrived late to the posture it is in now, and thus Planet X had already risen up to the Ecliptic, had gained momentum, and passed quickly and at close proximity to the Earth, thus causing a quick jerk to and fro, as we have described, and not the long standoff that has occurred this time, though a slowed orbit and tilted inclination simulating a move into Spring did occur. Passover, thus, was assumed to be in the spring, with the first grain crop having set grain heads but others yet to do so, when the hail cut them down. On this current passage, the Earth was blocking the road as Planet X was rising to the Ecliptic, Venus and Mars were rounding the corner to crowd the roadway shortly thereafter, and Earth’s dark twin will have time to bring up the rear, all intensifying the Repulsion Force conflicts creating the staring contest ongoing.
ZetaTalk: Passover

Tilting, Leaning, Halted Orbits

Evidence of Tilting toward the Sun:

1. High Arc of the Sun in the sky, observed the high Sun/Ecliptic line, expected the low Sun/Ecliptic line.

2. Global Quakes at the Dark side, hours early, here at 21:00 UTC

3. Moon Face tilt

Mar 7: The moon appears to have rotated counter clockwise by about 45 degrees. The reading I've done on the Internet this evening shows that my view from the Northern Hemisphere, here in Spokane Wa. seems to be the view that I would see from somewhere near the Equator.

Evidence of Orbit Halts:

1. Mars too high in its orbit, caught up to the Earth, so photo doctoring results (yes, the Emperor's New Clothes fable has a basis).

2. Venus, or presumed Venus, too bright

3. Bizarre Jet Stream

The Earth has, during sweeps since Dec 25, 2003, pulled in toward the Sun in the manner depicted by recent crop circles and ancient relics such as the Nebra Disc. This is disguised during the current time as the Northern Hemisphere is still warming up from the Winter freeze, but those land masses subject to breezes from vast ocean regions, which can warm up quickly and move this warmth along, are already roasting. The N Pole, melting like an ice cube under a heat lamp, is draining between Greenland and Nova Scotia, creating a temporary late Winter in the regions affected by this flow down along the East Coast of N America.
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