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X Class a No Show
October 24, 2003

CNN ‘Satellites, pagers, cell phones, and electrical grids could be affected Friday [Oct 24] by a moderately powerful ejection of magnetic material from the sun. It is expected to reach Earth about 3 p.m. EDT Friday, and its effects could last 12 to 18 hours.’ [and from another source] CFCN ‘Scientists are warning about a strong geo-magnetic storm expected to hit the Earth tomorrow. Scientist say they expect it to be the worst solar flareup to be felt on Earth since a storm in 1859. That storm caused telegraph wires to short out across North America and Europe.
Sign of the Times #389

But the results were a virtual no show! There were real sunspots, so a real reaction could be expected. The UTC 12:00 time is when the Atlantic Rift is facing the Sun and Planet X, a stress point.