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Red Dust from Texas to Michigan
Dec 16, 2003

What was Reported in the Media
Where Did Red Dust Come From? [Dec 16] ‘National Weather Service officials have identified where mysterious red dirt in Wisconsin was coming from - New Mexico. The red, clayish dirt started showing up on cars in the Milwaukee, Ozaukee and Waukesha counties during Tuesday morning´s rain.’ [and from another source] Dust fuels red alert in Houston [Dec 17] ‘Houstonians woke to a red dawn Tuesday, thanks to a fast-moving cold front and a West Texas dust storm. A swarm of rust-colored sand caught an express flight from the High Plains to the Gulf Coast courtesy of the weather system that also brought a new round of chilly temperatures to Southeast Texas.’
What was Reported by Individuals
This morning [Dec 16] in northern Illinois I was completely taken aback when we were going to get into our car and it was completely showered in what it looked like mud at a distance, so did all the cars on the lot. After I scraped it with my fingertip I realized that it looked more like the oxidation that settles on iron after you get it wet, I was really taken aback. My girlfriend even cracked a sarcastic joke about the end of the world. [and from another source] I live in central Arkansas and am plagued by red clay-everywhere. I have lived here since 1974. And have never awoke to such deep red dust (from rain) everywhere. This crap is thick and sticky and very red. It is hard to wash off. Very unusual for our area. Much talk at my corporation about the weirdness of it. [and from another source] Here in East Texas,on Monday night everyone from Texarkana to Jefferson had their cars covered in a greyish-red dust, apparently followed by a brief rainfall. It looked as if everyone had driven through the same mudhole repeatedly, it was that bad. I have samples of it, I am unsure what it is for certain but it is not soil, it has an unusual appearance under magnification. [and from another source] We got a red muddy rain here yesterday [Dec 16] in western Michigan. It rained red from Kalamazoo to Muskegon.
What was Captured in San Francisco
San Francisco red dust? Is this red dust too? It looks dusty dirty, not just red lit up clouds?

If this is dust from New Mexico and Texas, how did it get into the San Francisco skyline on Dec 16, not there previously on Oct 29, Nov 25, Nov 25 again, Nov 27, but incoming by Dec 4. Was the wind blowing west as well as east?