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July 27 NOON in Texas : 10+ minutes LATE
The high noon mark today in Houston, TX was crossed at 10 minutes 25 seconds late. A bit of a speedup wobble from yesterday!
July 27 NOON in Virginia : 11 minutes LATE
The Sun reached my Noon baseline at 1:11PM on 7/27 in VA - 11 minutes LATE.
July 27 NOON in Missouri#2 : 22 minutes LATE
July 27, Sunday in Missouri. Noon sun is 22 minutes late.
July 27 SunSET in Missouri#2 : 5 minutes EARLY
July 27, Sunday in Missouri. Sunset is 5 minutes early. I use the same battery powered clock for all summer. (Electricity has been off many times due to storms, etc.) Farmer's almanac indicates Sunset today should be at 8:28 (as it is now getting 30 seconds earlier each day). The sun dropped below my tree horizon at 8:20 according to the clock I use. (Which is within 4 minutes of the computer clock.) I estimate the sun takes another 3 minutes to finish setting below the tree line and reach the horizon. That means, MY SUN set at 8:23 or 5 MINUTES EARLY.
July 27 SunSET in Missouri#1 : 14 minutes LATE
July 27 the sunset was 14 minutes late. Pink showed up pretty much all around the horizon.