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July 29 SunRISE in Oklahoma : 22 minutes LATE
07/29/2003 sunrise stated 6:28AM sunrise actual 6:50AM (that's a 6 minute difference from yesterday!)
 July 29 NOON in Ohio : 13 minutes LATE
The noon sun transit from mid-Ohio was at 1:43PM EDT which is 13 minutes past the average yearly sun transit time for my location. The U.S. Naval Observatory site still says the sun transit time is 1:37PM EDT for my location, but is moving toward 1:36PM by next week.
July 29 NOON in Oklahoma : 14 minutes LATE
Noon report: Transit stated 1:30PM Transit actual 1:44PM
July 29 SunSET in Missouri#2 : 4 minutes EARLY
July 29 Sunset 4 minutes Early in Missouri
July 29 SunSET in Missouri#1 : 11 minutes LATE
July 29 the sunset was 11 minutes late, according to CS&M's sunset time. There were clouds, but the sun remains huge and brilliant up to sunset. Seemed to set further south than just a few days ago.