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ZetaTalk: GodlikeProduction Live
written May 13, 2006 on the live GodlikeProduction Radio show.

What do benign aliens find the most time consuming of their activities at present?

Of course answering the call with an increasing number of contactees is the first priority. We never let that lie unanswered, the human lingering and wondering if anyone heard their request. These requests are made almost invariably in the subconscious. The person has a strong wish, a desire, is in a state of distress of some kind, worried about others they care about, concerned about the state of the world, unsure what's really going on. Perhaps they haven't gotten on the internet and connected with Zetatalk and they're just at wits end, worried about their family and where matters are going, so we don't let that linger. As we have mentioned in the past there are over a thousand life form types visiting the Earth at this time involved in these kind of attentions and organised in approximately 40 working groups that coordinate activities. This is so that not everybody rushes when a human gives the call, but someone who can take them on almost a client basis attends to the human and continues with that human. This is best for all. It allows a friendship to develop, a familiarity on both sides and is definitely the way to go.

Beyond that there are of course our personal plans which are expediting the hybrid program where we are developing mankind's next leap forward and have perfected the model to the point where what you might call congenital problem don't emerge in the new born. We are rapidly reproducing so that as Service-to-Other individuals on earth die, their souls are collected and incarnated into hybrids. Where do they live? They live on the surface of Earth in a cloaked environment to some degree. We also switch to another density, we are on other planets in the solar system or on motherships - always simulating gravity if necessary and in high tech environments. So these hybrids, incarnated in the main with human souls, will be arriving on Earth after the pole shift along with high tech city development - domed cites. So that keeps us busy also, making sure that construction of their residences is kept up with.

Then there is the issue of a certain amount of, as Nancy calls it, blocking and interference for edicts that the council of Worlds has issued forth. Along the lines of not letting the Bush administration, controlling the largest military in the world, as powerful as all the others put together, sit on all the oil fields, establish bases and become a dictatorship of the world which is their desire or declare Martial Law in the United States to achieve those goals. Not only no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, so that the Bush administration has an embarrassment rather that a success there, but no terrorist attacks in the United States, and as we've mentioned recently. And no planting the 1957 bird flu virus and getting it started for a pandemic, which plays to their desire to eliminate masses of unwanted, or what is called useless, eaters, and declare martial law with the excuse that the pandemic needs to be controlled. There are other situations that we are asked to play interference with and it's not simply we the Zetas but our breathern also. Everyone works this out and participates so that nothing is dropped.

Beyond that, anticipating the massive die off when the pole shift happens. 90% of the population, most of whom are undecided in their spiritual orientation, most in fact even without an indwelling soul that needs to be collected and given another incarnation. But those that do will be separated to go to their new world, which as we stated is a water planet, in the form of intelligent octopi, an amphibious octopi. And this collecting and transporting of these souls is an issue to be addressed. We ourselves are not involved with carting humans or souls that are in the Service to Self. In some cases they are taken in their human forms to these new prison planets, as that is a matter for the Service-to-Self to arrange. So it's not our issue. But that pretty much sums up what we're busy with. In-between we attempt to attend to our own spiritual lessons and stay grounded.

Do you think the drop in the dollar and the world markets on Friday will continue and become more serious?

As we have explained, the Puppet Masters - there are more than one and for the US it is the House of Roshchild and to a miner degree the House of Rockefeller - are not interested in bank failures. They are not interested in the value of corporations or crashing. They are not interested in bankruptcies galore. This is to a great extent a confidence game which we have explained in the Zetatalk called Paper Promise. If confidence is lost, their assets diminish. Now in a flat-out, all-round crash worldwide, they end up at the same position - at the top of the pile with everybody else beneath. They are not worried about not becoming wealthy, or not becoming the Puppet Masters, as no shake down will put them out of that position. But it means an adjustment and a worry, a lot of late nights, a lot of hard work to make sure that their assets pull through. You can imagine the notes they have, in other words IOUs, from everybody that would become worthless if people declare bankruptcy. Land just sitting there with no ownership, banks belly-up unable to carry though and collect mortgages or collect properties and re-sell them. It becomes chaotic and happens quickly and in a domino effect. This is something that they don't want, so they have been maintaining the markets.

It is no secret that the DOW has been maintained by what is called Plunge Protection Team which was authorised well ahead of the Bush administration by Reagan and allows virtually insider trading to be conducted to maintain the price of stock. They have military industrial corporations that trade with the government extensively, for their essential corporate market base, who will spend their own corporate portfolios in the stock market, buying up worthless stock. The loss that they take in that portfolio is compensated by the price of what they sell to the government. This has been proven and demonstrated, with the price of a jet plane, for instance, doubling and tripling in just a year or two so that people say, Well, what was the cost increase? Where is it? The department of defense pays it. So this is the taxpayer supporting the DOW. Another way they manipulate this is to be sure that nobody sells until a buyer is lined up. They force the markets to withhold until they have a buyer lined up so that supply and demand doesn't affect the price. So things are going to move along as they have been, a steady decrease in the dollar, but no huge collapse with all that that implies

What about the value of gold, how high could that go?

This likewise will increase steadily as the dollar drops. Bear in mind that you're also dealing with an inflation factor - the dropping dollar translates to everything seeming to cost more. In fact somebody recently computed that the DOW, taking into consideration inflation, is really not over 11,000 but somewhere around 9,000. So inflation is a very significant factor in the price of gold and silver - essentially people want to switch out of the dollar and into something more solid. If you're asking what the Zetas would recommend - land, gardening tools, seed, and fish hooks and the like. Make a pond, stock it with fish, and get ducks and chickens. Put seed into the ground so that you have plants bearing more seed, not just seed that can be swept or blown away, and plant fruit and nut trees. Build a bermed structure where tornadoes will even float over it as though it were a hill and get going on some of these survival situations. Get out into rural areas, away from the cities and away from the coast. Spend your money on this while it's still worth something. Other than that, it's going to be a steady decline in the dollar, a steady increase in gold and silver, mostly because of inflation comparison and this will not be dramatic leaps and bounds but a steady stepping.

Can the Zetas comment on the missing 200,000 AK47 rifles shipped from the U.S. to Iraq?

200,000 AK-47s Iraq
May 11, 2006
UK's Mirror reports that 200,000 AK-47 assault rifles that were supposed to be shipped from a US base to Iraqi security forces have apparently disappeared, possibly into the hands of insurgents. Excerpt: Some 200,000 guns the US sent to Iraqi security forces may have been smuggled to terrorists, it was feared yesterday. The 99-tonne cache of AK47s was to have been secretly flown out from a US base in Bosnia. But the four planeloads of arms have vanished. It follows a separate probe claiming that thousands of guns meant for Iraq's police and army instead went to al-Qaeda. NATO and US officials have already voiced fears that Bosnian arms - sold by US, British and Swiss firms - are being passed to insurgents.

Well, the US had a hand in that, ask the CIA. They are trying to foment rebellion in Iraq. Who do you think blew up the Golden Dome, the Shia Golden Dome that incited all this civil war? Suddenly you have Sunni and Shia at each other's throats and the religious leaders trying to damp this down. This blowing up of the Golden Dome happened shortly after, within minutes, of the US taking over patrolling the dome from Iraqis. They did it. They are trying to create violence and civil war there so that it will spill over into Iran and that's the Bush administration's plan. If they simply went to Congress or went to the Pentagon and said well we're going to go into Iran, we're going to bomb 'em because we want to sit on the oil fields, the answer would be, No way! So what they are doing is trying to escalate the violence in Iraq so there's a spilling over it's like a blurred line. And before we know it, we're defending our troops in Iran because we had to do hot pursuit or the like, or were chased there even by the violence in Iraq. So not a new item for the US who has been fomenting rebellion for decades, it's not a new item for the CIA who have overthrown democracies all around the world to install somebody more to the liking of big corporations in the US and just more of the same.

How will this end? They are not going to succeed in Iraq. We have stated from the start that there will not be a regime change in Iraq and the Bush administration will not succeed as planned. Why wouldn't there be a regime change? We don't have one now, we have an occupation and you will find that the US will be chased out of Iraq, mostly brought home by the defense department wanting to defend the homeland and ignoring what Bush wants. But when the US is chased out through Earth changes and disasters and problems at home, you will find that the Sunni are the ones will the weapons and with the military strength. They were not taken in-hand when there was the march to Baghdad. They are the ones with the weapons and the know-how. They will re-insert themselves. And Saddam Hussein and his sons were certainly not captured or killed. That is not Saddam Hussein in the dock, that's his cousin, the one with the jaw that juts out rather than the normal bite. The one with the mole on the forehead that was removed, the one with the fat nose that was given a nose job before the trial. Saddam Hussein will re-emerge along with his Sunni strongmen and life will go on in Iraq as it had been before.

Has Gonzales decided to go with integrity rather than what Bush wants him to do? The FBI is investigating the CIA. The DoJ is investigating the NSA. Why doesn't Bush just tell Gonzales to stop these investigations?

You've got the jist of it. He worries about his own skin. He worries about what's going to happen when inevitably they all get swept into the dock. It happened in Watergate. Where the Bush administration is heading is inevitable. Not just because the Congress is going to flip over. Voter fraud will not be something that will be easy to achieve this fall as it was in 2004. 2004 took everybody by surprise, no-body expected the amount of corruption that occurred. They were stunned and there was no paper trail so how to prove it? But this time around the states have been hollering and fussing and sharing data with each other on how electronic voting is not working and a paper trail is necessary and even then, how to get it to work smoothly? So there's going to be so much attention paid to it and the second point to remember is that if a blade cuts one way, it can cut the other, and if somebody can go in and fraudulently adjust the totals one way, somebody can go in and adjust them back with the same method. So that it's not an assurance. So therefore he worries about his own skin, about being pointed to and questioned, how many crimes did you participate in?, and sitting in the clink. So to save his own skin, he is allowing proper investigations to be pursued and we don't expect him to flip back. We think this is a trend that you will see occurring more and more. Where people who have been cooperating with Bush, the Bush administration, change their mind. And along with an increasing, almost a torrent of leaked information, people coming forward and to heck with any promises they made when they were employed or even as a condition of their employment. Just spilling the beans so that the White House is almost embattled and shuttered and cannot function.