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ZetaTalk: GodlikeProduction Live
written Nov 25, 2006 on the live GodlikeProduction live chat.

I'd like to ask if the Zetas would like to comment about laptop thefts in the UK. Three laptops containing personal information about 15,000 Metropolitan policemen (about half of the Met force apparantly) were stolen and it just seems too much like Karl Rove style stuff. Are there plans in the UK to coerce the police in the way that laptop thefts and the threat of identity theft were used in the USA elections? And if so, to coerce them to do what?

This is indeed an echo of Rove's techniques. The 7/7 fake terrorism attack succeeded in Britain where they were suppressed in the US, so hope springs up that this type of laptop intimidation will succeed in the UK where countered in the US. We have stated that laptop theft in the US had two goals in mind, to force cooperation with voter fraud and fake terrorism attacks. In the UK, where Blair is likely to be removed by Parliament, rather than a vote by the public, there is a different focus. Who investigates assassinations and bombings? The police. Thus they wish to reduce exposure as those in the know, during these past few years, about the real purpose of the Iraq invasion, the presence of Planet X in the inner solar system, the plans to use bioterrorism to control the mob, these people will be systematically eliminated. If the cause is to be suicide, or a heart attack, then the police are not to say otherwise! So goes the plan, in any case.

I think Bush may be gone by this time next year, or is this just wishful thinking?

This depends on where Cheney is, at that time. Removing Bush by impeachment not only ties up Congress so other business cannot be addressed, it also would put Cheney in control, a worse choice. It is more likely that Cheney will be the target, with impeachment only proceeding when this is a certainty. Of course, poor health or assassination would change all those options. Bear in mind that removing Bush and Cheney simultaneously puts Pelosi in the Oval Office, so there are prehaps many plans afoot!

Some talk of OU devices being allowed to happen (clean 'free' energy for the people) in the near future? Anything to say regards this?

As we have often stated, Earth today is home to young souls, and as youngsters, they are not allowed high tech devices that would allow the sadistic or control freaks among her populace too strong a hand. It is supposed to be a balanced school house, and any imbalance where those who are self centered are getting too much of an upper hand is countered, promptly. Can you immagine someone like Dick Cheney with free energy in his hands? What would stop him from trying to enslave the world, he as King? This will only emerge when the Earth is firmly in the hands of those who are Service to Other, mature, and reliably using this for the true betterment of the populace, which will occur in places after the pole shift or worldwide approximately 100 years after the shift. Thus, the question as posed is both true and false!

I notice Bobby Kennedy has been in the news a lot lately. Obviously, conspiracy theories abound. Have the Zetas any comment on what really happend to him in that kitchen pantry?

Bobby Kennedy was targeted just as his brother JF Kennedy and Martin Luther King. In Bobby's case, he was a target because he was determined to investigate his brothers assassination, and had the intelligence and determination to reveal the REAL assassins, who were, of course, not Oswald or Castro. JFK was killed because he was going to reveal that the alien presence was real, as his girl friend Marilyn Monroe know, and thus she herself was killed.

Have you been asked about the death of Alexander Litvinenko? Did the Russions really poison him with polonium 210?

This was what it appears to be, an obvious assassination of a critic of the Russian government. Putin himself had nothing to do with this, but just as within the US government much goes on that the President can be unaware of, this certainly occurs in other countries. The CIA, or KGB, operate on their own accord, in most cases. The assassination of Alexander Litvinenko was made obvious, with a horrific death without question caused by a radioactive substance, so others who might be considered following his example would think twice!

Is there any more to the story about the president's daughter Barbara being mugged along with her secret service man being attacked? Was it a simple mugging or something more? [and from another] Air Force One Grounded After Mechanical Problems [Nov 19] The Boeing 747 used by the president as Air Force One was grounded in Ho Chi Minh City Sunday because of a mechanical problem. The issue was discovered while the airplane was still on the ground in Vietnam and before President George W. Bush was onboard.

These many setbacks have at their base an extreme hatred of the Bush family, because of the way George W. has proceeded. This hatred is not simply in the public, but within those working for the Executive branch. What would it take for Air Force One to have mechanical problems related to a wheel? This is not an internal job, any more than a slashed tire on a car is internal. Easily arranged, but it does require that normal security is lax, the security force looking the other way or compliant. And the mugging of a guard is likewise a warning or retaliation for a refusal to go along with a plan to harm or embarrass one of the Bush daughters, who are hardly viewed with affection around the world. Bush has more than impeachment to worry about, as accidents can be arranged.

Is Pelosi STO and a good choice?

In determining the spiritual orientation of an individual, one should look to the result of their actions. If someone is determined to raise minimum wage, ensure health insurace or coverage for those without, restore Habeus Corpus, and end a war that has at its base control of the oil fields for an elite few, then these actions are a clue. She is determinedly Service to Others, indeed.

What about all the recent seismic activity? It's been a while since the Zetas have given an update of the situation from their point of view and with the recent large quake in the Pacific and the resulting tsunami (albeit small) I was wondering if they felt like commenting. It does seem rather active these days. [and from another] 15-NOV-2006 8.3 KURIL ISLANDS

Nancy has been watching the seismic activity on the live seismographs, and can tell you that for over a month now they have changed, in pattern. There are more continuous wobbling, more continuous series of days with no break in gobal shuddering. Why would this pattern change? Recall that we have detailed Earth trapped in what we call the cup, an eddy flow of particles flowing around the sides of Planet X. Earth and Venus and the Dark Twin are all trapped in this cup. As Planet X moves toward Earth, this cup tightens, the eddy flow more violent as it comes around the sides of Planet X, with less opportunity to dissipate out in space due to distance. Thus these 3 planets are pushed together, bumping each other. This trend of course will not change, and will only accentuate the movement of plates we have described in the Scripted Drama that the pole shift will bring. All quakes prior to the pole shift move along these lines. Thus the Pacific will shorten, the Atlantic spread, land dragged under in places, and the pace quickened.

What do the Zetas say about the poisoning of our food supply recently. First the lettuce incident, then other vegetables, and now we hear that Honeybaked Ham Inc. is recalling 47,000 pounds of turkey and ham. Notice this comes AFTER Thanksgiving. Can we expect a lot more of this?

Where ecoli is in the gut of every animal, humans included, the outbreaks are excessive lately. This is not a plan to poison the populace, but due to carelessness. It was noted a few years ago, as the Millennium passed, that people were getting distracted, careless, and irritable. They sense, at a deep level, that things are not right with the world, Earth changes, the weather, trembling in the ground, and most of all an apparent casual attitude on the part of the authorities. The media is directed to chirp along with all is well, nothing wrong. Thus the public is secretly enraged, feeling their safety is being overlooked, and sensing a gigantic lie being perpetrated. Some have noticed the Moon or Sun not being in the right place, yet no media comment whatsoever. What does it take to get some truth from the establishment! This is their sense of rage. Distracted workers may make mistakes on the computer or hand out a burger instead of a fish sandwich, and this can be corrected or called to attention. But washing vegetables taken from the field, or putting meat away promptly into the freezer, and especially washing the hands well and cleaning up afterwards, what is the motivation in one distracted by rage? This will all increase, and not abate.

Colossal hurricane-like storm seen on Saturn [Nov 9] A colossal, swirling storm with a well-developed eye is churning at Saturn's south pole, the first time a truly hurricane-like storm has been detected on a planet other than Earth.

We have often referred to the equilibrium of the solar system being disrupted by the approach or presence of Planet X. This has been evident for the past decade by increased warming on Europa, a moon of Jupiter, and polar melting on Mars. Where this reach, evident in the '90's, sounds astonishing, particle flow equilibrium is like a spider net, a tug on one side reflected by a twitch on another side. That the gaseous planets, of which Saturn is one, would exhibit an increased flow of magnetic particles at one of its poles should be no surprise, given the 270 degree roll that Planet X is in the process of making. This has disrupted currents in the solar system, and the gaseous nature of Saturn allows it to show this readily as ripples and sworls on its surface.

Would the Zetas like to comment on the meeting that Bush & Cheney had with the new leaders of the house and senate? I heard Bush did all the talking and laid down the law about what he wanted and how he wanted it done. The congressional leaders just had to sit there and take it. Any chance this was correct? Pelosi looked a little 'stiff' after the meeting. Also, now that the elections are essentially over, how will the new congress function and will it be able to keep Bush & Cheney under control?

The Bush administration is still in shock, not having planned on losing the mid-term elections and anticipating rather a big Republican win. When they stated they were not even thinking of the eventuality, despite the polls showing the Democrats would surely take the House and potentially the Senate, they were stating the truth. Having not emotionally or intellectually prepared for the eventuality, they are proceeding according to past plans. Act arrogant, insist, stomp your foot, threaten, bribe, and if none of this works then just break the law and proceed anyway. What does this bode for the future? Logerheads with Congress and the courts, increasing pressure from Congress, and eventually, talk of impeachment as the only way to resolve the mess. The Executive branch outside of the White House itself will align with Congress and the law, leaving the White House to be the target of prosecution and subpoenas.

Would the Zetas like to comment on the new land coming up in the Tonga area. Is that the start of the Pacific compression and would that underseas volcano be the beginnings of the super volcano that would likely erupt just prior to the shift?

We have stated that the Pacific is not the singular plate it is assumed to be, but many. Can mankind map the fault lines deep under the ocean floor? Supervolcanoes erupted in the past because the Earth was subject to massive assault when she rode out in the Asteroid Belt and herself got wholloped. Supervolcano eruptions will not occur during this coming pole shift, and certainly will not prior to the shift. As has been noted, and in the news lately, new volcanic islands are emerging unknown to man until boaters are suprised to find them. This will certainly be on the increase, and occur in numerous places in the Pacific, heating the water and increasing the ferocity of storms as a result. More likely to surprise man are sudden adjustments in the plates that compose the Pacific, with land suddenly rising or falling as a result. Hawaii, as we have stated, will rise, a trend already apparent. Just so, land can likewise fall, with the ocean rolling in. One can analyze the trends, and thus plot the fault lines under the Pacific, if clever and aware.

We haven't heard anything on the Dubai Ports issue in a while. Any comment on whats up there? Who's in charge of our ports and what plans are in the air?

Where the ports are not safe, the trend in the US is for better inspection, as Congress was alerted to the state of affairs during the Dubai Port deal debacle. Screening devices, which can see the interior of a container, are expensive but under discussion and increasingly in use. Thus, the attempt to create a terrorism possibility, with Dubai in charge, back fired. As we, and other benign aliens, are preventing fake terrorism, this only makes our job easier. Where this is unlikely to be resolved before the pole shift, those who are intent on creating fake terrorism in the US have essentially given up on doing so via the ports.

Many people report negative near death experiences. I know in my own case, it was a pleasent one. Are these negative experiences real? If so, what is their purpose?

We have explained that processing the soul at the end of an incarnation involves resolving outstanding issues from their current incarnation. Just as giving the Call can be pleasant or unpleasant depending upon the nature of the Call, just so a passage out of an incarnation is either pleasant or unpleasant depending upon how the soul lived their life. Those souls who are conscientious will be concerned about those who were dependent upon them, wish to check in and say goodby, with a loving last word or two. Those souls who took advantage of others, while assuring themselves that they were being fair, may get a rude awakening by being presented with the truth!

The Lebanonese political murders - done by Syria, Mossad, Iran, US who?

When faced with such a question, ask who stands to benefit. Cheney is asserting that Iraq was will continue. Bush is stating that a withdrawl is out of the question. Cheney is meeting with the Saudis, and one need not think long about the subject matter. The Iraq Study Group, trying to save Bush Co. from their poor judgement, is having their advice countered even before it is uttered. The White House is in denial about the state of affairs and the intense resistance to their wishes. With all about them pressing for a different resolution in Iraq than they wish, what to do? If the Iraq Study Group is suggesting talking to Syria and Iran, then create tensions. If the Iraq Study Group is suggesting at least a limited withdrawal, then insist on sending more troops. Murdering someone and pointing the finger and someone you hope to make a villain has long been a technique of those who would stop at nothing to gain the power they lust after. Clearly, it was the US, in cahoots with Israel.