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ZetaTalk: GodlikeProduction Live
written Apr 7, 2007 on the live GodlikeProduction live chat.

Weird light hoverring above two cities 1000 miles away from each other almost at the same time in China. The two city are Changchun and Shijiazhuang. The story is that these two cities witnessed the same phenomena almost at the same time.

What is the connection between these two cities, in the highlands of China? Both are just upland from lowlands abutting the sea, which would be subject to temporary inundation and tidal bore during any major adjustment in the Pacific. The Pacific is compressing, steadily, though much of this process is not apparent to man, who crawls around those plates floating above the waves. The deep Pacific has numerous fault lines man is not aware of, as he assumes it is all one large plate. Why is it that Hawaii rises occasionally, if this were not due to one plate subducting under another? Beijing itself is in the zone that will be inundated when such an adjustment occurs, the residents scrambling to nearby cities that were exempt from the tide. Thus, both these neighboring cities were warned by UFO to expect refugees, hungry and in need of housing and often, if from the seat of power in Beijing, demanding special treatment!

Gore who is apparently Service-to-Other, won't come out and say that Planet X is coming despite his inside knowledge, but just goes on about Global warming. Will he not be persecuted just like Bush for not telling the public what he knows? Telling the public about Global warming is not a substitute for the real shit about to hit the fan. Will common people make the distinction?

We have stated that Gore's movie, An Inconvenient Truth, was intended to posture Gore in the limelight more than correct carbon emissions. The movie was about Gore, more than about Global Warming, as it discussed his childhood, family tragedies, and the theft of the 2000 presidential election. In that Bush has declared talking about Planet X, by those officially in the know, to be a national security breech, Gore can hardly be held accountable for the lack of a pronouncement from his lips. The media is likewise put in this position. Sources such as ZetaTalk, which claim information from an alien source rather than official US government sources, are exempt. ZetaTalk is countered by disinformation teams, as anyone following it can see. Gore would be imprisoned if he talked, as he learned his facts about Planet X from NASA and his stint in the White House. By law he could be prosecuted, and would be prosecuted, though this would be dealt with as an insanity issue, not a legal matter. Thus, Gore is biding his time until a turnover occurs and the matter is no longer a forbidden subject.

What is with Saudi Arabia coming out of its hermit shell and talking to Israel? Israel is now willing to negotiate peace with the Palestinian state. Israel has also rejected the US offers to negotiate peace. What has changed in the dynamics to bring Israel into talk of a peace agreement? Is this a ploy, or are they under a threat from the Arab nations who have had enough of the instability in the region. Arabs don't appear to have enough fire power to defeat the US and Israel's massive weaponry including nuclear arsenals. Are they being backed by China or Russia? [and from another] Optimistic Olmert talks up hope of peace in five years [Mar 31] Israel has expressed a fresh desire to negotiate a deal with Arab states that could breathe new life into the stalled peace process and end its decades-old conflict with the Palestinians. [and from another] Saudi king slams 'illegitimate occupation' of Iraq [Mar 28] Saudi King Abdullah, whose country is a close US ally, on Wednesday slammed the "illegitimate foreign occupation" of Iraq in an opening speech to the annual Arab summit in Riyadh. He also said that Arab nations, which are planning to revive a five-year-old Middle East peace plan at the summit, would not allow any foreign force to decide the future of the region. [and from another] And Iraq's big oil contracts go to ... [Apr 5] Despite claims by some critics that the Bush administration invaded Iraq to take control of its oil, the first contracts with major oil firms from Iraq's new government are likely to go not to U.S. companies, but rather to companies from China, India, Vietnam, and Indonesia.

While Bush is attempting to pump more troops into Iraq, and is building what he intends to be permanent bases in Iraq that are essentially fortresses, those who live in the region are seeing the handwriting on the wall. The US military is exhausted, Iraq in a civil war, the Taliban in a resurgence in Afghanistan, the American people fed up with supporting a war based on a lie and the Congress determined to put an end to it, so it is only a matter of time until the exit from Viet Nam is repeated in the Middle East. They view Bush as delusional, weak, unable to deal with the reality of the situation, and ignore his rigid pronouncements. Remove the US from the region and what do you have? A mess, with Israel, having been arrogant and attempting to push the Bush administration into attacking Iran and Syria, suddenly without their bully brother standing beside them! They fear a backlash, so are mouthing peace talks which they do not intend to support, as usual. The Saudi likewise are allowing their resentment of the US to emerge, openly, as bonding with their brothers and attempting to lay platforms for peace are more important than pretending to like the Bush administration. In the US, the media is not reporting the true feelings the region has toward what Bush has done to the region, so if you want a local report, telling the truth, look to their actions! These speak louder than any words that Bush and the controlled media in the US are saying to you.

Why the press from the USA and China and Saudi Arabia to edit the report and to water down effects of climate change? [and from another] Climate report: World's poorest will suffer most [Apr 6] The world faces increased hunger and water shortages in the poorest countries, massive floods and avalanches in Asia, and species extinction unless nations adapt to climate change and halt its progress, according to a report approved Friday by an international conference on global warming. Agreement came after an all-night session during which key sections were deleted from the draft and scientists angrily confronted government negotiators who they feared were watering down their findings. The United States, China and Saudi Arabia raised many of the objections to the phrasing, often seeking to tone down the certainty of some of the more dire projections. Areas in drought will become even more dry, adding to the risks of hunger and disease, it said. The world will face heightened threats of flooding, severe storms and the erosion of coastlines. More than 120 nations attended the meeting. Each word was approved by consensus, and any change had to be approved by the scientists who drew up that section of the report.

Since Global Warming was to be used as one of the cover excuses for the anticipated Earth changes due to the approach of Planet X, it was given front page billing years ago. No censuring. But without an alternative explanation for the increasingly erratic weather and melting ice fields the Global Warming excuse was the only game in town. Where a number of scientists are under a gag order, aware of the presence of Planet X but not allowed to discuss it, most are not, and like much of the populace, the other scientists would doubt their eyes if viewing a Second Sun in the sky or the Moon or a constellation out of place. Thus, Global Warming has taken on a life of its own, as what other target is there to address when crop shortages have become undeniable and coastlines are being assaulted by increasingly fierce storms? The scientists are rising to what they view as their responsibility, to report their concern with urgency to the governments of the world, and to the media to alert the populace. Those governments in the know about the presence and approach of Planet X, which certainly include the US and China, have a different agenda. They wish to keep their economies chugging along until the last days, in the hopes that the passage won't be as catastrophic as predicted, or at the very least because they wish to remain on the top of the pile and in command without the messy panic of the public until the last days, as long as possible. Thus, Bush states it needs more study, needs to be assigned to committee, which is what governments do when they want to bury an issue. The Saudis are merely concerned that the basis of their power and wealth, the world's need for oil, continue.

In relation to 2004's Indonesian quake and tsunami, is the location of Tuesday's earthquake and tsunami in the Solomon Islands an important indication of expanding plate pressures? Studying the earth's plates it appears that due to the shape of the Australian plate and the mass of the Eurasian plate above it, the greater force on the Australian plate travels downward toward New Zealand as well as eastward. Comparing Google Earth with the above link, one can actually see the outline of the Australian plate. The plate comes to a hooked point around Fiji and Samoa which would appear to come under extreme pressure within the Zeta's descriptions of the forces at play. Are the Zeta's allowed to tell if the plate will fracture at this point, prior to the shift and if so, can a large tsunami be expected as a result? [and from another] 94 quakes of 5+ Richter in 48 hours, and continued for a couple days with dozens more. [and from another] People missing after tsunami [Apr 2] Several people were missing on Monday after a powerful earthquake in the South Pacific hit the Solomon Islands, triggering a small tsunami. A tsunami warning was also issued for other Pacific Rim countries, including Indonesia, Papua New Guinea and Australia, after the shallow quake, which had a magnitude of at least 8.0. It was just like a real extreme tide. The water just came up about about 12 to 15 feet above sea level. [and from another] Quake lifts Solomons island metres from the sea [Apr 7] The force of this week's Solomons earthquake has lifted an island in the South Pacific archipelago and pushed out its shoreline by tens of metres, exposing surrounding reefs.

This is a high profile region for quakes during the end times because the Indio/Australia plate is so resistant to movement and is blocking so much movement from the Pacific. Look to the Himalayas, the highest mountains in the world. What drove them so high? Prior pole shifts, which pushed land under these mountains. Where this happens elsewhere on Earth, it is not to the extent here, and thus the hammering that goes on along this plate boundary. When these breaks occur, and movement pushing under the Himalayas occurs, New Zealand lifting, India dropping, then suddenly other adjustments can occur in the Pacific, in the Antarctic plate, and movement all around the globe occurs. Once this plate loosens up sufficiently, and active subducting of India starts, then you will see real action. We have been indicating, on the reasons given for UFO sightings, that strong changes will be coming, soon, and long before the hour of the pole shift or such dramatic occurrences as 3 days of darkness. It is the fluidity of this plate to move that will allow such dramatic motion round the world.

Scientists have been finding interesting climate changes and warming in our Solar System. For i.e: "Martian Ice Shrinking Dramatically: New gullies that did not exist in mid-2002 have appeared on a Martian sand dune." "Prediction of a global climate change on Jupiter" "Pluto thought to be warming up. Astronomers at the University of Tasmania have found that the solar system's smallest planet is not getting colder as first thought and it probably does not have rings" Can it be connected with PX? Is it a Global Warming or a Solar Warming?

At the start of ZetaTalk, in 1995, when we stated the weather changes, detailed them, that would occur as Planet X hove into view, we were ridiculed. Nancy started keeping a log of extreme weather, in 1995 through 2000 when the tread became obvious. Those debunkers, who are still with us today, that claimed the weather 'normal' are today claiming the skies 'normal', such is their reputation. We stated in explanation that the equilibrium of the solar system and beyond was disturbed, causing roiling in the cores of these planets or moons, and thus warming. Heat is but a sub-atomic particle, affected by all manner of changes. We equated this equilibrium upset to a spider web, where a spider can sense any activity on the broad net. Planet X here is the spider, and the net the solar system, sensing any activity in the spider, so to speak. Thus, in the last 1990's, it was noted that elsewhere in the solar system, heat changes were noted, not just the Earth. We have stated that Global Warming was a cover for Planet X, and this proves the point.

In the Zeta Talk, "Only The U.S.", the Zetas say, "The US is the signal democracy, which was assisted in its birth by many aliens in the Service-to-Other responding to The Call, and has more than met the expectations of those who assisted." They say the Oashpe is a legitimately channeled book. The Oashpe states that angels protected key founding fathers of the U.S. and helped inspire the Constitution. The Zetas have said benign aliens have currently protected key Service-to-Other humans with their intervention disguised as luck or coincidence or such. In August, 1814 the British razed Washington D.C., destroying the White House and other government buildings but a sudden, severe storm blew up (by some accounts it was a hurricane) with an accompanying tornado. It injured the British troops and helped to put out the fires and then quickly left. Was this a natural and fortuitous storm or was this a result of intervention in protection of the young democracy?

A key element in protections are the Element of Doubt, which allows humans uncomfortable with the idea of alien interference with the fortunes of man to comfort themselves that it was only a coincidence. The Element of Doubt is one reason that sightings, mass sightings, always have some aspect about them that can be explained in another manner. For those ready to accept the idea of the alien presence, they see the truth. For those who would panic or have their fear level raised, there are excuses they can cling to. There have been cases in recent years, a drop in altitude in a plane Gore was in, such that those who staged an assassination understood their ploy had worked for a moment, before it was countered, so as to reduce their future attempts, discourage them. But the Element of Doubt prevailed for the passengers and others watching this matter. Using sudden weather has long been a means of affecting the affairs of man, when the Council of Worlds has allowed an exception in the rule of Non-Interference. We have stated that the Annunki have become quarantined from man by bad weather and the prevalence of large predators, whom they feared as their home planet did not have such predators. Bad weather sunk their boats, ruined their gold harvest, and thus they moved elsewhere in the solar system to harvest Gold, leaving Earth, and now fear to return as man has become their peer, technology wise. To answer your question, yes, this incident was an interference, with the expected outcome occurring.

Given that the Puppet Master wants a paced awakening to the reality of Earth Changes in step with the actual events to come, would it not make sense for him to put his financial muscle behind a community based approach to governments, agricultural enterprises, social organizations and economic endeavors? Much like the old farmers cooperatives or akin to how the Amish live today? There could be any number of reality base TV shows that seriously highlight the methods of and benefits to this type of lifestyle. If he wants to deflect the rage of the populace at large on having been lied to, central governments in general and not just in the US will need to be scapgoated. Obviously one cannot offer up governments as a sacrifice to be devoured and maintain faith and integrity in the systems that the Puppet Master is so heavily invested in unless an alternative solution such as community or cooperative based living can be offered as a good replacement for the social order. This seems to be consistent with his desires or maintaining control and influence and fostering the development of survival communities.

The Puppet Master understands that the chaos that will ensue when the pole shift occurs will disrupt almost all plans of man. We have stated that 43% of the survivors will go insane, to some degree. Migration will occur everywhere as all survivors think this a local affair and are trying to escape the zone they live in and get back to a better place. And trying times bring out the best and worst in man, something that cannot be anticipated when times are good as people posture and act. Frequently, the natural leader is a hidden person, and the official leader vapid and without courage or ideas. With this setting, putting his money and manpower into forming survival communities would see his efforts wasted, in the main, his money put on the wrong people, etc. He is taking a different approach, and not an unwise one. If you inform and educate people, those who are capable of planning and leading will do so, and pull others along with them to form a survival community. Those who will fall by the wayside or waste the efforts of others will likewise do so. This will sort out! He intends to speedily contact those communities that look like they have established themselves, contacting the new leadership, and ignoring the fallen who are loudly shouting that they are the legitimate leadership. Leadership will have to be earned.

Bush and Blair do indeed seem desperate enough to try and gamble on starting a war with Iran. With Pelosi upstaging them with true diplomatic efforts in the Middle East now is it likely that they will be stupid enough to try the war/martial law route even if it is destined to fail and themselves arrested? [and from another] Pelosi Meets With Syrian President Assad [Apr 4] U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi met Syrian President Bashar Assad Wednesday for talks criticized by the White House as undermining American efforts to isolate the hard-line Arab country. Pelosi's visit to Syria was the latest challenge to the White House by congressional Democrats, who are taking a more assertive role in influencing policy in the Middle East and the Iraq war.

Martial Law in the US has been ordered several times by Bush, with all but those in the White House ignoring him. He knows this route will not work, but may try to announce this on live TV hoping that those ignoring him will be forced to go along. We have stated that it is at this point that he and Cheney and others would likely be arrested by those who have more than enough material to do so, explaining to the American people what is occurring, putting Pelosi in the Oval Office, which most in the US would be comfortable with. This is why Pelosi's visit to the Middle East was so threatening to Bush and Cheney, who were furious she did so well as a stateswoman. Blair is likewise too close to being removed for crimes, and is likely to be forced out for these crimes soon. Such a move by Blair would be seen for what it is, and would not succeed for these reasons.

What can you say about the tainted pet food? I have a feeling this was done intentionally by China. There is a war going on and it would be beneficial for China to do something like this to create chaos inside the USA.

This was not intentional, as we have mentioned previously when such issues as e-coli occurred. Mankind is distracted, and this distraction has been a problem for a couple years now. People sense they are being lied to, the War in Iraq is for oil when oil is not a scarce commodity yet, that the weather has been too erratic with the White House too calm about that, Bush acting like there is no tomorrow re spending the US treasury. If they have noticed the Moon out of place, the Sun out of place, they are highly alarmed. Regardless, on a subconscious level, they are alarmed, irritable, overlook details while trying to walk in place like all is normal, which the TV chirps on about. Employment is going up, but no one can get a job and all are losing their jobs. Inflation is good, but the price of food is skyrocketing. This is the reason for contaminated food. Distraction, and the need to deny crop shortages so using poor products from places normally avoided.

Can the Zetas explain the logic behind Indonesia's plans to build a nuclear reactor next to a volcano? Is this part of their plan to eliminate the population when the shift occurs?

We have been asked how many people are in the know about the coming pole shift. A decade ago, it was only the heads of state in half a dozen countries, along with MJ12 which included the very wealthy and heads of corporate giants. When Planet X loomed, came into the solar system in 2003, and Bush invaded Iraq just ahead of our false date of May 15, additional people were added to this list, as shush orders were given to the media and observatory staff round the world. In Aug-Sep 2003, when Bush went to France to meet heads of state world wide, supposedly to mend fences over Iraq, these heads of state were told there was a body in the solar system that would pass, and the main problem was panic in the people. Bribery and threats ensured compliance with the coverup. Most still do not understand that the Earth is locked in the path of this giant planet, which will pull the Earth close to it at the point of passage, and jerk the Earth around horrifically during the shift itself. Thus, Indonesia, like most countries and the agencies in these countries, is proceeding like all is normal, and will be normal! Indonesia lives with volcanoes, and can hardly find a spot where this threat does not exist. Like most countries, they want steady power, want to be state of the art. But mostly, they are proceeding out of ignorance!

V.K. Durham claims George H. W. Bush falsely stole money using her family's trust. She has claimed Leo Wanta is in cahoots with the criminals and hazy connections suggest the Wanta money and the Durham gold bonus may be one and the same, though there is certainly no proof of it. The Zeta's said Wanta was in cahoots with the Bush/Reagan crowd but his conscience got the better of him and he tried to bring the situation to public light. They said the Wanta money is elite set aside money. In 1991, Bush purchased 10 year Brady bonds using the Durham trust as collateral and coincidentally, the bonds were destroyed in the Cantor Fitzgerald office in the World Trade Center one day before they came due, suggesting prior knowledge of the attack, perhaps clear back in the '90's.

The Zeta's earlier confirmed F.B.I. counter-terrorist agent John O'Neill was set up to die in the World Trade Center to silence him, again, suggesting prior knowledge. One of O'Neill's investigations centered around Enron's connections to the Taliban. Earlier the Zeta's said Enron owner, Ken Lay, had been assassinated via an induced heart attack. The security firm that hired John O'Neill was owned by Bush friend, Maurice Greenberg who resigned as CEO of AIG in a fraud investigation. It is reported bomb sniffing dogs were pulled from their normal security procedures at the World Trade Center prior to the attack. Security of the World Trade Center was also subbed out to a security firm on who's board the youngest Bush sibling sat. Once again, another strange Bush family coincidence and suggestion of prior knowledge and planning.

It is reported that federal whistleblower, Sibel Edmonds, found smoking gun evidence of bribery and corruption of high up U.S. government officials through the American Turkish Counsel (ATC) and links to the attack on 911. Edmonds claims it is a hub of criminal activity in Washington D.C. The ATC has been linked to arms and drug trafficking. It is chaired by close George H. W. Bush friend and his former National Security adviser, Brent Scowcroft. President George W. Bush was so threatened by Edmonds' law suit that he instituted a draconian "State's Secrets Privilege" on the trial and Bush appointed judge, Reggie Walton has effectively tabled the trial with all members gaged. Again, one more unbelievable Bush family coincidence.

Wayne Madsen has recently reported that in 1991, multiple engine failures occurred on a B-52 just taking off from Diego Garcia while armed with nuclear weapons. The crew jettisoned 3 of the weapons in shallow water before the jet crashed off the coast of Somalia. Defense secretary Dick Cheney and President George H. W. Bush decided NOT to recover the weapons. The weapons were subsequently salvaged by black market arms dealers. Madsen claims Cheney and Libbey then cooked up the yellow cake uranium documents with these plutonium weapons the alleged source for the faked uranium yellow cake, and thus, justification to invade Iraq. The purpose of this extended description of reports is to show relatively clear evidence of apparent, long term, strategic planning by the Bush group and I think this information helps to substantiate the validity of the Zeta's words. It is also to show the path of my thinking for these questions.
1 Was the plane sabotaged by the Bush group in 1991 with the intent to dump the nukes in a salvageable area so they could get on the black market? If so, was this planned back then to be used as a precursor for a future attack on Iraq?
2 The Zetas said the 911 attack was one financial house attacking another, that Cheney knew it would occur and allowed it, being an opportunist. I don't doubt that, but what I find incredible is it could be a coincidence that Bush's Brady bonds, purchased 10 years prior, should be held in the right location to be destroyed one day before they came due. Was the 911 attack a long planned attack by the Service-to-Self MJ-12 group that Bush then fomented and manipulated behind the scenes for his own purpose?

These nukes were certainly planned to be in soft mud, not deep under water, and thus easily salvaged. Yes, they were to be used for the type of activity we have reported is resisted and countered by benign aliens today. Hundreds of attempts have been made to dirty nuke US cities so as to effect Martial Law. And of course, this material was smuggled into Iraq by US black ops, who died trying to plant it, a matter of record, the radiation sickness in troops and CIA ops, confessing in Germany on their death beds. The nukes, however, disappeared. Let us say this 1991 incident was only one of many where nukes were secured for these kinds of games, and all have been countered. We have stated that we have kept Nancy out of the 911 arena so she can concentrate on her larger mission, the pole shift and Transformation agenda, and warning the populace and helping them realize what they can do to help themselves. There are heroes plenty in the 911 arena, Alex Jones and Rosie O'Donnell and a pack of scientists testifying away. It is clear there were insiders from the Bush family, Herbert clearly, Cheney in the know and doing what he could to facility the worst disaster, Israel involved in arranging 911 and Jewish bankers benefiting from insider information. These facts will continue to come out, but we prefer to keep Nancy out of the fray for the above reasons. Thanks for understanding.

Given that humans are not predominantly telepathic, how well do all the recent telepathic warnings given to people during sightings work?

Contactees will report that they understand what their alien counterparts are trying to say, and these counterparts seem to understand what they are saying or thinking. It is human to human telepathy that is not predominant in humans, only about 10% having any talent in this area, and most of these only on a few occasions in their life. Aliens volunteering a role in contacting humans who give the Call must be able to themselves, biologically, communicate with humans via telepathic brain wave activity. Those who cannot do so would hardly be suited for duty! Telepathy is a brain wave, attuned to the human brain in UFO broadcasting activities, and increased in power such that the human brain can hardly avoid the message. These waves are the same as used by the human brain itself! Thus, it is certain the populace got the message, but what they do with it is another matter.

Do the Zeta's have anything to say about the death of Hunter S. Thompson, who was being very public about Gannon-Gate, the sexual perversion mode of control, and 911.

Other than to confirm he was assassinated, as anyone looking into the matter can see for themselves, no comment. We have stated that pedophilia is a prime black-mail route, one feared immensely by those being black-mailed. It is no secret that pedophiles are in high levels in the Catholic church, in the Republican party, in the British government, etc. This is of record! Anyone with inside information and loose lips is done away with! Those reporting on the matter are outsiders, trying to sort out the fog of information, but insiders talking about what goes on, that's another matter, a threat!

I would like to know if Blair knows about Zeta's answers about him and Bush.

Both Bush and Cheney were members of MJ12. George Herbert got his son membership long before he became president, forseeing the joint executive branch of a President and VP, both members, as being powerful. Thus, they were both aware of Nancy and ZetaTalk, Cheney even talking to Nancy at one point after MJ12 committed suicide (to avoid misuse by Bush and Cheney), as we have reported in the past. Since the White House is aware of ZetaTalk, and follows it to take advantage of any advice or information being given to the public, Blair is likewise aware. There are spies aplenty on the message boards, and anyone with a high accuracy track record as we have, is unlikely to escape notice, in any case.

Given that the weather extremes are really starting to kick in and will continue to get worse per the Zetas, do they have any additional suggestions regarding food for concerned individuals and their famalies apart from what they have indicated about land, fish, crop trees, etc? Or is the advice "just get busy now" as the shortages are almost upon us?

We have stressed gardening, fishing, living in rural settings and getting used to doing without the trappings of modern civilization from the start. Do you know what bugs are good to eat, how to raise them on all the rot that will ensue from the pole shift? No? What are you waiting for! We have endlessly stated that people should not wait until the last to prepare, but do what they can as early as they can. There are of course people who cannot prepare, cannot move, as they have dependents or roles they have assumed in care of others. This is another matter, but if you are waiting for sure signs to be in the heavens, then you have waited too long.

I would expect the Puppet Master, who I expect is Jacob Rothschild, to be heavily Service-to-Self as the family's focus for centuries has been world enslavement. However, there has been a certain altruistic element of late, such as straightening out the 2006 elections and an interest in informing the populace about Earth Changes. Is this a "politics makes strange bedfellows" situation or does the Puppet Master have a good streak? John F. Kennedy also came from one of the 13 bloodlines of the Illuminati, according to certain reports, but he was about the most good-hearted president of the last fifty years.

Nancy is asked at least daily who the Puppet Master is, and replies in each case that this branch of the Rothchild family is not public, and any individual you can identify is not thus the Puppet Master. This is a family trust, and some family members have assets, like an allowance, to do as they wish with. Their spending money is small change, in other words! The true line in charge of the family assets went off the books decades ago, and could never be traced, nor are they even in the public records, anywhere. This is not a Service-to-Self bunch, and do not start wars for benefit. There is devil worship, satanic, in the Catholic church, in certain royalty lines, in cults, in some political parties, and there have been members of the Rothchild family who dabbled in these black arts likewise. The Bush family is heavily into these attempts to gain a leg up in human affairs. As we have stated, this type of Call to those in the Service-to-Self never results in a reward to the humans, only an inclination of the human soul toward Service-to-Self. The Puppet Master is more inclined to be Service-to-Other than undecided, and many close to him in the line to replace him as master are highly Service-to-Other.

Few questions, are Hybrids containing more human DNA or more Zeta DNA at this new time and is there a name to them, are they called, Humans? Other question is, will the hybrids be following a new path or is creativity still a force in one's self. ie: arts, woodworking, music, etc.

The hybrids, as ourselves, the full blood Zetas, do not have a name among ourselves, as we operate on telepathy and thus do not need names. We assign numbers during our operations, for genetic weaving, but do not use these numbers in personal interaction. We use the name Zetas only as humans insist in the main in some kind of an identifier. Likewise with the tern hybrids. The mix of DNA is so close to 50/50 as to be assumed that, but it depends on the aspect we wished to incorporate. In the matter of IQ, the DNA is predominantely Zeta. In the matter of sexual desire, predominately human.

Do the Zetas have any suggestions or guidelines on how to handle the information given in called-on-visions? By Called-On-Visions I mean visions received in a conscious or meditative state after one has opened their minds eye and requested communication of some kind. In what context should information from this process be taken?

We have detailed, in the Visitation section of ZetaTalk, the many ways contact is made. Face-to-face is one such contact, but soul-to-soul visitations are likewise done. In the latter, the contacteee cannot recall the visit, as his human flesh and brain matter have no record of the visit. Telepathy alone is another such means, which is similar to what Nancy is doing at the moment, typing away what she receives from us. Meditating is putting oneself into a state receptive for telepathic contact.

So this is the answer to the days of hard storming here in the Nordic countries. I just now came in from stargazing (1.30 am here) and the big dipper (karlavagnen) is roughly 90° off, toward the West. Its 90° off towards the West (left) from the expected position. This is just in a few weeks! Is the Earth "swaying" more roughly now than the slow figure 8. This is not the old figure 8 pattern. What´s up?

Yes, the wobble has gotten extreme. Nancy has been watching the live seismosgraphs and noted that since the Apr 1 Solomon quakes, they are almost constantly in a state of small to medium globals, daily. We have warmed that the wobble would get worse, and the erratic weather is a symptom of this. Land is dragged under the atmosphere, and there you have cold or heat where it is not expected! At present there is an intermittent lean to the West, such that the earth is attempting to lay side by side with Planet X which is approximately 140° along in pointing his N Pole away from the Sun. When this has progressed to 195°, the 3 days of darkness will ensue. But before this point, the side by side will stop and a lean to the left of the N Pole, away from Planet X's N Pole, will ensue. This will become extreme, hardly deniable, long before the 3 days of darkness arrive. But at present, the intermittent lean to the West is just that, intermittent, and yes people have recorded such constellations tipping 90° off from where they should be, temporarily, or appearing 45° or more in the sky around the horizon from where they should be. Then this matter rights itself in short order!

I've recently seen a film about John Lennon and what a threat he was to the Establishment at the time. Under CIA surveillance and intimidation by Immigration, it seems that he would have been a big target for assassination and that Mark David Chapman was possibly not acting alone. What were the true circumstances behind John Lennon's death? Were others involved in the incident and who are they?

Lennon has long been considered a case of assassination, and this is true. As with JFK, who seemed to be assassinated by Oswald alone, someone is put up as a front person, motivated and then blamed for all of it. Oswald thought he was doing what the CIA wanted, was told that as they were his handlers, and was killed quickly to silence him. Not all such arms are killed quickly to silence them, as this action brings suspicion. But the agent is motivated by threats, and fears a matter worse than death if they talk, so fall silent. They are truely used, in most cases, finding themselves in this situation after the fact, after the act. Since Lennon was hated by the US government, and was living in the US at the time, the type of black ops the CIA runs all over the world were used. Ignore the fact that the CIA is not supposed to operate in the US, this has never stopped them, and they operate on a need to know basis within the agency.

The TV show "Survivor" is always coming up with new twists on how they mix different groups of people, types of challenges, and constant twists to keep them guessing as to what comes next. Is this show some sort of experiment on how people will react in different survival circumstances? Is the producer Mark Burnett aware of the coming of Planet X?

We have mentioned in the past that these types of shows are indeed trying to prepare the populace for what is coming. No soft living, and all must pull their weight. There is also the aspect of deciding who will live or die! Expelling a member because they are argumentative or lazy, for instance. Does the producer know about Planet X? He knows that he has been asked to produce this show, the parameters, the agenda to present, is all. It is on a need to know basis, and as little as possible it passed on to those who effect these matters.

Just an observation. Here in League City just south of Houston our local weather forcasters claimed that the high today would be about 65 degrees. This pronouncement was made last night. Today the high in my area was aproximately 45 degrees. They were off of their forcast of less than one day by more than twenty degrees, (North of us for which the forcast was made, it was even colder).

These types of weather extremes, the sudden cold that has descended on the US for instance, and the inability of the forcasters to predict, is an example of the worseing wobble. Swede notices the Big Dipper out of place, and cold fronts behave in a manner the weatherman cannot predict! These facts go together. The wobble, the intermittent lean to the west, is forcing cold air over a land mass in a manner it has not experienced before. This is not air masses moving against each other, highs to low, the prevailing westerlies. This is a forced lurch!

Solar Radio Bursts Could Cripple GPS [Apr 4] Radio waves produced during solar flare eruptions on the Sun can cripple the Global Positioning System (GPS) and other communication technologies here on Earth. During solar flares, high-energy electrons are injected into the Sun's upper atmosphere. Radio waves are produced during this process and some of them propagate toward Earth. The solar radio waves, which cover a broad frequency range, act like noise that interferes with frequencies used by GPS and other navigational systems. On December 6, 2006, a solar flare created the most intense solar radio burst ever recorded. Using equipment built at Cornell University, scientists made the first quantitative measurements of how solar radio bursts affect GPS receivers. The scientists predict that larger solar radio bursts, expected during heightened periods of solar activity, called the solar maximum , will disrupt GPS receiver operations even further.

That such a blast of radio interference would occur during a solar minimum, a record amount of such interference, is absurd. We predicted at the start of ZetaTalk that the Sun would be blamed for many problem caused by the approach of Planet X. Planet X is a large magnet and is creating havoc with the Earth's magnetic field, along with occasional blackouts or brownouts in grid systems. Planet X is also interfering with the smooth flow of sub-atomic particles that flow into and out of the Sun at the Ecliptic, causing ruffling on the Sun's surface which man then points to with claims that what the Earth is experiencing if from the Sun. Will there be increasing problems with GPS systems? Of course this will occur, and has been occurring, as the Earth wobble will get worse, has been getting worse, and this puts satellites out of position! GPS operates by geosynchronous satellite [groupings], which are expected to be in a steady [reliable] state over a spot on the Earth's surface, thus able to respond to requests from Earth's surface as to their location vs a vs the satellite. So much for all those GPS receivers in telephones, in cars, and in use by the military! Worthless!

If Earth were "wobbling" as you claim, NO satelites would remain functional at all! [and from another] The system consists of a "constellation" of at least 24 satellites in 6 orbital planes. Each satellite circles the Earth twice every day at an altitude of 20,200 kilometres (12,600 miles). The satellites carry atomic clocks and constantly broadcast the precise time according to their own clock, along with administrative information including the orbital elements of their own motion, as determined by a set of ground-based observatories. The receiver does need to receive signals from four satellites in order to find its own latitude, longitude, elevation, and the precise time. The receiver can measure with high precision the differences between the times when the various messages were received. This yields 3 hyperboloids of revolution of two sheets, whose intersection point gives the precise location of the receiver. This is why at least four satellites are needed.

GPS sats [groupings] are geosynch, [act communally in a geosynch manner] so are 'off' pretty quickly, but the air mass moves with the Earth also during lurchs or wobbles, dragging the sats along. Geog synch sats [groupings] are much more sensitive to being displaced, unlike other types of sats which can be pointed to in the general direction, and still work. We predicted that satellite problems would become extreme prior to the pole shift, without given a date or time frame, and this has begun to prove true!

A Force lurch? Why are the oceans not lurching over the continents?

When the Earth moves, land masses move with it, although tugging at the magnetic points of the Earth cause stress on the plates boundaries. We have pointed out since 2003 that the 12 hour wobble displayed on the live seizmographs is caused by a gripping of the highly magnetized Atlantic Rift by Planet X at 0:00 and 12:00 UTC, attempting to hold this surface magnet in alignment with the magnetic field of Planet X. This tugging causes compression in the Pacific and stretching of the Atlantic. Where land moves when the globe is tipped as a whole to lie side by side with Planet X in its current alignment with the tight magnetic field of the Sun, water will secondarily move as a whole with the Earth. We have stated that during the pole shift, there will be ocean sloshing that will cause the oceans to move inland by 200 miles, to a height of 100 feet. Why is this not occurring now? The pole shift tidal waves do not suddenly arrive at that distance and height, they arrive because some hours have passed and the water on the move has progressed there. The lurch we have described as intermittent returns to a position where the water expects to be, and thus no steady flood tide occurs. Water grips the ocean floods, grips the coastlines, grips itself with surface tension, and this must be overcome by the weight of water wanting to move inland on one side of an ocean or another.