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ZetaTalk: GodlikeProduction Live
written September 1, 2007 on the GodlikeProduction live chat.

Is there anything about Senator Craig's arrest incident that media is not telling us, seems like a staged event to force him out of the office. If that's the case then is there a pattern emerging on crackdown of corrupted republican senators such as Alaska's Sen. Steven's house raid earlier this year, and the plane attack in Iraq two days ago?

There are more Republicans with matters to hide than Democrats, and those wanting a change in Washington will be using this type of material like water torture, done now and then, to demonstrate to those Republicans that if they do not vote as expected, they will be exposed. Who is exposing these Republican hypocrites? Formerly, these Republicans feared the Rove machine, but Rove used the threat without wasting a cooperative Republican in Congress. He wanted a Republican majority, not a public disgusted with Republicans. Thus individuals like Foley or DeLay were tolerated and protected. The shoe is on the other foot now, just as during the 2006 election when voter fraud techniques were used against the Republicans to correct their fraud, now blackmail techniques are being used against the Republican party. They are being told to forget their former masters, and start voting their conscience. They are being told to turn their backs on financial gain and start voting as their constituents want. Or else!

It looks like another rat has jumped ship. What exactly is behind Alberto Gonzales's resignation?

Bush has seen the group of insiders assembled around him when he took office after the 2000 elections diminish. One by one, they have been chased out in shame, at the center of some controversy. Rumsfeld, for the failure in Iraq and the Abu Ghraib torture scandal. Miers during the failed attempt to pack the Supreme Court with an unqualified Bushie. Rove due to continuing investigations into his involvement not only in the Plame affair but the firing of Attorney Generals for political reasons. And now Gonzales, a close friend of Bush, leaving while Congress is yapping at Gonzales' heels, demanding he reconcile his various stories. Aides have been leaving in droves too, desperate to be someplace other than the White House when the crimes they have been involved in come to light. No one wants to stay the course with Bush, who is viewed as someone with political leprosy at a minimum, or as someone who will be arrested for crimes more likely. Will this White House attract competent help, during its last months? Will there be a change in policy, more in accordance with law and less the lawbreaker?

The Bush supposed resiliency is misunderstood, as it is the rigidity of the weak, an inability to change course. Thus, even when losing on all fronts, he persists and insists on "staying the course". Iraq is lost, the surge an exercise in yet more failure, yet he will insist this be presented as a success when the September report is due. He has been caught at illegal wiretapping but has not stopped this activity even while bantering with Congress about changing the law. He has attempted to incite war with Iran numerous times and to declare martial law numerous times, always being blocked by either the US military or the federal agencies which are wise to his agenda and countering it, yet in his heart he holds out hope of achieving these goals, somehow. This is the mind of someone who is not connected with reality, as evidenced by his assertion that he speaks to God, and is acting in concert with God by doing what he has been doing. Go into the mental institutions and see how many of the patients, in their need to feel special and in control of their lives, declare the same!

Nancy, Has the earths axis tilted 26 degrees as claimed by some.
Happened in '05 or '06? Discussion at

It is apparent that this website is into disinformation. There are scarcely any documented instances of a tilt, and lots and lots of theory. A 49° tilt away from the Sun, steady state, would put the Sun in such an extreme position that the entire world would notice. This is an attempt to appear scientific and to get notoriety by getting a link from the Stan Deyo website, so as to desensitize the public to real documentation on the Earth wobble when it finally hits the press. Deyo has worked with the Navy in the past, which should tell you something. As with the mention of Planet X in the past, in all manner of context, every new rock found out beyond the solar system is being called "Planet X", the hope being to desensitize the public and to create confusion when the term is placed in a search engine. Deyo has revealed himself by espousing this website.

August '07 is officially over, and the current trimster has just begun, so we must be back to the wobble. I suppose this wobble will take a couple weeks to get going, so my question is: Will this current wobble be different from the previous wobble? Or will this wobble have relatively the same affect as the previous wobble? You, Nancy stated that the wobble from I believe March to August will be an extreme and to the right, then I believe the trimster from Aug to Dec will start leaning to the left, possibly a strong lean, am I correct on my assumption?

The lean to the right, to align with Planet X, was in place since last March, but indeed as the 270° roll of Planet X proceeds, the N Pole of Planet X pointing its hose of magnetic particles toward Earth, the lean to the left will start. The wobble will be different this time, as the Earth will attempt to do both, align with Planet X and lean away. This will cause a wider wobble, with even more severe weather following.

This I-40 bridge pier settlement over the Mississippi River sounds eerily similar to the Minneapolis bridge collapse. [and from another] I-40 Bridge Shutdown [Aug 27] The Tennessee Department of Transportation shut the bridge down Monday morning after noticing a support beam on the Arkansas side approach bridge sank 3 to 5 inches. Officials believe earthquake retrofitting on the bridge led to vibrations that caused the damage.

We have warned for over a year that bridges over the Mississippi would meet with problems as the diagonal torque imposed on the N American continent and the stretch along the east coast of the US and the St. Lawrence Seaway continued. The Seaway stretch brought the Minneapolis I-35 bridge down, but it was the pull along the east coast of the US that affected the footing under the Memphis I-40 bridge. From Florida to Pennsylvania, the land is being pulled down during the regular tugging and pushing by Planet X on the Earth's magnetic hot spots - the S Pole, the N Pole, and the Atlantic Rift. As the Atlantic Rift pulls apart, land along the edges loses support, and drops, pulling all attached land mass along with it to some degree.

We have explained that rivers lie along low points which are where the land within a plate has pulled apart, lacking support, and thus has dropped. Thus, the Mississippi is a low or weakly supported point on the N American continent, where rock layers have pulled apart and are thin. Such points spread readily when the stretch occurs. Rock layers are not homogeneous, dropping as a unit when stretched so that their layers pull apart. There are points where the rock layer resists being pulled apart, and points where they slide apart readily. Thus, during this stretch, for the rock layers on the Arkansas side of the Memphis bridge to settle, unevenly, is not surprising. For the cause of this piling to be settling because of "vibrations", as reported in the news, is outside of any prior experience with pilings, which are individually placed on rock.

The Chinese have been threatening the nuclear option, i.e. to dump all their dollar holdings. Could this happen, what would be the result and what could ultimately trigger it?

Bush is anticipating that the Puppet Master will weigh in and request that China not drop the bottom out of the dollar, which is indeed the case. Meanwhile, Bush antagonizes China by claiming their products are poisonous and the like. The varying safe or unsafe condition of China's products is nothing new, and nothing has changed over the years, so he is in essence admitting customs allowed these defective goods into the US in the past, looking the other way. Where is this leading? China will pinch Bush, dollarwise, refusing to buy US bonds and releasing enough dollars to distress the Bush administration. This will be the trend, but as we have repeatedly stated, when the last weeks arrive we anticipate the stock markets and banks will be operating, with no failure. Although the dollar might not be worth much, its buying power will be greatly diminished, and not many stocks will be selling at all. False value, for the dollar and stocks, will be the norm.

All your questions and replies are centred around the US. Are the Zetas interested in countries other than the US? Do they have any global issues they want to raise?

We, the Zetas, operate in the United States, even as other alien races have responsibility for other nations. Nancy is a lifelong resident in the United States. It is natural, therefore, that we are focused on the US. In addition, the US wields the largest military in the world, equivalent to all other militaries combined. Bush is attempting to take over the world, be king of the world, using this military which was taken by coup in 2000 by fraud. Thus, the entire world has an interest in US politics, which influence and control that military to some degree.

If one examines the website Nancy maintains, one finds 21 different languages, with translations of ZetaTalk and Troubled Times information into 21 different languages. A number of these have translated the entire website. Nancy supports these efforts. If one examines the Safe Locations information, the entire world is addressed, with equal weight and care. If one examines the UFO sightings, our responses to these in the videos that Nancy has developed, one finds the UK and China and S America addressed. We do not believe ourselves to be US-centric. This is the complaint of others who do not have a prophet, an emissary such as Nancy, in their native countries. This is your problem, not ours.

Recently in Spain there was a bombing that was imediately blamed on ETA, (the Basque seperatist organization). This bombing did not have the the earmarks of ETA however. It was pointed out that ETA usually calls ahead to warn of the bombing before it occurs. Not only did this not happen, supposedly, but they never took responsibility for the bombing at all. Could this be Spain's administration attempting the same as the Bush administration has attempted in the US?

Spain is not trying to pull a Bush maneuver. But Bush is trying to incite problems around the world, hoping matters tumble into his lap, allowing him to invoke martial law within the US. We have stated that most of the bombing in Iraq is caused by US and, in the past, by British agents. Bush likewise likes to punish countries that are not cooperating with him, and Spain is one such country.

There have been rumors of the NAFTA super highway opening today with trucks rolling across the border from Mexico already. Are these just rumors, or has this really begun? Also there are rumors here on GLP of printed and coined money, the Amero to be specific, being spotted. Have these really been coined and printed yet, or is this still just in the works? [and from another] Why are there not going to be any more road and highway contracts for the big and sub contract road company after the end of September? This has been reported by subcontractors around the country. They will be out of work . [and from another] Mexican truck pilot set for this weekend; Groups seek court injunction [Aug 20] Five groups in the U.S. have filed lawsuits seeking an emergency stay of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration's plan to proceed with the controversial Mexican truck pilot project as early as Labor Day weekend. The government agency intends to grant authority on Sept. 1 for Mexican trucks to drive beyond the 15-mile border zone throughout the entire United States. Congress recently voted to block the program until the DOT's Inspector General has finished the project. The IG has reportedly finished a preliminary audit, finding that the agency has improved the safety program, but a second report examining the data the FMCSA will use to monitor Mexican trucks has still not been released. That second report is expected by the end of the week. The Teamsters, along with the Sierra Club, Public Citizen, and the Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association have filed a request for an injunction against the FMCSA's plan to proceed.

Bush has ordered the NAFTA superhighway be opened, despite the edicts of Congress. This will stall, and not work out as Bush intends, which is to proceed as though there were no Congress, and no laws he had to acknowledge. The Amero has been printed, as has been openly acknowledged in the media at times. But this likewise will hardly proceed, as the public simply won't use a new coinage, and a new dollar, unless approved by Congress, and this is hardly going to occur. As to highway contracts being delayed, this is a change in plan, as Bush intended to have the superhighway get all the funding and attention. This matter of highway contracts being delayed will resolve shortly, to allow roads and freeways which need attention to be worked on rather than contractors being detoured to serve the desires of Bush.

Is it possible for The Awakening, when the presence of ET's is widely accepted, to happen before the pole shift?

We have stated that the Awakening will proceed as the locale can tolerate it. For those individuals ready to see a UFO or an alien body, in their conscious, sightings will occur. Likewise will happen for families, groups, communities, as they are ready. Not every person in a community need be ready for the community to have mass sightings. It is the degree of panic, the degree of rejection, that is the concern. Contactees, or those embracing the concept, should not be attacked or punished for their readiness. Some countries will move ahead rapidly, others lag behind. When the pole shift occurs, when for many the world is essentially upside down, their lives turned upside down, they can be approached by ET's and not react in shock or horror, especially if the ETs appear to be trying to help them. This is a good way to break the ice, and will be utilized extensively in many parts of the globe.

Bushies have 16 months or so left. So , it appears that he will make it until Hilary Clinton is sworn in. It has been predicted that she will win - and I am not asking about her - because I know she will. My question is: Will Bush and Co. really let go of their power to allow Mrs. Clinton to take over? Or will they plunge us into Martial Law to thwart that?

Bush has been attempting to declare martial law and invade Iran all along, numerous times. It is not for lack of desire on his part! We have stated that the Bush administration can end in one of 3 ways.

  1. by arrest by the contingent who have been documenting the White House crimes and would arrest the lot at once, depending upon trigger events.
  2. by assassination, in which case Bush and Cheney would be dealt with at once, one perhaps dead of a heart attack and the other going insane, so that Pelosi could be in charge.
  3. the Bush presidency ending with the 2008 election and a Democrat put into the White House.

Assumptions about the ultimate Democratic choice should not be made as they would likely be very, very wrong!

Some discussion of the Puppet Master and his power in the GLP forum this week. How much of a prisoner is the Puppet Master to his position, his family, and the tradition of the secret office he holds. Can the family board unseat him if he was found to be unfit? Suppose he just up and decided to hold a press conference and spill the beans - of course he won't - but could he even do it if he tried?

The Puppet Master is in no danger of losing his position, and there is no group that can vote him out. He holds his position by virtue of being the eldest son of an eldest son, etc.

-Mortgage crisis, economy teetering.
-US soldiers in Iraq increasingly frustrated.
-Full-steam-ahead on the AmeroUnion, it seems, today allowing the truck boarder crossings.
-Cheny to launch a media blitz after Labor Day to sell the new attack on Iran.
-Democrat Congress now less popular than the Administration, as they are viewed as having done nothing substantial to stop the madness.
-Bush, seemingly, as rightously self-justified as ever, and determined to stay the course, no matter who disagrees.
-Not to mention the earth changes!

It seems we are mere weeks, or days, away from some sort of breaking point, when the American public will be forced to wake up and demand accountability, and/or panic. My question: If the increasing earth changes are to make all of these other issues meaningless, doesn't that mean that the US can expect such catastrophic earth changes very, very soon? I mean very soon? (I know you can't give timelines. I'm just expressing my sense that we can't get much closer, without being in it.)

The general public has very little power to push matters. Elections are held and then the public must wait for years. Members of Congress know this, and only adapt to the public opinion as election day approaches. Bush has been trying his tactics steadily, and as with the Amero and superhighway deals, has met with frustration on all of his plots. Count them! Social Security scam, to give funds to Wall Street, lost. The immigration issue, where he was to have cheap labor for his slave labor camps, lost. Bombing or invading Iran, which has been pending, imminent, for over a year, not happening as the military refuses. The surge will likewise be lost for him, as he was forced to declare benchmarks which have not been met, and now the haggling over funds and cooperation of Congress will return. The breaking point is not around the corner, unless the public cannot eat, has no shelter, and is at the point of riot. The Earth changes will increase, but just when or how we will not say.

With regard to the Goldenball Crop Circle analysis: "Here there is a single magnetic field dominant, and a 90° tilt of the Earth as a result. There is another clue to the timing of the pole shift, as the Magnetic Trimesters are shown on this diagram. The pole shift happens when one of the trimesters is ending. This would be the end of December, or April, or August." Is the mark located opposite the 90-degree tilt indication important to decoding this crop circle? Could one interpret the entire circle as being one year? If so, would the 180 degree mark indicate a time of 6 months before the pole shift?

We have given you our interpretation of this crop circle. We have stated that the entire last weeks, from the severe lean to the left, 3 days of darkness, 6 days of sunrise west, rotation stoppage and pole shift, will occur within a 4 month period, within a magnetic trimester. Beyond this we are not interpreting this crop circle and this does not mean that your interpretation is correct.

Do benign aliens respond to The call when being asked by Service-to-Other humans for assistance in relocating to a safe location, and dealing with selling/buying a new house and finding a job for the time being?

We always recommend that those trying to sort out how the Call would be answered read the Call section of ZetaTalk. Read it thoroughly. There are a lot of examples in there. The bottom line is that if one is giving the Service-to-Other call, it is to help another, not to help the self. This can be confused, as if the father of a family is in distress about how they will fare, how the children will fare, how the wife will deal with her pregnancy, then his distress is not only for himself. The fact that he too might benefit from some advice does not mean it is considered a Service-to-Self call. You can answer your question easily by examining your motives. Be honest! Who is the center of your concerns? Most likely, it is you. Thus, this is not a Service-to-Other call and would not be answered by ourselves or our breathren in the Service-to-Other orientation. You would get a response from the Service-to-Self, and they lie. Their response would not be to help you, but to drive you into hopelessness in some way, as thus they reap more souls for their Service-to-Self orientation.

How did all of the astronomical events of the past week happen as predicted if the Earth is halted in its orbit?

  1. The lunar eclipse occured as predicted, and also allowed us a way to determine where the Earth is in its orbit. Because the eclipse is caused by the Moon passing through the shadow of the Earth, we can use the Moon's position at the time of the eclipse to determine where the Sun is (since it is the light of the Sun that is being blocked by the Earth).
  2. As predicted, the asteroid Vesta passed close (line of sight) to Jupiter during the week. That couldn't have happened if the Earth were not where it was predicted to be (if the Earth had halted, we wouldn't have been in position to see Vesta close to Jupiter)
  3. Last night, a prediction about a short duration meteor shower was shown to be correct. The prediction is based on our knowledge of gravity and comets, and the shower would not have occured if the Earth had been halted and wasn't were it should be.

The Earth has been halted in her orbit since December 2003, and thus any predictions on where comets or asteroids are located have been adjusted. During early 2004, comets whose track had been announced came early, and were not where expected. This is because the orbit of Earth had halted! We and our brothers have ensured that events like eclipses and the Earth's seasons occur as expected. We have explained many times that this is to avoid the manifestation of panic in the public, though it is not panic in the public that is the worry. It is panic in governments, which fear panic in the public, that is to be avoided. The concern is gunning down the public in the streets, for no reason, out of panic that these governments would lose control. Such is their mindset and many of them are on the razor's edge in this regard. It was not difficult to arrange a proper eclipse, especially as the Moon was full and a full moon is close to its expected position. Piece of cake, for aliens who can move planets if they wish.

Could man develop a way to tap into the Earth's electromagnetic field for an unlimited power source to survive more easily during the pole shift?

Man's technology will not increase to this level before the pole shift, and after the shift there is no hope of such development. Man will be trying to get his electrical devices to work, and failing at that. Then he will have larger worries, like lead poisoning from volcanic ash, lack of vitamins affecting his health, and starvation. Infections and toothaches, things he thought he would never have to worry about again will preoccupy him. New technologies will be the least of his worries.

Recently, Richard Boylan issued a statement that a remote viewer friend of his saw that the powers that be might be planning to stage a fake alien invasion event at some point in the future with some of the ship technology they acquired over the decades, as a pretext to declare martial law, probably because all of their other attempts to do so now failed. Do the Zetas see any validity to this claim?

We have stated that we would not address what others predict unless they have a track record of accuracy, but in that this has been a rumor and scam around for a very long time, we will address it. It is broad and deep. Mass invasion, a mass landing by supposed malevolent aliens as an excuse to declare martial law has been on the books of the New World Order crowd from the start. They also have dug bunkers that will collapse on them and flood, trapping them in watery tombs. They also planned to escape to Mars or the dark side of the Moon, with the help of Service-to-Self aliens who promised them help. When the actual fulfillment of their promise was demanded of the Service-to-Self, it was refused, as the Service-to-Self lie. This New World Order crowd expected Bush to succeed in Iraq, and then on to the Iranian and Saudi oil fields. Have they succeeded at this? A failure. A flop.

What would be involved in an alien invasion scam to succeed? First, one would have to have a White House trusted by the public. The Bush White House is considered by the majority of the public to be liars. Second, they would have to have control of the media to the extent that they could dictate the announcement. This was in fact tried recently, with an attempt to use the Emergency Action Notification network to announce martial law, which failed as it was blocked. The White House does not have any route to make such an announcement. Would Fox News cooperate? Do you think the public would buy the story, without video? All the stations would have to cooperate, else the public would be hearing other than the official story. Bush does not control the media. The Puppet Master has this control, and this is not his agenda to keep Bush in charge, to allow martial law so Bush can feel comfortable. Quite the opposite. If Stan Deyo, who is a physicist, has showed his hand by espousing a website that talks falsely about the Earth tilt, which is disinfo then Boylan has just put his stamp on disinfo too. Take note of who cooperates with the White House on these matters, and trust them no further!

Since UFOs are curved and basically the same in that time and atmosphere slip around them, why can't radar always relieably pick up on them? It seems that some UFOs can be picked up on radar and others can't.

We have stated that our motherships are hidden from view because we bend light rays, so the humans on the surface are seeing the clouds above the mothership, the view above the ship, and think nothing is there. We can bend whatever particle ray we choose, or not bend it if we want to be seen. For those instances where we want the public to "see" us, we fail to bend. If we wish to evade, become invisible, we bend. Simple as that.

Are the Zetas still 100 percent accurate, minus the understandable white lie in 2003?

Accuracy is to some extent in the eye of the beholder. Take the Mississippi bridge issue. Two bridges have had problems, one collapsing and pulling to the east as it did so, another having a piling on the west side of the Mississippi drop. Human engineers have no reasonable explanations for this, and both incidences are in accordance with our predictions. Those wishing to deny ZetaTalk accuracy will claim that the Memphis bridge did not collapse, or that the Minneapolis bridge was simply eaten away by pigeon poo. Claim anything but admit our accuracy. Thus such arguments can never be settled in the eyes of the debunkers, who are rigidly fearful that our predictions are true. Anything but admit accuracy. We have stated that except in the case of issues that are in the hands of man, such as the 2000 election where Gore in fact won, even in Florida, but did not assume the White House due to fraud by the hands of man, that our predictions are true. Most have not played out yet. Some are in process. Others are on record but would never be admitted by the debunkers.

Do we thank the Birthing Emissaries for having an Service-to-Other leaning Puppet Master at the controls?

The Council of Worlds is concerned that any 3rd Density world have balance between the two orientations, and Earth is at present termed a 3rd Density world, spiritually. A spiritually undecided fits the bill, especially as a highly Service-to-Other Puppet Master would not, could not, operate according to the trust requisites as his job requires. A highly Service-to-Self Puppet Master would throw the world off balance. But one who is undecided is balanced between both Service-to-Other and Service-to-Self. However, most undecideds lean toward the Service-to-Other, as 95% of all young souls move in that direction. Thus, this is not all that surprising.

Is the chip the to be inserted into humans the mark of the beast mentioned in the Bible? Will the governments be successful with installing them in any way? Is this device to be used for tracking would be slaves?

We have detailed some of the ways the Christian Bible or other religions' teachings have been twisted by those in the Service-to-Self over the years. What we call the Lift, an offer given to highly Service-to-Other individuals to save them from death or destruction during the hour of the pole shift, so they might continue afterwards in their Service-to-Other roles, has been twisted by the Church to mean the Rapture, whereby those religiously following rules laid down by the Service-to-Self will be saved!

Likewise confusion exists with the mark of the beast, something in the forehead of those so marked. Service-to-Other aliens use implants to find their contactees, energizing these implants which cause them to resonate in the nervous system of the contactee, and thus they are located. Service-to-Self aliens do not use such techniques, as we have explained, as they use a different means. Service-to-Self humans, those highly Service-to-Self enough to qualify, are almost perpetually angry. The world just does not line up to satisfy them the way they expect it to be. The Service-to-Self aliens follow the anger vibes, and lo, there is their contactee! This anger vibe, continuous, is the equivalent of the Call to the Service-to-Self, as the Service-to-Other use telepathy instead. Thus, the Church has twisted the use of these implants by the Service-to-Other to be considered the mark of the beast! As usual, black is white and white is black, when you are trying to deceive, which is what the Service-to-Self do.

Can the Zetas comment on if the people in the US Government who are blocking Bush know the reason for his odd behavior, Planet X coming to disrupt the world, and Bush trying to take advantage of it to be a king?

Most of the contingent blocking Bush are only aware of the deep fraud and lawbreaking that has occurred, and are horrified. Some are aware of Planet X, and many have heard the rumors. But at the basis of the cooperation among the contingent is horror as how the world's greatest democracy is being turned into a tool of dictatorship, with all respect for law thrown out the window.