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ZetaTalk: GodlikeProduction Live
written April 26, 2008 on the GodlikeProduction live chat.

I have been watching the storms emerging from the Gulf of Mexico for some time, and their forming has been of great interest to me. They seem to form from a "pinpoint" over the gulf region, and spread out from there, which looked like to me a sort of plume from the heating of gulf water, but from what? What I found were articles on a "new" type of volcano discovered in the Gulf of Mexico (2004) being loosely called asphalt volcanoes. Below is a sample of one. "While volcanism is common under the sea, nobody dreamed that in some places, vents erupt not lava but asphalt. That's what a 2003 research expedition found in the Gulf of Mexico on a seafloor hill the scientists named Chapopote, the Mexican Spanish name for tar. It's the world's first known asphalt volcano. There may be many more." Can the Zetas elaborate on this subject at all? Gulf of Mexico Volcanoes spewing asphalt.

Asphalt, or tar, is nothing more than a type of oil substance. Oil bubbles to the surface when the rock strata it is encased within become fractured or under pressure. The N American continent is under extreme stress at present, due to the diagonal pull that is being applied to it. For an asphalt volcano to emerge in the Gulf two things are required. The oil or tar pool needs to be close to magma and heated, and the pool needs to be put under pressure so that it spews upward toward the surface. The photo enclosed with this question shows a plume of moist air ascending from a point in the Gulf, and billowing over the southeast United States. Heat created the plume, from a vent in the Gulf.

The Urantia Book and the Bible's so-called Word of God explicitly mention that Jesus said, "All power in Heaven and Earth has been given to me" (Matthew 28:18), and (Jesus is) "..the way, the truth, and the life. No one can come to the Father except through me" (John 14:6). My question is for you to ask Zetas - how should we interpret the above statements? Multiple choice: a) Jesus actually said these things - both statements are terrestrially, ubiquitously, true statements that were/are meant for indigenous souls, b) He said them, however, for whatever reason(s), one or both of the above statements are somewhat not true; c) Above references are also intended for "other sheep," or some of Earth's incarnated star children within his universe jurisdiction who originated from other places also under his power and authority; d) 14:6 and 28:18 are intended for everybody born on Earth, now and for the next 10,000 years; e) The answer to this post lies in another biblical reference John 10:27; or, f) Humans will have to sort the veracity of 14:6 and 28:18 out for themselves!

First, mankind should not assume that what they read in the Bible is indeed what Jesus said. As we have detailed, Jesus and Muhammad and Buddha were all Star Children who came to Earth to advise mankind. Jesus took pains not to write down what he taught, but to repeat it so many times to masses of people that his message could not be distorted. He knew what was coming. Organized religion has as its agenda the enslavement of mankind. You are told to focus on something called sin, so you think less about empathy toward your fellow man. You are told to be concerned about all manner of rules, likewise meaningless but designed to reduce empathy as mankind will be too busy and concerned about all the rules. You are told failure to comply with the rules will damn you to eternal hell, where you will burn forever, but that those in the religious hierarchy can save you if you give them control over your thoughts, your lives, and certainly your sex drive. All this from a group of people who are pedophiles, in many cases, and getting rich from the funds they collect from their flocks. The Bible is certainly not the word of God, nor are the reports of statements made by Jesus correct, in almost all cases.

There have been some suggestions that possible food rationing programs in the USA may take the form of establishing a family baseline of food purchases by using so called "loyalty cards" and then only allowing families or individuals to purchase a certain percentage of that established baseline on a weekly basis. Can the zetas comment on this?

This logic has already been applied during the current rice shortage. Costco and Sam's customers were in many cases restricted to purchases that fit the pattern of their prior purchases. The problem with such a plan is that many families use multiple grocery outlets and not all outlets have customer records. Should such an announcement be made, some will suddenly shop like crazy to establish a high consumption record. Others will complain that they had stores at home during such a period and the records established for them do not reflect their needs, and thus they are starving. It is likely that a limit per customer shopping trip will be made, one loaf of bread, for instance, to force someone trying to stock up and hoard to make so many trips they will give up or be noticed as a perpetual shopper.

Now the republicans in North Carolina are attacking Obama even before he is the nominee. Clearly they are much more frightened of him than Hillary as the Zetas have stated in the past. Do we see the hand of Karl Rove in this move?

Rove is consulting with the Republicans and the fact that they prefer Hillary as the opponent is clear from their pundit commentary. Obama and the DNC are prepared for these attacks and knew they would click in at some point.

Many good hearted people seem to be misguided by fear and dogma and are led to support positions that are opposite of a true Service-to-Self orientation due to this distortion. This is particularly true in the political and religious arenas. Is wading through the distortions and lies just another part of our learning experience? It is extremely frustrating to be blocked by dogma and fear in conversing with these people.

There are two types of people who become dogmatic. The first are those who are leaning toward the Service-to-Self and desire a firm pecking order as they prefer to follow rigid rules and not deal with fairness issues that require getting in touch with feelings and emotions, which creep too close to empathy. The second are those who are immature souls and who listen to authoritarian statements rather than arguments with substance. During times of tension these tendencies only increase, and cannot be argued away. The Service-to-Self may try to take advantage of the situation to force dogma upon others, and the immature get more frantic as matters around them become chaotic. Thus, this is likely to get worse as we approach the time of the pole shift.

I noticed the Phoenix lights were making the same formation that's on this page [Milkhill, Jun 7, 2007 ] The Magnetic Trimester. Can you confirm they were making this formation? What was their purpose? A warning?

As we discussed in our answer to the Reno quake swarms, the bowing of the West Coast around California, which is forcing adjustments inland in Reno and around Salt Lake City just like last year in the Utah mine disaster, will have further implications for lands forced to fracture as the bow tightens. The Hoover Dam, as we have explained, will not hold. Look at the location of this dam and the lands around it, and follow the logic we have explained about weak rock to the east of hard rock. The residents of Phoenix are being warned!

I have a question for the Zetas should they care to respond, and it has to do with an article from the July 9, 2007 edition of the New Scientist ezine The article states that instead of previous estimates that there were 300,000 underwater volcanic cones, the reality is that the number is actually closer to 3,000,000 and that as many as 39,000 rise to a level of over 3,000 feet above the seabed floor. Yikes! My question is, could it be that estimates were far too low because previous seabed surveys were done before the commencement of what the Zetas have termed the "roiling of the earth's core" or could this be a not so subtle message from the powers that be about what's really causing "climate change" or could it be both?

Man is only now becoming aware of the number of volcanic outlets as they are indeed heating up and spewing forth in some manner so are able to be detected. The larger number is, of course, an estimate based on a careful count in a small area, extrapolated to larger areas. They have not actually counted 3 million undersea volcanoes. Scientists are overwhelmed these days with the changing environment. The weatherman can no longer predict based on the parameters used over the decades. Global Warming advocates are dismayed at sudden global cooling. Climatologists are at a loss to explain the drought and deluge swings that are occurring. Unless they are informed or have deduced the real cause of all of this - the presence of Planet X in the Earth's near vicinity - they are driven to merely report their observations.

I have a second question regarding an article in a recent issue of Business Week online ezine called "The Greenland Lake Mystery" The articles' expressed concern is that this lubricating could hasten the melting of the glaciers. My question to the Zetas, should they care to entertain it, is could this lubricating in fact precipitate a sudden breaking off of a huge chunk of the Greenland ice sheet, say perhaps a volume of ice measured in cubic kilometers, which, if it were to slide off the bedrock into the north Atlantic, instantly cause sea levels around the world to rise instantly and, catastrophically?

Such sudden change in ice sheets is occurring regularly in Antarctica, in those sheets that extend out over the sea water and thus have no friction to deal with. The ice under Greenland has rock to contend with, and thus moves in fits and starts, being halted when another rock outcropping blocks the slide. We predict that the rise in sea water will happen gradually, and that tidal action will be the likely cause of panic along coastlines.

I'm wondering what will happen to people in jail during the pole shift. I know that most people in jail are Service-to-Self but what about those who are Service-to-Other, the ones who were just at the wrong place at the wrong time. Will you save those people even though they are in jail? What about the Service-to-Self people in jail who spend life there and finally realize after aging that they have taken the wrong path and switch to Service-to-Other, will they be saved too? A lot of people there have mental problems and were never given a fair chance at life in the first place, so my question is, is jail full of mostly sts souls or just people who haven't decided and were not raised properly and didn't have loving parents.

As we have explained, Earth is a schoolhouse where incarnated souls get a change to take action, thus sorting out their spiritual orientation - Service-to-Other or Service-to-Self. Humans thus should not anticipate being saved, which is a Biblical reference to having someone other than the self taking action. You are to save yourself by taking action to help others. Jails can indeed house the innocent as well as the unscrupulous, but this is true of life outside of jails also.

I have had a lot of dreams where I visit friends and it gets romantic if you know what I mean. Is it possible for two people who are romantically into each other to visit each other during their sleep? I remember the feeling and touch and it always seems too real to be just a dream.

During sleep the body is in alpha brain wave state, which is conducive to telepathy. Indeed, individuals who are attuned to each other often communicate during sleep, and the mind deals with the conversation as dreams.

Can the zetas address what happened in Pennsylvania? Was it due more to latent racism, a higher degree of ignorance, more resistance to change, a 'last gasp' by the Diebold thieves, or something else? The polls showed Hillary's lead narrowing, so the result seems puzzling.

The polls going into the Pennsylvania primary had almost a 10% undecided category. In that the state was tailored to Clinton's electorate - older people and working class whites - she had an extreme advantage. Pennsylvania is a state that traditionally votes legacy - for those with name familiarity such as the Clintons hold. Clinton also had the Democratic machine with her - the governor and the Philadelphia mayor, a black man. The Pennsylvania primary was closed to independents, which Obama attracts in great numbers. Thus the fact that she only won by 9.2 % is astonishing. There was no election fraud that was not countered.

If I understand corrctly, the re-population of Earth has taken generations on both human and Zeta sides of evolution. The Zetas and other aliens have been involved in human interactions for quite a while, and of course have children of their own. So what do your kids do when they find they are orbiting a planet soon to be their (and the hybrid's) home? Do they take off in a ship (as teenagers here would with car keys) to "check out" this new planet, people and places? I understand that telepahty is natural, so I can only assume that this type of behavior isn't possible. Or is it? How could I know if not by asking? How do they feel about their Eath as their new home or is it just one of many?

We watch in horror as the current inhabitants pollute and destroy the Earth's ecosystem. Humans on Earth are allowed to live out their lives before being taken to their new homes - either "prison planets" in the case of those with Service-to-Self souls or a water planet in the case of the undecided. Ourselves and our hybrids are incarnated with Service-to-Other souls, and thus our culture is not at all what you in your mixed setting expect. Our teenagers are as responsible as we are, and hard at work for the betterment of all.

There is a new crop circle in England. Is it legit? If so, can the Z's say what it means?

This is a legitimate circle, and is speaking to the subconscious of man regarding the effect of rotation on planets and their atmospheres and moons - in effect on all that a rotation drags around with it. The Earth is currently experiencing a wobble that has many unaware of the presence of Planet X puzzled. They see the errant location of the Sun and Moon at times, and are getting no answers from the establishment. Such a wobble forces air over Europe, causing fierce storms. It creates weather extremes for N America - cold and warm temperature extremes. If a normal steady rotation would have the clouds or prevailing westerlies dragging behind the turning Earth, then what is causing these extremes? This crop circle is intended to make mankind wonder, and notice the extremes.

Will there be any changes or problems in Florida? If so, south, north, central, and/or east and west coast?

Florida will be under water during the pole shift, and will have extreme problems with tides prior to this time.

During a meditation group setting a few years ago,we had numerous visits from non-human looking entities during "face over" work.
Was this just random visits from other beings, kinda like moths drawn to a light, or were they trying to make a more long lasting arrangment, for communication?

Meditation, done properly where the body is relaxed and the mind freed of distracting thoughts, inclines the mind toward a telepathic state. It puts one into the alpha brain wave state. What a group in such a state might communicate to each other has a variety of possibilities. We would suggest attempting to discover who in the group was in communication for your answer as to their agenda. Beyond that, this is a personal question and we decline to answer.

I notice Hillary seems to be doing better. Are people starting to lean more towards her than Obama? Will it make a difference? I'm weary of all this squabbling.

Hillary won Pennsylvania as she was expected to do. The next contests will be different. She will not and cannot change the delegate math, no mater how she spins it, and the super delegates and party elders are not being fooled. Even including Florida and Michigan, where contests did not occur, she does not gain the popular vote. Caucus states should have their popular vote included in such a tally, though she excludes them dismissively. Her debts are greater than her contributions, far greater, and the situation becoming more grim by the minute. Look to the body language to see who is winning or losing, as it is an indication of what is going on behind the scenes.

Zetas take on General Petratus replacing Admiral Fallon. Will he be Central Command?

Clearly the White House is attempting to force a confrontation with Iran before the clock runs out on Bush's term. Our understanding of the forces countering such a war move is that such maneuvers will hardly succeed. We will not detail our understanding, else these sleeper cells countering the White House plans might be exposed.

Those who believe themselves to be contactees, who have previously given 'the Call' and it has been answered, if they are left with no memory of the event, except perhaps very vivid dreams, are there any other signs to be aware of?

Nancy has compiled, in the Visitation section of the ZetaTalk website, all prior answers that addressed such questions. There are many signs, other than scars and missing time. Explore this section and return if your question is still not answered.