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ZetaTalk: Planet X Personas
written Nov 16, 2003

As has endlessly been discussed during the course of the Planet X viewing seasons, star light is light that has arrived straight from the source, but red light tends to bend toward gravity readily. The fact that red light is different is admitted by the Red Shift phenomena, whereby a stellar object is seen differently, based supposedly on a delay in the light reaching the viewer. One is either rushing into or away from the source of the red light, thus a difference in intensity. Star light does not have this problem, but is presumably likewise delayed, so red light is different. Beyond this scientific admission is what the common man sees, the just rising or setting Sun fat and huge on the horizon amid the orange light spectrum bending around the globe, the first and last light to be seen from the Sun. Water can refract light, rainbows are evidence that the atmosphere can bend light depending upon its wave length, yet to argue that red light bends more readily, and that the red light spectrum is huge, brings screams from establishment scientists sent out to disprove and discredit ZetaTalk.

Imagine a rainbow, in space, the spread of the light across a distance based on its tendency to go straight or bend in this or that direction based on this or that influence. For the sake of simplicity, we will avoid assigning spectrums and naming influences. Does man even know the reasons a rainbow spreads in the manner it does, and what influence the atmosphere has on light to effect this? To state that this is water vapor in the atmosphere is simplistic, as this would cause a mini-rainbow at the side of each raindrop, an effect that would cancel out the resulting visible rainbow in the sky. Light bends, differently, based on influences upon the various particles that compose light. Why then would the light form into personas, mostly round, on this or that side of the Sun? A rainbow spreads into a bow, refracted light bends simply to the side, so why a round object? The obvious answer is that the object it is coming from is round, just as your foot when viewed in water retains its shape, though appearing bent to the side.

Monster Sun
The Monster Sun is light that has moved in all directions, bent back toward Earth by the gravity trap it represents, from a broad area, so when arriving at the viewer represents a broad orb. The Monster, or Mega-Monster as Nancy likes to call it at times, has also been seen recently by naked eye, astonishing the viewers. This is of course not the actual size of Planet X, and because the light forming the Monster is so readily disbursed, it is a dim persona, always.
Second Sun
The Red Persona, which creates an Occulted Sun when close to the Sun or a Second Sun when separate, is the bulk of red light from Planet X, which has bent toward the Sun aggressively and thus appears close to the Sun on all occasions. This persona is formed from light that took a boomerang path, moving toward the Sun but diverted almost directly toward the Earth. It moves aggressively toward the strongest gravity field in the immediate vicinity. Why would it head for the Sun and then be diverted, as the Sun is surely the strongest pull? Planet X is riding somewhere between the Earth and Sun, and thus the light from the Red Persona has choice, and moves toward Earth when emerging from Planet X on the blocked side of Planet X, thus is already headed toward Earth. It bends toward the Sun somewhat, but has not made the turnaround toward the Sun before arriving at the viewer.
Surround Personas
These cluster closely around the Sun, are represented in crop circles recently placed in Ohio soybean fields, and are light emerging from moon swirls. The dust cloud captures and disburses sunlight like fog in front of a street light, but to a greater extent as the sunlight is intense, and the dust cloud immense and stretching for long distances toward the Earth. Light normally lost is bounced back and forth in the dust that clusters around moon swirls, so the light arrives as though from a tunnel, to the viewer. In filtered photography, these Surround Personas can be discerned as round, but to the naked eye, the sun is just intensely bright, the glare increased.
White Persona
This persona, considered during the Fall 2002 CCD Imaging season to be the true size and location of Planet X, turned out to be pink when color photography replaced the black and white CCD Images. It appears small, pink or a small white orb surrounded by a pink dust cloud, and visible only when at some distance from the Sun. When close to the Sun, it gets lost in the glare. The exact location of Planet X in the inner solar system can be discerned by a careful study of photo images of this White Persona, from various spots on the globe, particularly at near-polar latitudes, noting the date and time stamp.