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ZetaTalk: GodlikeProduction Live
written July 19, 2008 on the GodlikeProduction live chat.

Could you and the Zetas comment on the recent crop circles (7/15 and 7/17). One of the 7/15 crop circles appears to show the planetary positions as of 12.21.2012. Since the Zetas have stated that the passage of planet X and the resulting pole shift will occur before 12/21/2012, does this imply that there will be a second very significant event 12/21/2012? [and from another] July 16, 2008. At Avebury Manor on July 15, 2008, all nine planets appear there precisely as they will be located in space four and one-half years from now on December 23, 2012, with one exception. [and from another] 2012 Puto is way wrong. Pluto's orbit is clearly shown as there is a point where it crosses Neptune's orbit, and this matches the website diagram precisely. It is the ONE thing that is precise about this - Pluto's orbit cross of Neptune's orbit.

Those who say that this represents the precise location of the planets at the presumed Dec 21, 2012 Mayan calendar end date must explain Pluto. The planets line up in their artificially symetrical and perfectly spaced orbits except for Pluto. If there were to be consistency in this diagram, then why not make Pluto's orbit a perfect circle too? It is illogical for all other orbits to be a set space apart and a perfect circle, but for the circle makers to insist that Pluto's orbit be appropriately lopsided and cross over into Neptune's orbit. If you were a circle maker and wished to relay the message that the determination for the end of the Mayan calendar was wrong, how would you go about it?

This circle clearly states that there is "something wrong" with the December 21, 2012 date assumption. The Sun was laid with a clockwise swirl, contrary to its actual rotation direction. This is saying "push back in time", that the date of the pole shift will come before December 21, 2012, a point we have been consistently making.

Can the Zetas comment on the supposed plot against Bush 3 in Israel this past week?

Israel is trying to insert into the public's mind that visiting the country, or visiting neighboring countries such as Jordan, or certainly that attempting to visit Palestinians - is dangerous. Their short message is that Obama could be shot down and killed. Why have they not sent this message before, during McCain's visits for instance, or during Bush visits? Because Israel, specifically the Zionists, desperately want McCain to win, so they can control the US government. They of course have plots to have Obama meet with an accident, and of course they will not succeed. You will note that the plot "revealed" once again has at its center schoolboys, as with other such plots revealed in the US. Hardly a threat.

Does obama realize the help he has been getting or is he being kept purposely unaware? From his initial run in Chicago, his senate run where circumstances helped to get him elected, up through and including running against unpalatable choices like Hillary and McCain, the way has been cleared for him. This is not to say that he is not extremely smart, dynamic and inspiring as obviously he is. It is just that for a little known, uncorruptable outsider to suddenly rise up to the top of our corruption drenched political process requires some major assistance, which he has obviously gotten.

We have mentioned that Obama is a Star Child. Most Star Children operate alone or in concert with others from their world with whom they feel a kinship. Thus, several Star Children from the same world may be incarnated on Earth nearby each other, and find and work with each other during their lifetimes. In Obama's case, since his mission was so ambitious, he had this and more. There are many spirits supporting his efforts, both incarnated and disincarnate.

Why did the communes of the sixties and seventies fall apart? Was it just that not all residents were mature Service-to-Other souls?

Yes. See our comments on Communism.

Can Zeta read mind of animal?

Telepathy can cross species, which is why pets are so attuned to their master's movements and intentions. The dog is at the door long before the master's car turns onto the street. Telepathy within the animal kingdom is quite prevalent, more so than within the human species. During visitations to other worlds, telepathy often needs to be enhanced between intelligent species, depending upon the structure of the brains and the consequent brain wave that is operant. Thus, for us, the Zetas, to read the minds of animals on Earth is no more difficult than to read the minds of many other intelligent cultures we have visited. The short answer, therefore, is "yes".

Can you tell me please, the decoding of the crop circles follow a common standard? Or is evry circle subject to free interpretation? If there is no standard, how can the creators, if they are higher beings, to be sure that we understand these circles, which some of them are so beautiful.

There is more than just chance in the interpretation of crop circles. The symbolism could be taken in so many different ways, particularly by different cultures. We have mentioned that giving the Call is sensed via telepathy, as we have our "antenna" out constantly, so to speak, and sense when a human is curious or requesting counsel. Likewise, the circle makers have their "antenna" out and attuned to those who are viewing their designs and curious about their designs. Communicating the meaning of the designs does not require a face-to-face visit. It can involve a telepathic communication at a distance, or a soul-to-soul visitation up close. Thus, humans are being told what they mean, and registering this in their subconscious.

About the other team of Zeta channelers I was in contact with who claim different things than you. This is what three of them said lately about you regarding the subject of Bush clones: The first one said: "Nancy needs to uphold a certain status amongst the public and her job is to create havok when necessary in order to provoke reaction and response because that is what draws a crowd!" Another one said: "Doesn't it strike anyone how Nancy always says that unless someone has a track record for getting predictions right then they are not to be trusted. Who said channeling has anything to do with predictions? And she always uses the same argument. Hmmm something to ponder." Yet another claims your statement about Bush clones is rubbish, said: "What I am pointing out is, the public perception of what they hear, the fact that they just blindly swallow what is patently some ridiculous notions, simply because they are 'told' by Nancy." Both sides can t be right just because they claim opposite things. I'd like to hear your comments on all this.

Why should you believe anything these individuals say? If you retort that the same could be said of ZetaTalk, we point to our prediction accuracy track record. Do these others have any validity outside of their self-promotion?

The recent 6.8 earthquake in Japan followed some hours later by a 6.8 Santa Cruz Islands region. I have this theory on a "ping pong effect" that when a big enough quake hits somewhere that it will "ping pong" to another part of the world and be around the same strength.

We have mentioned that the Earth plates have loosened up, so that they can slide against each other more readily and slide further than before since the rock fingers that caused the fault lines to cling to each other have been broken off. We have also mentioned that quakes have started to increase in magnitude and frequency almost exponentially. Based on this, why should it be surprising that a major adjustment somewhere in the Pacific has repercussions elsewhere around the Pacific Rim?

I was wondering why Earth is so important to be saved from this Planet X and its effects. Aren't there billions of other planets in the universe? However, I am happy that we are going to be helped.

You are not about to be "saved". We and other visitors are here to warn you so that you can take the opportunity to help others, and thereby grow spiritually. This is your opportunity, so take it!

This video is a "How To video" for locating Planet X via the Microsoft Online Telescope. Thanks to mnemeth1 and the online Microsoft Telescope; you too can find our other little dwarf star in our binary star system. Is this what they are saying ?

This is certainly not our YouTube presentation, nor do we espouse it. This silly presentation tells you to look to a static place in the sky, regardless of date. Since this static RA and Dec would [not focus on a moving object] it should be obvious to even those slightly familiar with looking to the heavens for celestial bodies that this is a fraud.

Are the majority of Democratic senators now aware of the pending passage, or have they been sold a bill of goods by the cabal? Do they have a plan for after the election, or is their PR just bad? And isn't Gore also guilty of continuing the coverup with "Global Warming" though he sounded a "wake-up call" the other day? Does T. Boone Pickens know and that's why he's making these expensive commercials, promising a plan that will "get us out of this"?

One way to look at what Gore and Pickens are up to is that they both are encouraging a switch from carbon based energy to alternative energy like windmills. This is what mankind will be dealing with shortly, i.e. after the pole shift - the necessity of utilizing the wind for electricity. We have been asked who is and who is not aware of the pending passage many times before, and the answer is the same. Few are, mostly those required to ensure that the cover-up continues. Most are not, though many may be hearing rumors.

I was thinking that in the Aftertime Service-to-Other humans are going to be living among hybrids who are much more intelligent and technologically advanced. My question is: how are these Service-to-Other humans going to be of any service? It sounds like they will most likely be a burden to these hybrids. What will be their daily responsibility to the community? I just really can't imagine it.

What do you think Service-to-Others is about? That we reject those who become crippled because they can no longer be of use? In such communities, all volunteer to do what they can for the general welfare, according to their skills and desires. All cooperate with each other. None are thrown aside for being useless. That philosophy is one that the Service-to-Self might understand, but it is not our philosophy.

Was the Hale-Bopp comet really just a distant star?

It was many things, all to be a distraction. A distraction was needed because we were pointing toward Orion and giving the coordinates for when and where the Planet X complex would appear in the sky. Via the NEAT program, whereby NASA finds asteroids in the sky and tracks them, they located a comet before it was outgassing. Plotting where it would appear in the skies when it did start outgassing and thus be visible to amateurs on Earth, they also plotted back to where it might be found at an earlier date and located a convenient nova along this path. This was what was pointed to at first, which is why Hale-Bopp appeared to outgas at first farther out beyond where comets ever do outgass. The pretend Hale-Bopp stopped outgassing for awhile, supposedly, but then started again. The restart was when the real Hale-Bopp comet was truly outgassing in the skies. So many anomalies were associated with Hale-Bopp that any but a cover-up artist or an ignoramus now believes this was a comet in the early days. Nancy has documented these issues, by date, and we suggest you check out this link.

In this week's political news, Obama and his wife were depicted on the cover of the New Yorker magazine as Islamic terrorists. Am I correct in believing this cartoon was much more than so-called "satire," that it was an orchestrated attempt to punish Obama for not being more of a warmonger? It seems that much of the so-called "Manhattan elite" are very uncomfortable about the idea of a president who would pursue a balanced policy in the Middle East based on diplomacy for a change.

Can you imagine a similar comic about McCain? The Manchurian Candidate, as many speculate? It would not be allowed! Beyond those who wish for McCain or pine for Hillary to be the new president because they are maleable toward supporting Israel's plans, there are those simply uncomfortable with an African-American achieving this ascendancy.

What about yesterday's crane collapse in Houston? 4 dead, 7 Injured in Houston Crane Collapse [Jul 18] One of the nation's largest mobile cranes collapsed at a Houston oil refinery Friday, killing four workers and injuring seven others in the latest of fatal accidents that have raised concerns about crane construction safety.

As we mentioned recently after two NYC and a Wyoming collapse, this is caused by the swaying of the Earth during the wobble. This recent crane collapse is just another example.

Do the zetas have much empathy for us, when they have to confuse us in order to confuse the PTB? Do they know how frustrating it is to hear them say things will become exponentially worse, and that the tornadoes will get worse, etc, but then everything seems to settle down again? Less exponential, more like "two steps forward, one step back"? I mean, I don't want the comforts of the present to end, but I hate having to think I wish for the New Madrid to just rip and let's get on with it. Can the Zetas relate?

Your impatience is not what is the driving force here. Grow up. Do you think your impatience drives the weather, the average lifespan of a citizen of your country, or the price of beer?

John McCain recently announced this week that he expects a possible terrorist attack during or before the November elections. I suspect that this is another terror wish from his campaign. Is it possible that he actually is working to create a terrorist attack in an attempt to steal the election or at least desiring that this occurs? Also the campaign shakeup of his campaign this month where a close friend of Karl Rove has been given full superiority to manage his campaign. Is this is a sign of voter fraud in the works and is John McCain advocating this?

John McCain has been reassured that things will "fall into place" for him as the date of the general election approaches. There have been implications that Obama will be killed, just as there were such similar hints given to Hillary during the primary campaign. The same people who have enjoyed having Bush in power want either Hillary or McCain in power, as they are maleable. They are working overtime to destroy the Obama campaign, but will not succeed. Just as the 2006 elections had oversight such that election fraud by the Republicans did not occur, the forthcoming elections will have such oversight and prevent a fraudulent McCain win. In the past, such matters as blowing up mosques, the Golden Mosque for instance, was done by the US in order to try to incite violence. This time, such maneuvers will not work. But McCain and his handlers are told otherwise, are assured that "things are in the works", just as Hillary received such assurances.

The Rev. Jesse Jackson. What are his intentions by attacking Obama? He seems to be an angry indivdual. What is his orientation? Jackson used N-word in off-air remarks. Civil rights leader already came under fire this month for crude comments.

We have often warned that judging a Service-to-Other or Service-to-Self individual is not a simple matter. The public face is easily dressed for pretence. Jackson is clearly enraged at being displaced, and he was not invited by Obama to be part of his campaign for a reason. Obama sensed that his grandstanding about what the black people were "owed" by whites would be death to his campaign, and avoided this approach. Thus, Jackson was excluded, where he was formerly considered a black candidate for the presidency and the center of attention. You are witnessing a temper tantrum, which is a sign of immaturity - an immature soul, an undecided soul.

How come mediums, psychics and those similarily gifted when reading into the future cannot see the happenings of destruction due to economic collapse and Planet X? Or do they not communicate this to others?

Mediums are speaking to spirits, who are not all wise or knowledgeable and often most concerned with a past life they have recently exited. Psychics are primarily telepaths in touch with other humans, often projecting likely future events based on common sense. Neither of these information conduits guarantee knowledge of Planet X and the pending passage or an insider's knowledge of the economy.

Can then Zetas tell us what causing this? "Dead penguins wash ashore in Brazil. July 19, 2008 Penguins rescued off the coast of Rio de Janeiro by the Brazilian Coast Guard are seen at the Niteroi Zoo in Rio de Janeiro, Friday, July 18, 2008. According to officials, over 400 baby penguins have been found dead on the state's shores over the past two months. While large numbers of penguins arrive on Rio de Janeiro's beaches every year, swept to sea by strong ocean currents from the Strait of Magellan, this year is seeing higher numbers and more dead penguins than usual."

Antarctica is melting, with the usual nesting grounds affected. Parents die, the young attempt to leave the nest early, and havoc ensures.

This summer has been extremely dry, hot, and humid for the front range of Colorado. Much like you would experience on the coast. Is this the weather extremes caused by the wobble that the Zetas spoke of or is this or new weather for the area?

Yes. Wobble related. The US is first pushed under the air mass that sits on the West Coast, and then is pushed under the air mass that sits on the East Coast. Both carry more humidity than inland in the southwest. Thus, the air is mixed, and becomes more humid.

Should Americans expect a sudden decline in the dollar, or a closure of banks, or will these factors happen slowly over time? To reiterate, will the economic system be in a slow decline, or will it be filled with sudden shocks such as national regulations on withdrawals?

This is in the hands of man, but we have predicted that a freeze on banking services and limited services is likely to occur at some point. The establishment would prefer not to make such a move, so just when and IF they get pressured into this is uncertain. These activities are in the hands of man.

Will there be any more "Earth farts" such as the stench that filled NYC a year or two ago? Will the pole shift be preceded by many multiple Earth farts in quick secession?

Earth changes often occur in spurts and then seem to pause, not because the pace of change has paused but because the setting has changed. Earth farts are caused by the release of methane gas that has been trapped between rock layers, when these layers are pulled apart. In the past, there have been dramatic days when an entire continent was affected, here and there. Why did this stop? Because vulnerable layers of rock moved as far as they could, and then encountered a barrier. This barrier will be removed at some point, when the pressure on the rock layers increases, and Earth farts will return. This will also be the case with derailing trains, which seem to occur in spurts, or landslides. A pause is not an end point.

When souls move in to the 4'th Density do they still get guides? Or is this just something done for early souls?

We, the Zetas, are in 4th Density and we have guides who are from a higher density.

Here's more crane collapsing. "Crane collapse kills seven at Vietnam port - July 15" Will the crane industry ever figure out that the Earth wobble is affecting their cranes?

Until the insurance industry refuses to replace a crane or cover an accident, the industry will proceed as usual. As with insurance for those living in hurricane areas or flood plains, it is when the insurance industry refuses to cover damages that change is made.

Can you please comment on whether there is a connection to the arrival and influence of Planet X with vibrations being felt in the feet, increased pre-cognitive ability and being shaken awake with the message "Wake up, Worker 60"? Your help is greatly appreciated. I know this is happening to several people.

People who are contactees or in tune with what is called the "collective consciousness" often have knowledge but do not know to what to ascribe it to. They just know, for instance, that some horrific Earth changes are around the corner and that they, as caring people, will be called upon to help others. Often they find themselves preparing for survival communities all the while not knowing why they are doing this. Thus confused, it is normal to try to ascribe their feelings to something concrete, and may even go to the extent of imagining that concrete thing.

I was reading the old legends and I think there was one side effect no one has mentioned (besides waves, and fire). A good many survivors died not of the earthquake that rolled the planet over, but from sound. There is a spot in north Texas where the indians carved hieroglyphs in the stone wall descibing the event. It said those who survived were struck by the sound of the earth tearing loose from the core, and the sound was so loud across the planet that anyone not protected died. This is the force of sound precussion waves on a magnitude we've never experienced. Can the Zeta's tell us how to avoid this repeat?

Snapping rock is not quiet. It is likely those hearing such a sound did not die from sound waves but shock. Humans think of terra firma as solid ground beneath them. When it acts otherwise, heart attacks can ensue.

For many people it seems the impending doom is economic : A near Great Depression is developing. Is it coming? Should we prepare? Or it is just a soft recession?

The globe is actually in a depression, which will get worse. You are being told otherwise by media liars, who are quoting Bush administration liars. Other major countries are likewise frightened into saying otherwise as they know the real cause of the current economic problems are

  1. various disasters caused by Earth changes (such as the weather and increased earthquakes) or
  2. the Bush administration's flagrant attempts to dominate the oil fields before the pending pole shift and
  3. the Bush administration's go-for-broke tactics on running the US economy into the ground in order to finance their domination agenda.

Who will tell you the truth? The truth requires an admission of the presence of Planet X, and the pending passage. Thus, anything but the truth is told. It will only get worse.

Will this contribute to the conflagration of the surface? If so how hot do you estimate places rich in methane hydrate (Pacific areas, and the Gulf of Mexico areas)? Evidence in the Clovis record shows the whole continent burned once.

Wildfires are dependent upon fuel, which is either oil or coal fields open to the air or tinder dry forests and grasslands. To the extent that you live near either of these incendiaries, you are likely to be near fire.

I've been watching the skies at night for many months now and have observed the same very bright light that appears to be in the same place every night. Photos taken show it to appear like a huge searchlight but in different shapes each night. Is this a Fed Gov't spy satellite "watching" us all or a legitimate UFO? It does appear to move in a figure 8.

It could be a star or a geosync satellite. UFOs do not maintain such stationary patterns.

I have been looking at a world map, and if I read it correctly, India is about 80° east and 20° north. If India is going to be the new South Pole, then the new North Pole must be 100° west and 20° south, which puts the new North Pole adjacent to Easter Island. Thus Easter Island and India are the poles. Now, where I live in Maine, that puts me just north of the new equator, sort of a climate like Venezuela. Anyway, am I interpreting your statements correctly? Even before I ever heard of Zeta Talk, I thought the North Pole would move west, toward Siberia. I always felt present west would become the new north.

The Pacific shortens greatly, and the Atlantic widens greatly. Thus, the new poles are not on opposite sides of the globe currently. Nancy has depicted the new geography on a map on this page, and you can cut out the white and red parts and tape it together and actually get a tiny globe to view.