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ZetaTalk: GodlikeProduction Live
written January 31, 2009 on the GodlikeProduction live chat.

I live in Central Minnesota. On the news last night (and this past weekend in the local paper) there has been reporting of flocks of Robins that have not migrated south. On WCCO (10 pm news 12/26/09, "Good Question" ) (CBS out of MPLS/St paul) They had an extension worker theorize that the robins had stayed because there is food readily available. Of course I laughed loudly at this "opinion" and was interested soon after when the weather guy started explaining how we have had no January thaw this year (yet). This is the first time in 30 years! (I don't think the Robins stayed because we have an abundance of food out for them, statewide; I also believe had they been ABLE to fly south they surely would have vacated the 30 below zero temps we have been blessed with this year.) We are seeing Robins out in our WOODS and other family homesteads have them at their house too (not just in the Cities).

Migrating birds use a number of clues to guide them, among them the length of the day, the temperature, the availability of food, and many emanations from the core of the Earth that mankind has yet to become cognizant of. When the N Pole of Earth is tilted toward the Sun, these emanations journey away from the Sun and thus away from the surface of the Earth during what would be summer in the northern hemisphere, and the lack of these emanations clues the birds that summer is indeed holding court. When the N Pole is tilted away from the Sun during winter, there is an accumulation of these emanations, relative to summertime. What happens when Planet X blocks the path and stands in front of the Sun? These emanations from the Sun travel around Planet X, part of the eddy flow of particles we have mentioned that trap the Earth in front of Planet X. Thus even though the season has become winter, the relative lack of these emanations is erroneously clueing the robins that it is summertime!

Talking about those many places of paleontological interest on Earth, where dinosaur bones, petrified eggs, etc, are found. Those places are currently found under some kind of sedimentary cover of a variable thickness, located several feet underground. Accordingly, those places may only be considered to have suffered of sedimentary deposits, by water, by landslides, by pyroclastic fluxes from the volcanoes nearby, and by air. But those places probably have not been subject to a great upheaval, mountain building, etc, probably for millions of years, corresponding to the age of the existing fossils. In what extent those places may be considered as safe places, as / if the agents which created the sedimentary process are taken care of or avoided depending on the particular geography of the place?

In the past the Earth was not in her current orbit. She rode out where the Asteroid Belt now exists, and commenced her current orbit because of an impact she received, the great blow that became the Pacific Ocean. This occurred during a passage of Planet X during the days when Planet X slung past the Sun through the Asteroid Belt. Where many of her sister planets were smacked to pieces when Planet X with its entourage of moons passed, Earth only received a serious blow. Today, Planet X passes much closer to the Sun, within the orbit of Venus for a time, because the Sun has shrunk in volume and mass over time, expending itself. The rock on Earth thus was formed under many circumstances, including the time when Earth was a water world and the long time between when she arrived at her present orbit but before Planet X started causing pole shifts on Earth. It is the current state of the rock and the current pressures it is under that should matter in determining what rock will snap and what will hold. Sedimentary rock put under a torque will snap, regardless of its age.

Zetas have said the current depression is primarily the result of crop failures masked by the subprime debacle promoted to fund mideast oil imperialism. Now that credit has dried up, this will further exacerbate the shortages as there are reports of farmers leaving more fields fallow, or using less fertilizer (which will bring lower crop yields) because they can't afford (and can't get the credit for) the seeds and supplys they are accustomed to. Companys and I assume grocery retailers are hoarding cash, and liquidating inventory in order to pay bills, as they have less access to credit as well. At some point, any regional or local reserves will be gone and the shortages will begin to show up on store shelves. This "should" spark a hyperinflationary spiral upward, unless the government steps in with rationing and price controls - in which case one can expect a black market to emerge. Someone provided a compelling explanation as to the difference between a recession and a depression - the "eff" word. ... famine. I know the puppet master can print money to support the dollar, but you can't buy unplanted crops at any price. Do the Zetas see hyperinflation being a big problem before the shift arrives? How big do they think a black market may get, and how much will the government attempt to combat and criminalize it (as government's almost always have)?

Black markets spring up anytime there is opportunity, but primarily because they can distribute goods forbidden by the government or when price controls make the open market a poor return. If price controls are set, black market food shops will emerge as certainly as illegal hooch was produced and distributed during prohibition in the US. Obama is attempting to short-circuit a famine by forcing credit to be available and may move further to encourage farmers to produce if this does not do the trick. Thus, outright famine is unlikely, though shortages will be present. Another answer is for family gardens to be encouraged, which the government did not do under Bush. A type of victory garden.

Imagine the group of Serving-to-Others people, who survived after the pole shift. What time will they wait for the first help of aliens? A month, a year, many years? What will be so to say the quality, the level, the way, the sort of that help? I guess some pieces of this info can be found at ZT site but they are scattered and the info is not very concrete. What should we hope to get from the alien side after the PS ?

You should expect none, and then when you get some it will be a pleasant surprise. This is not a promise to mankind, as we have repeatedly explained. Only those who are highly Service-to-Other will get any kind of help, and of those humans incarnated with souls only 30% or so are of this level. This is 30% of the approximately 1 billion humans who do have reincarnating souls. Those who are undecided, the majority among reincarnating souls, do not qualify, and certainly those who are Service-to-Self do not qualify. Beyond this, if a highly Service-to-Other soul lives in a community that is primarily undecided, this community will not get help. If the community can be taken over by those in the Service-to-Self, it will not get help, so even if a person or a group of survivors is highly Service-to-Other, their living circumstances may doom them from getting help. Your question, thus, should not be how long you will need to wait, but what type of person you are. This is the issue!

You are so insistent in claiming about the pole shift and you also provide us with the info about saving seeds and making shelters and so on. But there is a little of info about special psychological technics to survive. For example: Yogis are checked to be real yogis by their teachers in a way they are enveloped with wet towels and need to dry them up during the night - of course they use meditation and more special "spiritual" technics. Can Zetas offer us some complex of psychosomatic exercises to prepare for the PS and life after it?

The best adjunct you can have is the right attitude, and this is not to be thinking only of yourself, your safety, your survival. Those who are selfish, Service-to-Self, will find themselves languishing, whining, complaining, and ultimately feeding like a parasite off others until they are pushed away and die from lack of sustenance and care. Those who are caring of others, focus on others and envelope others in love will find they are in a group working cooperatively, all helping others, and will thrive. You are going about this altogether wrongly because you are thinking only of yourself!

The media seems to have taken a dramatic turn since the inauguration of Obama. I assume the CIA has called off the dogs and the Puppet Master has given the okay to go after Bush era practices like billions in banker bonuses?

You are making assumptions that are unwarranted. The Puppet Master, as we have repeatedly explained, does not direct activities in the political realm. He uses his great wealth to influence matters, and often steps in to directly influence matters in a manner not unlike that in which the CIA operates. Highly paid middlemen, i.e. overpaid bankers, are not something the Puppet Master has ever been interested in.

Is the extreme brightness of Venus that people are noticing due to the cup and its closeness to earth? Is this one of the subtle signs to the aware on earth?

Yes. As Planet X approaches the cup tightens, and Venus will thus appear closer. Eventually, during the last weeks, Venus escapes the cup as it is not a magnetic planet and does not get into a magnetic dance with Planet X.

Do the earth changes affect people in some way like tense symptoms such as chronic fatigue, diziness etc? If so,why is that? Are indigos more sensitive to all this? What can we do in order to get rid of these symptoms?

The effects of the tail component in the atmosphere, and the effect of emanations from the roiling core of the Earth, have been noted for several years by humans posting on message boards. Nausea, ringing in the ears, headache, fatigue, and erratic menstrual cycles have been some of the symptoms noted. Since you cannot escape either breathing or living on the surface of the Earth, there is frankly no escape though eventual relief will of course arrive after the pole shift. The air will cleanse itself and the core of the Earth will settle down. There is no such thing as indigo children or indigo adults, though many like to think of themselves as being in some sort of special category.

Have our "Space Brothers" given the governments the technology for "cloaking"? Did the gov take it from them? Dan Akroyd suggested that the Feds cloaked a car near him.

Human governments have no alien technology, regardless of claims.

A few weeks ago there was a heatwave in California. While in other parts of the states it was too cold. Now in Australia there is a heatwave, while in the Northern hemisphere, the United states, it is too cold. About a week ago there was a storm affecting the southern part of France and Spain. To me it seems like there is a change in the wobble. Or are things still the same?

At present the N Pole is tilted too far away from the Sun due to the violent push away of the magnetic N Pole when it turns to face Planet X. This is countered, however, by a violent bounce back during the wobble, forcing some parts of the globe under more tropical air. The hot and cold regions are like bands, vertical bands, showing the wobble to be a jerking back and forth of the N Pole. Hot on the West Coast, cold in the Great Lakes and New England states. Cold in Europe and too warm in western/central Russia. We predicted the wobble would get worse, and it has, but the worst is yet to come!

What physical evidence can you offer to prove your existence? Can you manifest yourself in our reality?

It is not our intent to prove our existence to you. If this were the goal, it would have been accomplished a long time ago. We are required to maintain an element of doubt, so as to allow that portion of mankind who would be overcome by anxiety an out. Manifest in your reality? As during visitations? Please read the ZetaTalk website before posting questions and taking everyone's time up.

Also, are we experiencing a DNA upgrade, as another GLP thread has been discussing, and if so, can you comment on where any such DNA upgrade is taking us?

The only DNA upgrade mankind is going to experience is when they reincarnate into the Zeta/Human hybrids.

What was the grey Zeta's situation who was featured in the youtube video. He was held captive in a Brazilian cell. If Zeta exist in a higher dimension, why didn't he dematerialize and escape his captors.

There has been a Brazilian Roswell incident in past years as part of the press by Service-to-Other aliens to engage the Brazilian military. S America has been won in the battle between Service-to-Self and Service-to-Other aliens, as was N America some time ago. As with the N American Roswell incident, where the goodhearted aliens made contact with the US intel organizations and eventually won them over, this likewise worked in Brazil. However, any contact or alien life-forms have not been put on the Internet in a videotape. This is a fraud, designed to test the waters for more disclosure in the future.

Also, do the Zetas know of any alien civilizations that believe in the God of our Bible, Jehovah and His Son, Yeshua?

This is entirely a manmade fiction. Other worlds often have such fictions - young worlds such as Earth whose people delude themselves into believing they are made in the image of God and are the only intelligent life-form in the Universe.

Will Obama put the CIA in check or have they gone rouge?

The CIA by nature is somewhat rogue, as all is on a need-to-know basis and the intelligence shared is what the CIA has learned, not what the CIA is up to. However, that said, most in the CIA are relieved to be getting what they know are lawful instructions, such as Obama's clarification on torture.

How is McCain handling the loss? Better than expected?

McCain has been dithering between supporting Obama, who has courted him, and being an attack dog. He has not yet decided which role to play in the future. This is true in general of the Republican party, however.

As someone interested in alternative healing, I recently read an article about 528Hz being called the "frequency of Love". Can this frequency be used to heal?

Humans often talk of the "vibes" another gives out, and there are indeed different brain and muscular vibrations given out by the emotions of anger and the emotions of affection. But these are complex vibrations, involving many particle flows, and not measured by hertz (Hz).

Was Cheney really suffering from a pulled muscle while in a wheelchair during the inauguration?

The official excuse was that Cheney pulled a muscle while moving boxes. Does not the VP, with a heart condition, have staff who can move boxes for him? This in and of itself shows the excuse not valid. Cheney was throwing temper tantrums at having to leave his office, at having to let go of his seat of power. He pulled a muscle throwing things and flinging himself about in a rage.

What was it about Obama that made so many people like a guy who came out of nowhere to become President, was it something subconscious? I personally saw a Zeta-like genius during his inauguration speech. If so, does his message click in with the average person?

The soul incarnated into Obama is a very old and wise soul, and as we have stated the soul rules during an incarnation. These elements are recognized by others.

Do any comets follow the path in the same/near elliptical orbit of Planet X?

Other planets have sling orbits, but what you are referring to are the dirty snowballs that sling in and out of your solar system. Planet X has the path it does because it is massive, 23 times the mass of Earth, and does not dissipate as a dirty snowball does during its passage. Thus, for you on Earth, this is the only "comet" with such an orbit. You are also mistaken in stating that Planet X has an elliptical orbit. It has a sling orbit, as we have explained.

A young unmarried woman gave birth to octuplets. She already has six children. Is this because of some kind of rush for souls to be on the planet at this time, even though she used invitro?

This is an attempt by the young woman to be at the center of media attention, and not for any other reason.

Record heat waves in Australia, will this continue into the southern hemisphere winter?

We explained recently that the winter of 2007-2008 was excessively cold in the northern hemisphere because the N Pole of Earth was being pushed away by the N Pole of Planet X. This winter of 2008-2009 is likewise excessively cold in many parts of the northern hemisphere for the same reason, though the more violent wobble has interlaced parts of the northern hemisphere with record heat. Unfortunately for the southern hemisphere, which had record heat during the summer of 2007-2008, their heat spells will continue during their summer of 2008-2009, at least in certain locations. We explained that the northern hemisphere will experience more cold until the lean to the left into 3 days of darkness starts. This unfortunately means that portions of the southern hemisphere will continue to experience their record heat also until that time arrives.

My question to make it short. Have the inhabitants of Planet X evolved with any significance since the last time they passed by and do they look upon us as any part of being their karma?

Progress toward a transformation for a young world is very slow, and any progress made during a 3,657 year period would be difficult to measure. Sometimes matters backslide - sometimes they surge forward. Many in the Annunaki culture have regrets about their past treatment of humans, but most do not give it a thought. This culture has a strong Service-to-Self influence, which will take some time to work through.

How long do you think institutions like universities and colleges will last. I have increasingly been feeling that it simply hinders me from be able to be better prepared for the future. You feel like you could do so mmuch more, but when you're preoccupied with university, it becomes the biggest thing to drag you down. And the only reason I do it is for my mother who works by herself to feed me and my brother. Essentially feeling trapped. In short, how long till universities go broke, a university by mine, had gone on a strike for 3 months.

This is an example of a personal question. All business enterprises struggle during a severe recession or depression, so laying off staff, cost cutting measures, reducing the number of classes offered - all may be measures taken in order to remain in business. Some colleges or universities are supported by a government, in which case they have more options. But you are not asking for this information. You are asking if you should continue to study or quit. This is for you to decide.

Canada's Stonehenge [Jan 29] An academic maverick is challenging conventional wisdom on Canada's prehistory by claiming an archeological site in southern Alberta is really a vast, open-air sun temple with a precise 5,000-year-old calendar predating England's Stonehenge and Egypt's pyramids. Mainstream archeologists consider the rock-encircled cairn to be just another medicine wheel left behind by early aboriginals. But a new book by retired University of Alberta professor Gordon Freeman says it is in fact the centre of a 26-square-kilometre stone "lacework" that marks the changing seasons and the phases of the moon with greater accuracy than our current calendar. [and from another] Nancy, is this discovery more proof of Anannaki influence on Earth in the past? (In Canada) Was this a calendar as hypothosized? What else might this be? What could be it's other purposes?

This is not Annunaki handiwork, it is native American handiwork. Many cultures around the world had periods of scientific achievement, which subsequently were lost or degraded.

This past week I checked the sunrise/set time in my Farmer's Almanac (printed/sold early last fall) to the Rky. Mtn. News and the NOAA/NIST sites. There is a full 5 minute difference. Will this difference become extreme gradually or will the time difference become erratic before the PS?

The wobble affects sunrise/sunset times as depending upon your location you may be closer to the equator or further away than expected. Thus, to answer your question, these extremes will become more extreme as the hour of the pole shift approaches, as will the position of the Sun.

We know Zetas do not comment the other channelings until they predict with accuracy. Then I thought about several points: But I guess there are channelings that are really were got from aliens. Zetas said other groups of aliens hinted about the pole shift but in a milder manner. As I understood Zetas duty is to say about the pole shift and the duty of group of aliens named X is to do this and the duty of group of aliens named Y is to do that. Zetas tell us about topic A and topic B. The group of aliens named X tells us about B and C. The topic B can be mentioned by both of them. So now Zetas refuse to comment the channeling of group X only because they do not predict about the PS? Ok, that X group does not predict, but Zetas also do not say nothing about topic C if to see my example. But do not Zetas think that if they do not comment, we lose the chance to watch at topic B (that is common for both the groups of aliens) from different sides? That can be compared with the historical facts: if they are proved only by one historical source we believe them less then those facts that are proved by several sources. Do not Zetas think they can lose the chance to be heard if some of their statements even not about PS do not be discussed on the basis of other predictions? You refuse to comment some info but this info turns out to be useful in general for people but it seems you refuse to help us in widening our knowledge only because they Someone do not predict. Comment upon please my reflection.

You missed the point. We do not refuse to comment about the opinion or postings that others make because they "refuse to predict about the pole shift". Our statement is that we will not comment unless they predict in general, and with accuracy. We recently commented on the predictions from HalfPastHuman because they do have an accuracy track record.

Can the Zetas comment on why Carter snubbed the Clintons at the inauguration/was standing so far from the other four presidents in the photo-op, after that luncheon?

It is not that Carter did any snubbing, but rather that others pushed him aside - camera hogs, wanting a good position in the lineup.

STS vs. STO Many times you (nancy and zetas) have described this blog and Nancy as "cutting through the noise", a message that does not change. Over the course of Obama's campaign many people described him in a similar vein, "no drama", "with us but not of us". It was remarkably to see Blagojevich fall through "chicago politics", while Obama stayed relatively free of scandal. How might this quality of unchanging "no drama" help us to identify other STO souls in the coming weeks and months, or even after the pole shift? Or are the differences between STS/STO more complex than that?

Nice try, but it is not that easy! Some highly Service-to-Self individuals are charming and benevolent, but only when their circumstances are easy and they are simply charming their way through a good life. When the pinch is on, their nasty side emerges. Many Service-to-Self individuals are bullies but show their true cowardly nature when the tables turn. They too have two sides.

Service-to-Others are just as complex. Like Yoda of Star Wars, they can be grumpy and suffer fools poorly, but rise to the occasion when it is called for. They can be extroverts or introverts, preferring to work as leaders or be very much behind the scenes. The only way to differentiate the spiritual orientations is to see what types of action they take when the chips are down.

Tainted peanuts, Alaskan volcanoes, fathers killing entire families over job losses! Mothers killing their babies? Sounds like Revelations alright, brother killing brother etc, Are people just following Revelations? Or is it just a sign of the times? How much of Revelations is accurate? Because that beast that rises from the sea sounds like a Nuclear submarine!

Of course the fact that volcanoes would activate was known when Revelations was written, by those in contact with aliens passing this information along, just as it is being passed on today to many prophets. Revelations, as with many prophecies, was outlining very predictable human behavior when times get tense with crop failures and catastrophes such as hail storms or earthquakes that ruin the infrastructure of a civilization. Anxiety increases. Selfish or anxious behavior such as looting or robbery occur. Anxiety can drive people to suicide and they often take their loved ones with them. And the distraction that comes with pervasive anxiety causes mistakes among workers, allowing food poisoning to occur. We have stated that much that has been written in the Bible is allegorical, and not to be taken literally.