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ZetaTalk: GodlikeProduction Live
written February 7, 2009 on the GodlikeProduction live chat.

The Zetas stated that Europe, Asia, etc has different aliens spreading the word of Planet X. If the Zetas are spreading the word thru you in the US and Globally successfully, are there counterparts like you elsewhere that you are aware of and spreading the word? I have not heard of any but have not looked. Why not have a concentrated effort thru one person instead of the possibility of having the message conveyed differently or in error? You have successfully taken over the global message anyway.

Ideally, each culture would have many spokespersons. Many are needed because if one becomes ill or unfortunately successfully discredited, the others back up the message, reinforcing it. We have been asked in the past to identify the spokespersons in this or that culture and have declined. The people in those cultures know who their prophets are, though they may claim otherwise. They have pestered Nancy to become interested in their culture, their governments, because Nancy is adroit at taking questions and delivering the answers. They prefer Nancy to their local prophets or seers. This of course burdens Nancy, when she is already exhausted. Thus, we decline such demands.

The Zetas really came down on a question about STO communities and the help they may or may not get if there are any STS people there. This leads me to a dilemma. Being a person that tries to help others, I realize that some are STS but they are people! I have always tried to help and possibly change people and I see my brother moving towards STO from being more undecided, as an example. By me "influencing" him, I do see changes occurring. It is not me to not to try to help, especially my family and friends because I try to accept people for what they are (mostly). I do eject people from my circle when I get burnt or they try to hurt me. But I try to give that person the benefit of a doubt initially. However, I would try to help as many as I can when the time comes. Even now, I help many.

The person you refer to was demanding help for himself, not asking a general question about communities. He wanted to know how long he would have to wait, making the assumption he qualified. We have stated that most Service-to-Others individuals decline the lift they have been offered because they want to be available to those dependent upon them. There are highly Service-to-Others individuals who prefer to go into the worst hellholes, where they will surely die, so as to comfort and assist those who will be dying and starving. This is a personal choice.

When we clarify the rules by which a community can get assistance, high tech assistance, we are not suggesting that Service-to-Others humans desert all others so as to qualify. We are clarifying the rules so expectations are set low, so that those who hear our words do not think it a sure thing. Most making the assumption that they will have high tech alien assistance are in fact not highly Service-to-Others, but making this claim. Most who are highly Service-to-Others are in fact in the soup, as you are, struggling to pull others in the right direction and not inclined to desert those they are trying to help.

Hello to all of the Kursk! Weather here is bad - the snow melts. I have questions that were a consequence of failures in the spirit:
1) Why is communicating with the spirit, which was known during his lifetime, he said another, as if not communicate with him?
2) Is it possible to communicate with spirits without intermediaries "on the other side"?
3) Is it possible to raise the spirits, who in life had been inhabitants of other planets?
4) What happens decline of mental abilities, which I demonstrated on the exams?

We will address those questions which Nancy understands, as she needs to be on the same page during our communications to her, in order to translate properly. Question 1 is confusing. Regarding question 2: souls communicate with each other freely, depending upon their maturity and skill. Intermediaries who assist in getting a soul and an incarnated human talking to each other are necessary only where the souls wishing to communicate with each other are not skilled, so that one is not listening, or another is holding back and fearful, for instance. Question 3: regardless of what planet a soul evolved upon, conversations with that soul can take place. In this, is it assumed that the souls are in near proximity to each other, not a universe apart. Your question 4 is declined, of course, as being of a personal nature, only of interest to you.

Can you tell about how we get the answers from Zetas? You read question in this chat than they "read' it in your head and unswer us, do not they? But did they read my minds and correct their answer according to my true intentions? So they take into consideration my intention and the possible reaction of other readers and give the answer to satisfy everybody, do not they?

We the Zetas are aware of what is in your head as well as the heads of others participating in the chat. Nancy reads the question only to be able to put our answer in context, to ensure a clarity of translation into her native language - English.

I thought over the next problem. We learn our life lessons to reach positive or negative orientation. There are some instruments (let's call them catalysts) that give us many chances to serve, hasten our lessons, "push" us towards solving problems. These catalysts are physical (e.g. diseases), mental (frustration, anger) and so on. The pole shift is also the bright example - we will show our worth, learn our lessons. But as I understood the creatures of the 4th Density almost do not have physical catalysts and some other types of catalysts as they are "passed" and not so important. You learn your lessons through cooperation and cognition of wisdom on the basis of sympathy. Does not it mean that to compensate this lack of catalysts you deal with the worlds of 3 Density? This may give you another "practice", "bonus" to learn your lessons, practising with us because you help us and work under your sympathy and wisdom ?

It is not true that those incarnated in 4th Density are not challenged. We have explained that those in 4th Density carry a lot of baggage. Some are vain, some hoard as they have in past lives been without. Some avoid pain. Some have egos and are sensitive to criticism. Some carry guilt over situations that were out of their control, and are constantly seeking to assuage their guilt. 4th Density in fact has been described by us as a very long stage, because all this takes much time to work out.

Here I read the interview Nancy had given to journalist from Russia some years ago There Nancy described her conversation with Zet who had physical defects and departed to speak with her sitting in something like a special armchair on a metal construction. His body was 1/5 of the normal size of other Zetas. And now I have a question - if you are so powerful why did not you cure him ? Or there was another reflection of this case I can not imagine?

We have stated that very few spiritual lessons are achieved in a perfect body, in a perfect world where no discomfort or challenge exists. Genetic defects, when they arise, are treated as an opportunity to love that entity, and by that entity as an opportunity to allow others to help. This particular Zeta, who had a normal sized head but a small body, so could not navigate on his legs, was a result of an early genetic engineering experiment during our hybrid program. His soul volunteered for this program, and his disability was hardly considered a drawback, as he was a valuable source of study for the program. Such is the nature of those in the Service-to-Other.

I heard Nancy getting an update from the Zetas during a radio show this week, and is the real Saddam Hussein dead? And if so, what about his sons? I really hate the idea of a sadist like Uday being alive.

Live ZetaTalk is frequently done during live radio. Saddam Hussein is alive and living in Russia, as we have stated in the past, as are his sons. They are living a very low-key life, with disguised identities, and would not be recognized for the persons they are. They live in fear for their lives, and are not living the elites’ life.

I translate with a translator Google. My questions:
1) Can people wait for help from Zetas in the open ocean? After the shift of poles.
2) Could you talk a little about the Altai mountains? There will be secure?

Certainly, contactees remain in contact with their visitors regardless of their location. Bear in mind that we Zetas are only one of some 1,000 or more life-forms visiting Earth at this time, so your visitors are unlikely to be ourselves, the Zetas. Nancy, and ourselves, advise people to check the Safe Locations document for their area on the Zetatalk website, and also the cities in their area, and the surrounding areas. This will give a general idea. To ascertain whether your land will be above the waves during the pole shift or following it do these steps. Compute whether you will be 100 miles from a coastline and 200 feet above sea level during the hour of the shift. Compute whether you will be 675 feet above sea level for the melt and sea level rise that will occur within 2 years after the shift. Some areas lift, like the New England area or New Zealand, and some drop, like the SE United States, India, western Australia, and the islands west of Britain. This should indicate for you the general safety of your area. Please do not ask an exhausted and busy Nancy to do these steps for you, when you can do them yourself.

Recently I have been reading Immanuel Velikovsky's 'Worlds in Collision' which documents various reports of manna precipitating on the ground in the early mornings along with the dew during times of past worldwide cataclysms. This manna was reported to have provided significant substinence for groups of people for in some cases many years. The Zeta's have previously commented on manna: ../poleshft/p70.htm I was wondering if the Zeta's can expand on their previous comments, for example how much manna can areas of the west coast of North America (which will be very volcanically active) be expected to have, how far the manna can form from a volcano, how much food this could provide for survivors and how long could the manna be expected to form after the pole shift?

These are circumstances that would vary not only from one locale to another but from day to day in a single locale! Thus, to give any kind of an answer would be to mislead people. Moses had a fairly small group, in the desert where there was little competition for what was available by animals and insects. Do not take his success in using manna as a food source as a guide!

Is becoming self sufficent the way to go? Or should we just keep being slaves to the corporate banksters and wallstreeters?

Why is this an either/or option? Can’t you do both? Most people aware of the coming pole shift, who take the warnings seriously and are preparing, are living a dual life. Only a minority have cashed out of their urban lives and moved to a rural area, living a self-sufficient existence off the grid! Most have some plan for safety, and are prepared to take action when it is clear the last weeks have arrived. How you fit in this scenario is up to you.

Should the USA people demand that the wallstreeters and banksters give back the 350 billion they've already stole.

Of course many are making this demand, but it would do no good. The horse has left the barn, as they say.

What do the Zetas think of human communication? It never seems like people are ever on the same page, since the same words have slightly different meanings for every individual. Many times people say one thing, and the next person understands another. It gets even worse with writing and the lack of facial expressions. What's the best way to express a point? That's why telepathy is so intriguing. How will the hybrids or Zetas communicate with humans in the after time, without talking?

We the Zetas, as well as other visitors, already communicate telepathically with humans. Indeed, this avoids the disconnect that serves as a cover for lies, as you note. As long as one party, like the Hybrids or a visitor can communicate telepathically, the connection is made. It does not matter that a human contactee does not have much telepathic ability, per se.

Why are USA citizens generally such slaves. Why won't they stand up against the banksters and wallstreeters that are stealing everyone's money.

The same could be said of any working class in any country. What can an individual do? They are considered a troublemaker, arrested, and likely to lose their job or have to pay a fine. Most situations are tolerated thus by the working man until it becomes literally intolerable. If the level of discontent is high enough, a single individual's actions or protest can spark a riot, because it is the dammed back frustration of many that is at the boiling point. This has not yet occurred in the US, primarily because Obama is working so hard to bring relief. But in many countries riots have already broken out, and the wave of riots worldwide has only just started.

With all the snow storms going on and the worsening economy would the zeta's say we are at a '6' yet?

We stated at the end of December that we considered the scale at a 5, a strong 5. It has not progressed to be a 6 as yet, although the weather continues to become more erratic. There will be surges of change, and times when it seems to plateau.

I heard you last night on Coast to Coast. George Noory Played a rerun of an interview of you. I was just jumping out of my chair with happiness. I hope you will soon be a guest again on his show.

We were asked recently to give an opinion about Coast to Coast, and stated that Nancy was banned but it would soon not matter. Hearing this, the program decided to throw out a crumb, and aired a half hour of Nancy's last session with Coast to Coast in May of 2007 at the end of this past Friday’s night program. What we stated still stands. Their ownership has banned Nancy and ZetaTalk, and by the time they are interested in changing this policy, Nancy won't give them the time of day. She won't need them. About this, we can say no more.

How is giving the Call different in the 4rd Density then it is on Earth? If for example a Zeta gives the Call how is it answered? If it's answered by a being from a higher Density is it a conscious talk?

You have correctly understood the Call. It is always to those in a higher dimension. Those in the 4th Density find their Call taken by spirit guides in 5th or higher densities. Increasingly, as an entity moves to higher densities, they find their physical existence less restrictive and the spiritual more in sway. In addition, whereas humans have a subconscious and a conscious, our Hybrids do not have this split, nor do we, the Zetas. Thus, our answer is that such meetings indeed are in the conscious.

From Zetatalk: Hybrids, 90's model: "Having perfected our 90's model, we are now into mass production, as the cataclysms are fast approaching." As there aren't many questions about the hybrids could the Zetas give an update on this? Are there hybrids residing on Earth already? And how many hybrids are there at the current time? Are their still people who participate in the hybrid program at the current time?

The Hybrid program no longer needs human ova and sperm. The number is not important and is constantly changing to keep pace with the number terminating their lives on Earth in human form, and thus in need of reincarnation. This number moves about. Hybrids are not in residence on Earth among humans, as they live in 4th Density, wherever they are.

Can the Zetas comment on the recent space station Rattle or shaking NASA reported this past week?

The ISS is doomed, of course, as we have mentioned repeatedly. The tail of Planet X is turning toward the Earth, and thus the increasing number of fireballs streaking across several countries or states, on many continents. Electromagnetic disturbances have been occurring and will continue to do so, disrupting satellites and communications in space and on the surface of the Earth. Humans are aware of what they call the solar wind, a force of particles flowing out from the Sun. This drives the tail of comets, those dirty snowballs, outward and away from the Sun. The solar wind is little understood by man, who certainly does not understand the vast array of subatomic particles that we, the Zetas are aware of. The ISS received a blast of particles that man is unaware of, and thus the shaking

What is orientation Vladimir Putin?

It would surprise those who have been told to demonize Russia and Putin that he is very inclined to be Service-to-Others.

What will happen after the poleshift with humans that will survive and have a health problem? Will there be any assistance by aliens who might land to help?

Are you asking if survivors will be universally healed? This does not occur today! Health problems are considered one of the challenges that mankind must deal with, in learning to help each other, and this does not change merely because a pole shift will happen. We have stated that genuine healings occur very rarely, and in fact only with permission from the Council of Worlds, such is their rarity.

As soon as the Obama administration chooses a cabinet appointee, there seems to be a lot of 'income tax information' available almost immediately on the new cabinet appointee. Is someone, or a group of people such as the NSA, accessing IRS files illegally?

The reason there is so much transparency is because Obama wants this to be the case, and has insisted his appointees make this information available to Congress for their approval of the appointee. This was certainly not the case during the Republican era, when all this was withheld as much as possible. Tax issues do not hit the news until the appointee is before Congress, and thus the sudden availability of the information.

When will Bush and Cheney and Paulson and their gang be arrested for war crimes and financial crimes.

Arrest and prosecution occurs when an act is frankly illegal. What the Bush administration had done was to arrange for their acts to be covered by law. Torture, for instance, was legal because the lawyers in the White House stated it was so. Thus, within US law, Bush and Cheney cannot be prosecuted for war crimes. Unless Paulson operated outside of the authority given him by Congress, he has operated legally.

What do the Zetas have to say about a possible bird flu epidemic?

We stated when the threat was only being suggested by the White House that this would not occur, would not reach a state where it was spreading from human to human before the pole shift arrived to put distance between human communities. This current bird flu is such that it resides deep within the lungs, and thus is rarely passed between humans. Unless the virus mutates, which seems unlikely, this situation will not change. Because the virus proved uncooperative during the Bush and Blair administrations, they attempted to spread a 1957 virus by disseminating it to 4,000 labs around the world. This failed, as our human compatriots were alerted and forced a recall. Bush and Blair are no longer in charge, and this threat to mankind is no longer in play.

On GLP the magnetoshpere has been discussed several times this past week. What is going on with the magnetosphere at the current time. Is what is going on related to Planet X or is there another cause yet unknown? [and from another] Can you give a answer to why the magnetic field has been going bonkers lately?

Mankind has many misconceptions about the magnetic field surrounding Earth. We have stated that they think this force to be weak, as they are only reading the surface field where the solid rock plates are blocking much of the flow of magnetic particles. Further away from the surface the magnetic field lines are stronger, and go further, than man assumes. Planet X is continually approaching Earth, who cannot escape her orbit, is locked in her orbit location, and thus the distance between these two celestial bodies continually closes. Planet X is increasingly pointing its N Pole toward Earth, which means that the hose of magnetic particles is creating an onslaught against the magnetic field of Earth.

Recently scientific articles have reported that there seems to be a hole in the magnetic field of Earth on the Sun's side, reportedly four times the size of Earth. Well, of course Planet X is four times the diameter of Earth. Man's understanding of magnetic particles is limited, as electro-magnetic particles number in the hundreds. Thus, the disturbances to compasses or electronic devices which are sensitive to nearby magnets or electronic flow will be many, in the time between the present and the last weeks before the pole shift. About this we cannot be more specific.

Which group of aliens is valid in Russia?

Russia is a huge country, and thus has several dozen different life-forms serving those who wish contact. They range in appearance from a snake with legs to a type of fish which must remain in water during the visit to a bird form with several overlapping sets of wings. We decline to list all the oddities, to satisfy your curiosity, as it matters not what the life-form looks like. The intent of the soul incarnated, and the conversation that ensues, are the important issues.

46 out of 50 states will be insolvent this year if things stay the same or get worse - as they most certainly will. States pay for services such as foster children in foster homes, highway patrols of the freeways, mental health institutions, and prison systems. In order not to lose their credit worthiness all together, States are bending over backwards to pay bondholders at the anticipated expense of these other services. We are polarizing as a society with STS and STO differences becoming more obvious. Is there a danger before the pole shift of interstate transportation breaking down due to truck hi-jackings for instance as a result of lower law enforcement presence? The STS are just itching for a return to the days of the "Wild West" where they feel invincible and can get away with anything. Can the Zetas comment?

Services will be cut and this will force neighbors and family members to step in. It is unlikely that children will be wandering the streets, uncared for. In the past, the state did little to help unless the child was in fact likely to be wandering the streets, uncared for. As with the piracy off the coast of Somalia, any such lawlessness will find they encounter other means of being countered, not simply giving in to demands of pirates. Truckers sleep in the same off-ramps for safety, and come to the aid of each other. Any attempts to hijack trucks will result in long convoys, perhaps with police or military protection, and fierce prosecution and treatment of the offenders.

Will the zetas let Cheney, McCain , the Massad and the other neo-cons let off thier CIA/terrorist bombs. All the neo-cons are saying they want bombs to go off in the USA.

We have repeatedly stated that such actions were being countered, as Cheney and his cohorts tried literally hundreds of times to pull something like this off. This blocking or countering of people like Cheney has not stopped simply because they are no longer in political office.

If what matters is the soul, at the end. then why isn't special care taken to help virgin incarnations maybe spark. I mean one chance seems awfully short, and that too, if most of them live in the rural areas. It really seems like every one seems to be getting at the endline, while those souls that are aborted are simply forgotten. these are peole who will have had relationships with souls that will go on to live. Won't these souls miss the aborted ones? Won't you have had mothers and fathers (in your past incarnations) that you will have loved so much, only to realize that they would no longer exist. Come on! Like if you loved someone so much, and then if you were told that they will exist no more. Would that not be the saddest things that could possibly happen to you? To know even if you're willing to do anything, that you still can't elect to save them. The reason I ask you is because it would hurt me so much if I were to lose the people I love the most forever. With the upcoming events, I'm planning ambitiously, and the chances are huge that they won't even go close to as planned. As such, I will surely lose those I love so much. But if I were to be told that after my life, that I will have forever lost them. This is something I would not be able to bear, regardless of what education this provides my soul. Can I not somehow offer myself as collateral. I know this is not possible. The way you have described how so many virgin incarnations will just cease to exist, seems to make no sense. It doesn't seem like something Service-to-Others would sit and watch. So far you have said has rung true within me. But this just doesnt make sense.

Why do you think the rules state that making the life of a human easy, removing all obstacles, making everyone beautiful, having a trouble free life, is not done? We have repeatedly stated that this is because a carefree life does not spark a soul as readily as challenge. This is why the rule of noninterference exists, to allow the young soul to encounter challenge, and not to be protected. If you want to assist those you love, whom you suspect may not have a sparked soul, then put them in challenging situations where there is pain and where empathy is called for, or where sacrifice is required on their part. We would advise that you are not in fact able to determine with certainty that another does not have a sparked soul, so your efforts may be resented by those you are trying to assist!

If I were to wish, would I be able to request my soul to send a message to another person's soul?

Wishing is giving the Call and this would be considered along with all other factors, which include whether this other soul wants to hear from you! They can of course decline.

From Zetatalk special children: "Starting in the 1990's this program went into the next stage, as the Zeta genetics inserted into the embryo are not primarily for the purpose of research but are to position capable young people where they can assist with the Transformation. These special children are being born all around the world, to parents highly motivated to protect and nurture them. In these situations both parents and in some cases the whole extended family must be firmly in the Service-to-Other orientation and whole- heartedly with the program. Anything less than this is a risk to the child, as these entities do give evidence of their genius level IQ and other differences, which we will not enumerate here, to those close to them." Is this working out already. And are these children fullfilling their destiny as yet. Since for what I read some of them must be like 17 or 18 years old as of now.

As it says in our prior talk, we will have no comment.

I don't know if the Zetas are into saying whether a video is real or not but here goes. My question, is there any merit to this film that may have been taken by Astronaut Armstrong on the Moon in 1969

NASA very tightly controls the release of any film that was taken during Moon walks or by astronauts in route to the Moon. Thus, unless it has been issued by NASA, it is highly unlikely to be genuine.

Ocean currents like the gulf stream have an affect on the weather. They say that without, for example, the gulfstream the climate in the Netherlands would be different. Since the shift of the crust the ocean current will also change. I can imagine that like today after the shift those changed currents will stiill have their affect on the climate. What can we expect from it, and in what way will they affect the changed climate?

Your prevailing westerlies will still be in place, but your west will more than likely be what is currently north. Study what the westerlies do, how they curl up from the Equator and round back, as the globe rotates, and imagine this with a new Equator, etc. This is something you can do.

What is happening with Alaska's Mount Redoubt? It seems once the information was released regarding a possible eruption, it dropped off the wire. Are other volcano's along the ring of fire experiencing the same type of awakening and what clues should we look for?

This volcano is regularly active, and is not near populated areas. Volcanos have been awakening for some years, so that years ago already they were more active than in the memory of man. Likewise inactive volcanoes, some inactive for 10,000 years by mankind's estimate, have become active. This process is just starting, and will get worse.

Since artificial sweetners were first introduced to the public many years ago, a huge number of people have made them part of their daily life. Diabetics, in particular, consume artificial sweetners as part of their attempt to keep blood glucose levels under control. As a diabetic I consumed aspartame for a time, but I noticed serious side effects and quickly learned to avoid it. However, several years ago I was hospitalized and every meal or snack contained asparatame. The dietician showed up after a week and appeared to be genuinely surprised that the nurses had not relayed my repeated requests to speak with her. The nursing staff "was doing what was best for me" I was told. My question to the Zetas is: why do hospitals ignore the serious side effects of artificial sweetners? Could some of the vision problems experienced by diabetics be due to aspartame toxicity?

Aspartame problems are known and well documented, as they have an adversarial group dedicated to alerting the public about the problems its usage causes. Former Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld personally profited from introducing Aspartame into the market, which the FDA approved without testing. Certainly, under Bush/Cheney, this was never altered. Under an Obama administration, this sweetener may get a second look, and this is where your efforts should be directed.

On GLP there is a thread talking about states asserting "sovereignty" and invoking the Tenth Amendment to the US Constitution. What is going on with this? Is this an STS attempt to split the country?

Some states have always been restless, talking about establishing themselves as a separate country. During hard times, when there is not enough cash to go around, there is resentment about having to pay into the federal treasury. This is nothing new, and will not lead to any separation. After the pole shift, of course, even state governments will not prevail, as communication and travel will be disrupted. Thus, the problem will be solved.