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ZetaTalk: GodlikeProduction Live
written July 18, 2009 on the GodlikeProduction live chat.

Can the Zetas comment on the huge blob of Arctic goo? [and from another] Weird Rip Currents Spook La Jolla Divers [Jul 2] [and from another] Higher Tides Along East Coast, Esp. Mid-Atlantic Area

Since algae is not native to the Arctic, what drew these algae masses to the Arctic? Clearly, the tides have changed. The jet stream over the N American continent often appears to be vertical, then at other times horizontal, unlike the familiar lazy swoop. Whirlpools have developed off the coast of La Jolla in California. Tides along the East Coast are extraordinary also. The Earth wobble, which pushes the magnetic N Pole of Earth away, violently, when it appears to face the Sun, and the rogue Planet X, forces the Earth under its oceans and under the atmosphere, thus moving water and air masses in unusual directions. The algae mass was pushed, repeatedly, up into the Arctic, the push up more violent than the drift back, and thus the algae arrived in the Arctic. We warned that the wobble would become more violent, and it has!

Is the by-passing of the conscious brain during a visitation/contact done through telepathy or/and suggestion or more by physical means, as in with an instrument?

We utilize the same mechanism that the human uses during amnesia. It is a chemical switch, which allows the memory to be recorded in the subconscious, as usual, but not in the conscious portion of the brain. These are physically separate brains. During recall, a contactee is building the conscious memory from the subconscious. Normally, this is done all the time, a memory being laid down in the subconscious portion of the brain, as well as the conscious portion of the brain.

As I understood it, from the July 4 GLP session, you (Zetas) left the door opened to the possibility that there could be another white lie about the pole shift being before 2012. ( "This is within the realm of possibility" and "this should be taken with a grain of salt"). I would like to ask you Zetas, is the pole shift going to happen before 2012 unequivocally? Not an exact date request, only a confirmation if what you already stated.

As we have stated repeatedly, almost weekly, we will give no indication of a timeline.

The Zetas previously translated a crop circle which suggested something big may happen on or around July 10. I do not remember if a year was attached to this date but I had 2009 in my head. July 10, 2009 has come and gone with no obviously drastic earth change occurring until July 15 when a 7.8M earthquake struck south of New Zealand. Are the Zetas allowed to tell us if 2009 was the year the crop circle referred to and are they allowed to expand further upon the significance of July 10? Is it related to their "6" prediction?

We did an analysis of a 2008 crop circle that had a number of small circles around an edge, the Furze Knoll, reported June 20, 2008. Nancy counted them, and wondered what they represented, noting that if they were months they would point to a future date in 2010. We declined to address what these circles, small orbs, meant, and made the statement "make of that what you will". Thus, there is speculation that we gave a date, or confirmed the circles were months, which we did not.

Did NASA really erase and reuse the original recording of the original moon landing? Maybe they want what they found there to stay hidden. If that's the case, NASA has just released pictures from a lunar orbiter that's going around the moon at this moment, will they release better quality pictures of the lunar landing sites, or would that reveal space junk?

No photos have been destroyed, but if NASA is threatened with some kind of court action that would require the release of that which they have made secret, photos and other evidence would likely be destroyed. NASA, and the US government, is not ready to admit to the alien presence or their role is keeping this hidden all these decades. Thus, any images released will be as with the images of Mars, showing everything but what the public is curious about.

What will be the signal of the very last chance to get out of the town and go to the village in mountains? Red dust?

This will depend on many factors. Are your roads whole, or have they been heaved during earthquakes? Are migrating people considered a threat so there will be roadblocks? If you are close to your safe location, travel even during the week of rotation stoppage is possible. But due to panic during the last weeks, the days of darkness and the extreme wobble, travel may also become impossible. We advise erring on the safe side.

Do you or other STO aliens have any channel in Caucasus?

There are over 1,000 different life forms visiting Earth at present, all groups predominately Service-to-Other. Of course your area is covered, but not necessarily by hominoids. Most visitors are not hominoid.

As I understand Zetas are more specialized on science and intellectual questions. Which alien group is specialized on religious questions? Pleiadeans?

What you term religion is merely grasping at a parent figure to save and take care of you, or seeking to placate a parent figure so as to avoid punishment. All visitors understand this and address these immature needs in a similar manner. There is no validity in any religion on Earth, as to their premise for enforcing rules and claims to legitimacy, or to their explanations of how intelligent life came to be upon the Earth. One does not specialize in illusion and delusion, one ignores it and speaks the truth instead.

Greetings from Amursk! You could not hint, whether is possible, what the solar eclipse will be on July, 22nd one more step to awakening of mankind concerning presence of Planet X? I believe, what removed videos and a photo will be laid out in the Internet and also shown on the TV what will result in awakening still biggest numbers of people? Yes, judging by your information, I believe, that near the closed sun it will be possible to see a red point, that is Planet X!

Of course this is possible, but whether it will occur we will not say. The Council of Worlds is in charge of the Awakening of mankind to the alien presence and the presence of Planet X near the Sun. We, the Zetas, are not in charge of this pace of change.

I have familiarised with your descriptions about a shower but what means - soul dispersion? Whether you can describe that feels and feels smothering when dissipates? What does she see, hears etc.? She continues to exist and wander on space further but loses ability to influence on surrounding and to be embodied?

After death the soul can see and hear anything the human body could do before death. This is why during Near Death Experiences the soul recalls seeing itself on an operating table, or laid on the road after an accident. This is why, during Out-of-Body experiences, going astral, the soul can return a complete report back to the human brain.

About what speak these three circles on the fields, appeared on July, 14th?

Many crop circles are relaying the retrograde swirl that Planet X will start to throw at the Earth, as its orbit and rotation are retrograde and are thrown in the face of the Earth, essentially. This is the feeling that the viewer gets, when gazing at these designs.

Can the zetas comment on how the Obama administration is doing in terms of moving to whatever disclosure of Planet X and earth changes that the Council feels is appropriate? Is there progress being made here? Also what is considered "appropriate" disclosure by the Obama administration as the Zetas have indicated full disclosure is problematic? Is it mainly a matter of timing? Not too soon and not too late?

We stated at the start of the Obama administration that we would resist questions prying into Obama's thinking. This question fits in that category and will be declined.

Hello to all of the Kursk! Ask is: From the perspective of psychology of the spirit is identical to a living person, or as something different, and subjected to suggestion or hypnosis?

The soul is of course not like the human brain, as souls develop in all manner of life forms. Souls can be immature and thus when asking for counseling can take a suggestion, such as from a Service-to-Self counselor. Hypnosis is related to the structure of the physical brain, not the structure of the soul.

Read a little about Billy Milligane. He had a split personality. When I was driving a car, then once I am a bit lost control because of the situation and the failure of gears, and a few seconds of my life gone like the Bill for several years that saved the life of me and my father. I now assume that every person living in some perfumes, but they are asleep, that Zetas say about this?

Split personality is very rare, not normal or for all. A faint, or a momentary unconsious period, does not constitute an alternate personality in charge.

I have a relative who is head of an emergency response division for a local power company. He attended a meeting concerning unstable ground and increasing leakage of the Howard Hanson Dam which holds back the Eagle Gorge Reservoir in the Cascade Mountains in Washington state. He said officials do not know what is causing the "sink holes", nor do they really know what to do about the situation short of telling people to get flood insurance. Likewise, I watched a TV program about mega disasters and they discussed a dam in the Cascade Mountains in Oregon which is leaking and becoming unstable. The Corp of Engineers is pouring millions of dollars into shoring it up. Can the Zetas tell us if the cause of these two degrading dams is related?

All dams will break either during the pole shift or in the months leading up to the hour of the shift. Look at the structure of the dam! It assumes that rock holding both sides of the dam will remain in place and not move. Of course these sides will move. This is a subduction zone! There is mountain building and even where the mountains are not being pushed upward, they are moving from side to side. Some parts are more fluid than others, which are more resistant during any earthquake thrust, so there is inevitably movement to the side. They will pull apart, slide forward or backwards, but in any case the water will find its way around the dam.

This sounds more like panic than opportunism by the rich. "The acquisition of farmland from the world's poor by rich countries and international corporations is accelerating at an alarming rate, with an area half the size of Europe's farmland targeted in the last six months, reports from UN officials and agriculture experts say." What is driving this clamor for the farmlands of poorer countries?

It is well known that during times of economic difficulty, many things go up for sale that would not otherwise be offered at a cheap price. This is opportunism by the wealthy, who can feed themselves and have funds to spare, taking advantage of those who are starving and in poor health.

Have alternative plans been hatched to sully the skies in order to prevent visibility of the Planet X complex, or better yet, an excuse for anticipated increases in airborne volcanic ash? "Scientists Debate Shading Earth As Climate Fix"

This is what the current chemtrail program is all about. This type of story, that seeding the skies to create clouds may be used to create shade from the Sun, has been floated before. They are trying to put this concept into the minds of the public, as a counter to the chemtrail alarms.

The Zetas have said the commuter train crash on the East Coast, as well as the French airline crash were results of PX's wafting tail, essentially short circuiting the electrical systems. Here is an article about a computer outage at O'Hare airport earlier this month and an article about a fatal monorail crash at Disney World. On May 25th, a large portion of Spokane, WA. and Spokane Valley suffered a blackout. According to the news, the power grid is reaching capacity and that was the cause of the blackout, however, according to the article Seattle was only drawing 1,000 megawatts that day. Spokane does not compare in population or power draw to Seattle or Western Washington. About that same time the large county hospital in nearby Coeur d' Alene, ID suffered a computer system failure and shutdown. More and more venders I deal with are complaining about their computer systems failing. In each case I ask if they are dependent upon the Internet. Those who know the answer tell me yes. Can the Zetas tell us if all of these failures are related?

There is too much complexity in electrical systems to make a blanket statement. Clearly Air France 447 had electrical interference, as did the Airbus crash off the coast of Yemen. The Airbus is completely dependent upon electrical controls, unlike other manufacturers which allow for manual controls during an emergency. Likewise, trains such as the DC Metro and the Disney Monorail were relying upon wireless signals for their automatic system. This is a window of vulnerability for electromagnetic interference. Where a blanket statement cannot be made, it is clear that interference is occurring when communications on the Internet bounce via satellites, during phone service, and even during the use of household appliances. There have been reports on this chat that appliances which refused to work were found to be sound and working later. Excuses will always be given in the press, no matter how illogical, as the rule is still to deny the presence of Planet X. If and when the Sun begins to have sunspots or activity that can be blamed, this will be cited as the cause. Lies may be spread about the activity of the Sun in order to allow this route to be used, so the public will not know the truth. Up until the present time, the Sun has been too quiescent, so such a claim would be questioned. But a desperate cover-up knows no bounds.

Baby's and toddlers everywhere! I swear in over 50 years I've never seen so many children - they seem to outnumber adults 3/1 in my section of the woods. I recall the Zetas saying that before the last pole shift, the women became barren and lost babies. Is this sudden explosion of children related to the upcoming pole shift?

Many people have noted that wild and domestic life are having more twins or multiple births than is usual, and wondered if the cause could be an instinctive rush to overpopulate in order for the species to survive what is coming. Of course, those species that took this path would have a better change of surviving a cataclysm, and thus the genetic instructions. There is also a diversionary technique being used in the media, to purport that all is well. Families with multiple births, large numbers of children such as a family of 18, or the octomom with 8, are given media attention and even their own shows. There is only so much the media can use to divert attention away from Earth changes and an economic depression. Michael Jackson can't die every week, nor will the sexual scandals of politicians rescue the media every week.

Can the Zetas say what is causing the "flaming water" and the coal train derailment in CO. I know the Z's spoke of the stretch and the loosening of the plates and all. But can they give us any updates on what the current status is of the tectonic plates? Earthquake activity seems on the brink of disaster. Coal train cars derail, spill load Commission: Gas wells not causing flaming water

These phenomena are acknowledged to be methane gas in the water. Obviously this is due to shifting rock, releasing methane from pockets. We have explained that the West Coast is under great stress due to a bowing all the way from the Aleutians Islands to the tip of Mexico. This bowing caused the Utah mine collapse in the recent past. It certainly is affecting the rock strata in Colorado.

Are these vaccines safe? I swear they push vaccines every chance they get. H1N1 vaccines likely to be free

Vacines are developed each year to address the likely virus that will be passed around during the flu season. This vaccine for the H1N1 is no different. At the present time, no one is anticipating a poisoning program via vaccines, although this was contemplated and planned during the Bush administration.

On the 22nd, the longest solar eclipse of the century will take place. A lot of people from all over the world will be observing the eclipse from Huzhou and other places in China. Will this eclipse be arranged to perfection like last year's eclipse, or can we expect some anomalies?

When the Element of Doubt is maintained, it is never with perfection. There are always irregularities that present, such that those with an open mind begin to ponder and explore. Whether the Council of Worlds will allow or require a more obvious irregularity we cannot say, as the Council also requires that we do not reveal their plans.

Is there any connection between AF447 and the lastest two plane crashes (The Yemeni Airways Airbus 310 on its way to the Comores on June 30 and Caspian Air 7908, Tupolev Tu-154, in Iran July 15). Or were these merely "ordinary" plane crashes due to bad maintenance?

Not all were due to electronic interference. The Airbus, as we have stated, is particularly vulnerable to electronic interference because it has only electronic controls, where other planes allow a manual or hydraulic manipulation of flaps if the electronics fail. Clearly the Iran crash was not electronic, as the tail was on fire when it went down shortly after takeoff.

Oak Island in Nova Scotia, Canada is a big unresolved mystery. Nobody seems to know what is buried there and by who made it. It received the nick'the money pit' for the millions spent on the digs. Can the Zetas say what the pit was used for and who made it? The Story of Oak Island Oak Island Wikipedia

Long before the Americas were settled by ships from England and Spain and France, the Vikings sailed along its shores. It was not unusual for those looking to loot to store their plunder so they could return at a later date and collect it. If they ran into rough weather or were defeated in battle, the plunder was never collected.

There was a lot of bad weather that delayed this last shuttle launch; serious lightening strikes, etc. Was any of it intentional? And, with all the trips up to service the ISS, and other flights, why do they never show up the earth? I mean there are space walks to fix this or that, and plenty of astronaut/scientist/ etc., interviews, but they really never turn the cameras around and show us extensive images of earth. Could the Zetas say why?

The shuttle is, as we have explained, a dangerous mission due to all the atmospheric turmoil and the debris from the tail of Planet X, and of course there is the charged tail causing electronic problems. At this time there is no interference by the Council of Worlds with NASA's flights or the functioning of the ISS. The public is to have their eyes turned outward, into space exploration, so that funding continues, and not be reminded that their home, the planet, exists. NASA is ego-centric in this regard, assuming the public is as entranced with their day to day operation as they are.

I understand and accept the Zetas restrictions on revealing time line clues for the passage, but if it is allowed can they state if the massive New Madrid plate adjustment will occur within the same magnetic trimester as the pole shift.

As we have explained, we are not allowed to warn in any specific manner of the timing of a quake or volcanic eruption. This question crosses that line. We can describe what will occur, just not when.

What means this crop circle discovered in Switzerland?

Here again the retrograde orbit of Planet X is shown, with a type of slinging to either side. This is to infer that it is more than the path of a passing planet that is affected during such a passage, as such a passage can affect the orbits, at least temporarily, of other planets nearby.

When we think to ourselves in our heads about others; are we actually conversing with that other person on a soul level or some other level? Is interaction or discussion taking place?

If both parties are telepathic, this is highly likely that a brain-to-brain conversation is taking place, but for this to occur it would have to be more than a fleeting thought. Both parties would have to have telepathic ability, however, and is rare as only 10% of the populace has any degree of telepathic ability, often only once in their lifetime, for instance.

Upon moving forward into higher densities, will all beings have past life memories, or do only certain beings have such capabilities? Can every Zeta remember their previous life, or is this information only given to the being if the soul requires the being to know?

The soul remembers all past lives, completely. It is not a matter of density, but soul existence, as the soul remembers all regardless of what density it resides in.

Would the changing energies coming in to the planet at this time be causing families to break apart due to people taking the STO or STS paths?

Yes, but not because of any energies coming from the passing planets. We have described this process as a polarizing of the spiritual orientations, where those in the Service-to-Other begin to associate and support each other, and where those highly Service-to-Self likewise begin to seek each other out to get used to the rigid rules and pecking order the Service-to-Self desire.