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ZetaTalk: GodlikeProduction Live
written December 12, 2009 on the GodlikeProduction live chat.

Daytime view night time view on December 9, 2009 [and from another] Just so everyone knows. It is not a balloon! Nothing but nothing ever is suspended over or flies over the Kremlin. Period. It don't happen. I have been there many times. I sell aircraft in Russia and I know the rules. Putin cannot even helicopter to the airport from the Kremlin. [and from another] One problem with hologram theory..holograms don't reflect light, this object does as well as being shaded properly from the ground lights. [and from another] I'm a master of Maya, Softimage, After Effects and such. There is no way to do that using all those programs mentioned above. I've spent hours trying and it is impossible. I gave up! First of all, the footage is taken from the inside of a moving car and through the glass. Also, you would need to mask electrical cables as on 0:10 and that is crazy to do. There are many other aspects that would require something extraordinary to accomplish. Street light reflections are very dificult to mask as well. I've downloaded the vido to play it frame by frame and and all I can say is: Wow! Folks, tt is real as it gets! [and from another] It's a tetrahedron by the way-not a pyramid. [and from another] After watching the video over and over again. I can say that a tethered blimp is out of the question. If it were a blimp or balloon there should be a constant and permanent axis of rotation. In this case a cable from the roof to the object. But, and here it's the big but (no pun intended) the object is rotating freely. There is no fixed axis on it.

This is a real UFO, captured on more than one video. The shape of the tetrahedron, which shows a triangle from four different sides, was generated by space ships nearby, coordinating with one another, thus a type of holograph. Unlike a human generated holograph, however, this display could be seen from all directions, with a precise 3D appearance. The fog like appearance was generated by changing the molecular structure of the air inside the tetrahedron. What was the message being beamed to the residents of Moscow during the display? We have mentioned before that Moscow is in lowlands, with few hills nearby for an escape during flooding. Moscow will be distressed early in the time between the present and the pole shift, due to flooding. What will the residents do, when the hills they would scramble to are hundreds of miles away? Flood waters erode support from under buildings, so they tilt and fall. Serious thought needs to be done by those who live there, to plan for such an emergency, which could come upon them suddenly during a deluge.

SOHO C3 was down from 12/07 15:18 to 12/09 00:18, close to 36 hours with no explanation. SOHO C2 was down from 12/07 15:08 to 12/09 00:06 also. SOHO EIT's (closeup of sun surface) were not down at all, so it was not the satellite. Stereo COR1 and COR2 did not have down time either.

Many noticed the unannounced and unexplained downtime on the C2 and C3 SOHO, a period of 36 hours! Since other images from the SOHO satellite were available, the EIT images of the Sun itself, this was not the cause. The satellite was not due for a roll, which is scheduled maintenance. The downtime was due to consternation at NASA and JPL over what to say about the continuing appearance of the Planet X complex on the various satellites maintained by the US and its partners. When Planet X blundered into the SOHO red image on December 23, 2007, replete with streaming tail, the establishment decided to pretend it never happened and ignore it. Since many copies of this appearance of Planet X were out and about on the Internet, to withdraw or airbrush that image would imply a cover-up. So they ignored it. But in 2009 these accidents kept coming, with increasing frequency, starting on March 21, 2009 with the dramatic appearance of the Winged Globe. Then the Stereo Ahead showed Planet X as the Red Cross of yor on December 4-5, 2009. Of course, the many spies out and about on the Internet reported that this too was a flaming subject, another example of how their airbrush programs are failing to keep pace with the bobbling about that the satellites, the Earth, and Planet X are doing these days.

Their choices were few - shut down the SOHO and Stereo service, improve the airbrushing programs, or continue to ignore the occasional appearance of Planet X. After heated discussion in smoke filled rooms, the decision was to continue to live with the status quo. An airbrush program requires that Planet X show up in a predictable spot, and not move around as it is. To program for any bright spot, at any location, interferes with the appearance of planets such as Venus and Mercury or the passage of comets. These too are not always appearing in predictable spots, due to the bobbling about of the satellites in the turmoil of the eddy flow cup that Earth and its satellites find themselves in at present. What would the public say if Venus were tracking in from the right hand side, then suddenly disappeared, then reappeared? They would say someone was airbrushing the images! Better to say nothing, as they do when the Second Sun appears at dawn or dusk, as they have always done with the12 hour periodic shuddering that occurs on the live seismographs. But for many involved in the cover-up, it was clear that the time was running out on the cover-up. Many made personal plans to retire from their jobs and retire to their safe place, to avoid the anger they anticipate the public will focus on them when their lies are finally revealed. The rats will be leaving the ship.

What is that bright flash at the left on Stereo Ahead? Happened on 12/11 14:39 and last 12/03 at 20:54 too.
And guess what. It is not updating. No shock there! Last updated 14:39 when this appeared, while others are on 17:39.

Bear in mind that the Planet X persona you are seeing is not close to the Sun but halfway between the Sun and the Stereo Ahead satellite. Thus, any movement in the tail is captured and looks larger in perspective than it would if it were close to the Sun, at a greater distance. Moons in the Moon Swirls might catch a glint from sunlight, and be captured on film. Certainly the dust cloud can cast a reflection, looking like a flare. What other explanation is there for such sudden flares in the images?

The Zetas, the corner of a deviation of Planet X from the Sun that the Second Sun could be observed with open years (without devices as it was in 2003) from different places of the world will increase? Or before passage it will not change? I think that now such sign would become for people the obvious prevention and anxiety for elite.

The Second Sun sightings occur when Planet X is not directly in the line of sight from the Earth, but slightly to the right so that there is an angle from which sunlight can reflect off the dust cloud thence to Earth. Planet X will indeed pull to the right prior to the last weeks, and increase the Second Sun sightings. We will not specify just when this will occur, as always wanting to keep the establishment off balance.

After the Global Warming emails leak, is the stage set now for the unsuspecting around the planet to be more receptive to the real cause of the Earth changes?

We stated last week that those involved in this false cover for the Earth changes caused by Planet X will first wait to see if the scandal blows over, the public lulled back into thinking this is the cause of the current weather and droughts and the like. Since skepticism, even among scientists, was so high even before the leak, this is unlikely to happen. Laws were about to be passed penalizing many for carbon emissions, at a time when the economy worldwide is suffering. Those resenting these laws will be loud in their opposition, constantly reminding the public that the debate is hardly over. This can only leave open the question, standing like an elephant in the room, as to what is causing the rapid Earth changes, which include increasing earthquakes and signs in the skies.

Before going to bed I used to cover my windows so that no light from the outside would come in, and would cover my eyes by wrapping a sweater around my head, but I noticed that I slept noticeably better when in addition I also made my room pitch dark by turning off or covering any electronics that had lights, VCR, clock radio, etc. I read somewhere; possibly even on Zeta Talk that it is possible for blind people to sense light through the skin, so I was wondering if light might have an effect on a sleeping body, or was it something psychological. I'm sorry if it might sound like a dumb question, but if it can help people sleep better, why not.

The eyes sense light even through the eyelids, and for those who are hyper alert, any distraction from the lull of sleep is enough to jar them awake.

Can the Zetas verify if these two articles are correct, stating US and British forces are essentially aiding and abetting Taliban troops with arms and transportation?

The US was a friend to the Taliban in the past, when they were fighting the Russians. US oil companies, as well as their allies in the political system in the US, were interested in pushing north into oil fields above Afghanistan, controlling the pipe lines exporting this oil. Thus, there are many US weapons in the hands of the Taliban. There are also those who would further the conflict, forcing Obama to keep the military in the field, as this ensures that these US interests, these corporate interests, would remain protected. This is nothing new, as in Iraq many mosques were blown up by the US and Brits for the same reason, to force the US to stay involved. It is not the US government, or the British government at this point who is assisting the Taliban, but forces working for corporate or rogue government parties.

If the Zeta/human hybrid program was launched only in the early 20th century, how will the hybrids be ready to populate 4th-density Earth after the pole shift if many full hybrid life cycles are required to observe, evaluate, and fine-tune this genetic engineering experiment? Did the "Proto-Hybrids" program provide enough helpful information here? What will the final hybrids look like - more Zeta or more human? The ZetaTalk archives seem to indicate they will appear more Zeta, but that's not clear.

Our Hybrid program has been ready for over a decade, and is in full production. When we wrote the 90's Model we were describing the result.

Why some hooligans have interest to casual villainy? They can put a sharp metal subject on road and hide it. When the passer-by will step into it he will feel a pain. The sadist takes pleasure in supervision over tortures of a victim, but these villains prefer to operate so.

Certainly wanting to cause pain and distress is a sign of someone leaning to the Service-to-Self, if not there already. Sadism and actions that cause pain give the Service-to-Self person a power trip, just as polluting or creating devastation in some way is a power trip for some Service-to-Self individuals who get into positions of control in corporations or in politics. It is a power trip. Service-to-Self individuals at heart are highly insecure, cowards who run when their bully stance is challenged. Thus, the power trip alleviates their insecurity, and they revel in this feeling.

Zetas said that Africa and the South America were battlefield between STS and STO for souls of people which there live. Why was uncertainty was on these continents? Atrocities were in other places also.

Even those areas which are considered highly Service-to-Other countries, such as the Scandinavian countries, have their Service-to-Self individuals living there, committing crimes or playing power games. It was the proportion of Service-to-Self in the general population. For Africa, highly colonized and thus enslaved often brutally, this caused many to lean toward this orientation in the past. Likewise S America, where many NAZIs migrated and brutal treatment of civilians occurred were in the past. S America has made a remarkable turnaround, kicking out corporations and electing leaders who run true democracies, giving power to the common man. Africa is likewise on this path. Both continents have been won for the Service-to-Other.

Are the elite now trapped with their cover story of a russian missile to debunk the latest neon spiral? One might assume that may more such spirals will manifest and it will not be credible for TPTB to suggest mis fired russian missiles will be responsible for the spirals to come. Are the spirals that are so often represented by petroglyphs showing us what man saw during previous Planet X passages?

Spirals were present in the skies, as signs in the skies, during prior pole shifts, yes. This is a matter we withheld up until now, because of our desire to surprise the establishment as much as possible, to hopefully shake the cover-up and allow admissions of the truth to blurt out. Just as with the frequency of fireballs, which at first were blamed on space junk or on a satellite crash and then on asteroids entering Earth's field, the establishment will cast around for explanations before simply falling silent on the matter. The time is coming when silence will be their only defense, so that the common man looks elsewhere for an explanation.

NASA spacecraft "Messenger" was launched several years ago to study Mercury. Last year and this one it was very near of Mercury, sending its photos to us. PX had to be somewhere there also and so had to destroy or at least influence "Messenger" in a bad manner. As I know, it is still working. Your comments?

Man's probes are not interfered with as a matter of course, so unless NASA sent its probe into harms way, there is no reason for it to be destroyed.

Every year thousands of people observe meteor showers (e.g. Geminids). I guess the Earth meet them moving along its orbit. If it had been stopped on its orbit, it would not have met them. But it met them, as thousands of people can not all lie. What can you say?

Such meteor showers are not limited to one part of the Earth's orbit, which is small and close to the Sun, and thus partakes. These are traditionally strong or slight, so variation is explained along those lines.

Today here new SOHO images of PX were posted by Cheryl Nelson I thought PX must be shown to the right and down of the Sun (as on the very first SOHO image), but on these and some other photos it is at different places - to the left, from above, anywhere. Also need your comments.

The Winged Globe or other manifestations of Planet X have all this year been shown in places other than the traditional 4 o'clock or so position. This is due to the buffeting around that the Earth and its satellites take in the particle flow turmoil coming round from behind Planet X. Likewise, Planet X itself dances around, due to many factors which are too numerous to list. In addition, there are times when some part of the massive tail of Planet X is catching the light, so it is not the corpus itself casting light.

You said PX is out of Mercury's orbit and so it must be farther from the Sun. I can suspect I am wrong, but explain - why does not Mercury (nearer to the Sun) "get lost in its shining" and PX (farther to the Sun) "gets lost in its shining" ?

Mercury does not have a massive dust cloud shrouding it, and Planet X does.

I have asked you last week about these symbols and pictograms on stones and you are absolutely correct what you have said and I completely agree with you. But you have a little bit misunderstood my question. Please let me ask it again. This time more precisely. Is it possible that these symbols are made by Annunaki or other aliens and here is an indication about a planet in the solar system with a cycle of 3600 years?

We said last week that these were symbols written by early man. Were the Annunaki early man?

Annunaki seem to have lived on the earth for many thousand years, before they went away. And they knew that the passage of Nibiru would cause lots of cataclysms on the earth. So I'm sure they had some secure places where they could hide during the meteor rains and pole shift hours. Some sort of caves in the rock or something similar. Where are those places? They must be for example somewhere in Egypt and South America.

They left the surface of Earth in their rocket ships, temporarily, for the passage. They were in fact nowhere near the Earth or its Moon. In some cases they had returned to their home, Nibiru, only returning to the Earth after the pole shift on Earth and when Nibiru was clearly about to go outbound into space again.

Can one build a connection with internet without a provider? I mean after the PS. How does it work? Do you know anybody who already did it and could provide the information? Any clue?

This is not something that will be assisted by aliens, unless they are putting highly Service-to-Other individuals in contact with each other via space ships. Humans know what an internet requires, and how this might be re-established after a devastating pole shift where the grid is down, land lines torn, and satellites ripped from the skies. You figure it out. The answer is obvious.

Are the Zetas able to tell us which political leaders in the United States other than President Obama are STO "Star Children?" Which political leaders outside the U.S. are STO Star Children?

This would be an invasion of privacy and not serving any but your idle curiosity. Thus declined.

Any big events to happen this December?

We are not allowed to detail what and when any events will occur, as we have often stated.

I noticed a lot of comments in the last two weeks of people who get awaken very late at night or just can't go to sleep.It sounds to me as if their bodies are in high alert. Is this just a coincidence or is there something to it?

Insomnia is a symptom of worry, and many are increasingly worried as they sense something is wrong, sense they are being lied to, but do not know how to resolve their unease. When matters become more obvious, as to what is causing the weather extremes and crop failures, then those who are worried can focus on action, which is the proper course to take. Take action, to prepare a safe place, to learn skills and stock a safe place, to plan a route to safety when the time comes. Then you will sleep more soundly, being exhausted having taken the right steps.

As of this moment CNN is pushing hard ahead with exposing "ClimateGate" and the so-called deniers seem to have the upper hand. Do the zetas think that Gore and his buddies might finally use the situation and do the right thing, start to come clean?

No. They will play their roles until the end, just as NASA will deny the presence of a rogue planet in the inner solar system. They will fall silent, be unavailable for comment, but the truth will not come from these sources.

How did Earth get water?

We have explained that water is one of the substances forming out of a Big Bang, and that water planets are more numerous than dry planets.

Is the Montessori method of teaching familiar to the Zetas? Was Maria Montessori a Star Child?

There is no similarity to the way we teach our children.

There is a popular perception that Obama seems more keen on keeping campaign promises that help out the financial-military-industrial complex, while reneging or dragging his feet on those issues that his base seems to care about more. Especially telling is his timidity on the so-called "public option" that most observers know will be the only way to truly break the death-grip that the health-insurance industry has on affordable health-care for all. Do the zetas hold out any hope that we poor humans will be pleasantly surprised in the not-so-distant future, or do they continue with the "in the hands of man" answer?

It continues to amaze us that where Congress is in control of what final bill emerges for Obama to sign, he is blamed for any failure of the public option clause. It is a child's view that the parent in charge should be able to fix anything. It is the adult's view of what another adult can accomplish, given their constraints. At present, the public option may fold into a non-profit option, which is at least a start. Obama is also forced into the posture of fixing the mess Bush/Cheney left him. If one creates a lawless schoolhouse, where hooligans run rampant and favoritism is the norm, can another who inherits this mess simply put in kindhearted school teachers and expect it all to proceed as a normal school would run? Discipline is necessary, at first, for instance, and more oversight over how grades are assigned. Meanwhile, it seems that nothing has changed.

Why do I think about extraterrestrials so much? And why do I think about them so much right before I go to bed. Am I simply obsessed/paranoid or whats going on? Sometimes I feel anxious that something is just going to manifest itself in my room and catch me off guard and freak me out

It is common knowledge that an obsession with aliens is a sign of a contactee. A new contactee is adjusting to what this means, sudden contact, unannounced, and often at night.

On November 16, 2009, the Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority (BARDA) awarded an advanced research and development contract to Bavarian Nordic A/S of Copenhagen, Denmark to continue the development of a freeze-dried formulation of the next generation modified vaccinia Ankara (MVA) smallpox vaccine destined for the Strategic National Stockpile;Why CDC is stocking smallpox vaccines? More Wars? Or for any big catastrophy?

There are known samples of small pox in various government hands. This is a precaution in case of many potential problems, accidental or otherwise.

As a contactee I was going to start to try to recover some of the info the Zetas have placed in my subconscious, using self-hypnosis. Not all contactees will likely try this or be inclined. So my question is whether there is a trigger that the Zetas will use to allow the info to come forth to the conscious side so it can be used? How and when will this be experienced by the contactee?

We have explained how hypnosis or recall via meditation works. The failure to be able to recall is not something we did or did not do to the contactee. If a contactee is in a position to be hurt by the realization that he is a contactee, he will resist having this information become formal in his conscious. Perhaps the spouse would become uneasy and start divorce proceedings. Perhaps the contactee would be inclined to blurt something out at work and fail to get that promotion. The matter is thus left in the hands of the contactee, whose life it is, as to when they will recall or fail to recall.

I've read from previous chats that going into the last weeks we will be at a 10. When we are at a 10 does this mean it will start the "Last Weeks" occurences happening in a 4 month period as described in your video?

Is this a trick question? There will be some overlap with the severe wobble, which will not simply start happening one day. Obviously, there will be starts and stops and some gradual rise going into a severe wobble. We have stated that there will be no doubt that the last weeks have arrived. In this case, the questions being posed to the Zetas are unlikely to be if we are at a 10.

How come during your august 27th Earth Frenzy radio show as a guest. How come when the interviewer asked, you, now Nancy does this mean that Planet X will pass before 2012, and you stated before or after 2012 and not during 2012 which you previously stated that the shift would occur before 2012?

We have explained this during prior chats. We made the statement that the pole shift would occur prior to 2012, but when pressed admitted that this statement was a breach of our rules, which was to give no indication of the date, and that this statement would thus be suspect and perhaps another White Lie to get the public to move in their preparations. We admitted the possibility. Thus, you should assume no date clue from us whatsoever. Could be any year. We stated the pole shift would occur at the end of a magnetic trimester, either the end of an April, an August, or a December. We are not saying which, nor are we saying which year.

Is Sarah Palin working for those rogue gov't parties?

Sarah Palin is not bright enough to work for any effective government or corporate party. She works for herself, promoting herself.

A while ago the zetas explained what we could expect to occur when the New Madrid fault finally snaps. I cannot find the information that was written about this. Can the zetas tell us what we can expect in regard to the land rising and sinking? And how far will it rise east of the fault and how far will it sink west of the fault. Where in the Houston area can we expect inundation due to sinking?

You are looking for the ZetaTalk called North American Rip dated February 10, 2006. We stated that "From Houston to Chicago to New England, the diagonal pull will tear the underpinning of cities and create a catastrophe for the US that will make the New Orleans disaster appear trivial." Do not expect Houston to be inundated as yet, but do not expect it to be standing.

I have noticed a lot of new faces on the weather channel and other news stations even local are these changes due to people knowing about the cover up?

Individuals involved in the cover-up are under great stress. They think about the lack of preparation that the public is making, due to lack of warning. Unless a talking head is highly Service-to-Self and uncaring, they lose sleep over this and suffer stress diseases. Just as sending soldiers into combat is not intended to be a perpetual thing, but the soldier cycled in and then cycled out, weathermen and others in the know need to be cycled out. They may not know the full picture, but they know they have been told what they cannot talk about, and can often fill in the blanks.

Are the nordic countries of Norway, Sweden and Finland aware of the coming pole shift, and are preparations made? It would also be of interest to know if any country in the know has made preparation to protect their citicents.

We expect many of the countries in Scandinavia, including those you mentioned, to be making preparations, as they are in the know. Countries that do not have high land themselves are in an awkward position, as they must impose on other countries. Borders may be slammed shut, even if promises were formerly made. Thus what many countries will do is simply inform their citizens of what is coming, what is likely to occur. Countries composed entirely of lowland that will be flooded are the most distressed. However, flooding of these areas is likely to occur well before the pole shift so the question of what citizens should do might be a settled issue by that time.

What are the Z's or your feelings on whether we should be now contemplating how we should fashion our future societies. Prep is done, all is ready.

Your future society is not solely in your hands, as it is a matter of consensus of those in the society. You can lay your plans, but don't expect others to follow them.

I was wondering how the debunkers can still say all is fine with evidence like this earthquake chart.

Debunkers are either paid to say this, or in denial. Those that are paid will continue to say all is normal until their paychecks stop. Those in denial will get more shrill. Ignore all of them.

If your desire is to shake the cover-up, why are you moving the Earth around to simulate the seasons and thus cover-up that the Earth is stopped in orbit?

The cover-up run by the elite, those in power and the very rich, is done for their comfort. They don't want the messy panic of the common man, but want the common man to continue in their jobs and want to avoid any demands that might be placed on those in power if the common man were to realize what is coming. It is, thus, a selfish reason for a cover-up. The Council of Worlds wants to avoid panic by those very people in charge, who would likely impose martial law, mow down the citizenry in fear of rebellions or riot. It is not the panic of the common man that is feared by the Council of Worlds, but the panic of those who are self focused, self oriented, in positions of power. By a gradual awareness, the common man is learning not to trust the government, but to rely on themselves. Those in charge, the elite, will shrink back to their bunkers, disappear, and thus not even be in charge when the last weeks emerge. Overall, a gradual awareness by the common man that a passage is pending is better for the common man, thus.

The Zetas have indicated that Out of Body exploration is discouraged or prevented. Wouldn't the experience serve to teach a human that they exist separately from their physical body? Wouldn't this help with the fear of dying? Many people have described (with much detail) having their own OOB experiences. What were they experiencing? Would you care to comment?

Going Out of Body, or astral as some call it, is a skill the soul learns at some point in its many lifetimes. This can occur when the incarnation is traumatized, as in an accident, or during torture. Once learned, the soul remembers how to jump out of the incarnation, but this is considered skipping out of school when done for entertainment by a young entity. The fear of dying is not related. Fear of dying is due to the entity, the soul, not accomplishing what it hoped to accomplish during the incarnation, and fearing a future incarnation that will force the lesson to be addressed.

The Zetas have stated that time travel is not possible. Is it possible for individuals to manipulate time and use such ability to thwart STS activities? If such ability exists, is it learned or some sort of natural ability? Is this ability feared by the elite who expect retribution from those they have injured?

Time travel is not allowed except by authorization by the Council of Worlds. This is thus not something you learn and use to avoid confronting Service-to-Self attacks. Mankind does not have this ability, despite frauds and bragging.