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ZetaTalk: NASA's Movies
written April 28, 2010

What is the bright object seen moving from right to left in the Stereo Ahead COR2 images since April 21, 2010.

This is similar to a bright object discovered in the archives for the period around August 15, 2008, moving left to right in the COR2 images, and both these times coincide with when Venus would be expected to be on the opposite side of the Sun in line of view of the COR2 cameras.

NASA claims the objects is Venus, but many people feel it is too bright to be Venus. The Stereo satellites are on either side of Earth, one ahead and one behind in Earth's orbit. They started out at the Earth in 2006 when launched, and are spreading apart along the orbit path since then, at even intervals from the Earth, apparently under some sort of propulsion and remote control. Are the Stereo satellites moving around in Earth's orbit even though Earth is stalled?

If the Earth has halted in her orbit since December, 2003, and Venus likewise became trapped in front of Planet X as it was slowly creeping past the Sun, then what gives? We have mentioned that we simulate reality while the cover-up over Planet X is firmly in place, so that the establishment does not panic in anticipation of rioting by the citizenry. The Council of Worlds allows enough to be obvious to the common man so that those who are courageous enough to face the future and plan for their safety and the safety of their loved ones can do so. Those who would make demands on their governments, or panic, are thus allowed to continue to lull themselves with denial. Thus a duality exists in what mankind perceives. On the one hand the Earth wobble is evident, the Sun rising and setting where it ought not, the Moon well out of position, the weather and tides extreme, the uptick in earthquakes and volcanism obvious, and Second Sun and Moon Swirl sightings increasingly captured on video. On the other hand, official sites such as the SOHO and Stereo sites pronounce all is normal and provide regular images that seemingly prove this point. But the Council of Worlds is allowing a steady slip of the cover to reveal the truth about the presence of Planet X in the inner solar system.

In step with the establishment's slipping grip on power, their steady escape to their enclaves and out of the public view, the truth is revealed. This has been paced so that those individuals who would slaughter millions in their own panic are out of power before revelations occur. Thus, in 2009 and 2010, Planet X and its Moon Swirls increasingly showed up on SOHO and Stereo images, even the individual moons on Stereo Behind images, in step with bizarre atmospheric phenomena like the Norway swirl and the Australian radar circles. NASA has launched the Stereo satellites not to view the backside of the Sun, though this is the public mission statement, but to triangulate the position of Planet X as it approaches Earth for the passage. The launch was in 2006, well past the time when the Earth was halted in her orbit. Why would a moving Earth have satellites on either side with a steadily increasing distance from the Earth unless the Earth were halted? If the goal were to see the backside of the Sun, one would merely have to drop a satellite near Earth's orbit and wait 6 months for a full 360 round view of the Sun.

The Stereo satellites, thus, have a similar and coinciding view of the Sun to the SOHO view, where SOHO is stationary in front of the Earth. SOHO is at least 50% a programmed movie, with the planets anticipated to be in transit showing up on schedule and a background of stars appropriate for what would be anticipated. The solar flares are real, though during attempts to remove evidence of Planet X from SOHO images the programs show obvious edit lines. As we have explained, the programs are not sensitive to color gradations, like the human eye, and thus build in bloopers for the public to discover. Thus, in order to effect the appearance of normalcy, with an Earth moving in her orbit and Venus appearing opposite the Stereo satellites at times, the passage of Venus was likewise inserted into appropriate Stereo images. How long will this game go on? Until what is obvious to man, what the common man sees in the skies, is so disjunct from what NASA is foisting on the public that NASA is forced to close down and refuse comment. By then, for most of mankind, the chance to plan for their safety will be past. Until this point in time, those who are in denial, and need denial as they are insecure individuals unable to face a harsh reality, will continue to assert, loudly, that all is normal.