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ZetaTalk: 23° is the Key!
written Mar 9, 2004

Since the Dec 25, 2003 time frame, when the rotating Earth halted in her orbit, deflecting any impact like a gymnast slamming onto the mat on his back but deflecting the impact by rolling forward to bounce to his feet, the Earth has been attempting to maintain a distance from Planet X. This distance, as we have mentioned, equates to the now famous ZetaTalk Triangle. For the Earth, this means a 23° angle from Planet X, which she maintains by pushing back in her orbit between sweeping arms of the Sun pushing her into the arms of her brute brother. For those who say the orbit of Earth has not stopped, we point to the many observations from astute humans not blind to what is going on around them. If Planet X were at a 23° angle from the Earth, and the N Pole gripped such that it is tilting toward the S Pole of Planet X, as we have maintained in Recent ZetaTalk, then the N Pole would be tilting and leaning at this 23°. Is it?

Ecliptic Observations
Norway, Feb 23: Another interesting observation however was the location of the Moon and Venus when I arrived home at about 17:20 UTC. According to Starry Night Pro, Cartes du Ciel and SkyMap Pro, they should have been at about 235º from my location. However, their true location was more like 260º. Their relative position was shown a little bit different in the different sky charts, with SkyMap Pro and Cartes du Ciel showing the correct relative position of Venus vs. the moon, whereas Starry Night Pro showed Venus a bit too far South. Note: this is a difference of 25° for the Ecliptic plane.

The Sun transit, expected to be due south, would no longer be that, but found, due to the lean toward Planet X, to be eastward. Is it?

N/S Observations
Italy, Mar 9: During these days I verified that my South is not 180° but 160°. Note: this is a difference of 20° for South.

During the bobbling about of the Earth over the past several months, it has frequently been noted that the Moon is not in its proper orbit, is too far north or south, often so in the extreme for several days. Of all indicators that something is amiss, and not being addressed by the establishment, this aberrant behavior of the Moon has clued the common man that the heavens are not right. Those without TV or the barrage of electronic entertainment that city dwellers in industrialized countries posses, entertain themselves under the stars in the evenings, and the Moon rise and transit is well noted. Where the Moon hugs the Earth's middle, and has been noted to find this middle again when the Earth has shifted position, in the crunch ongoing at present where the Earth is being drawn in toward the Sun, accounted for by the very bright sunlight of late, it listens to other voices. It listens to the Sun's middle, the true Ecliptic, and adheres to that. Thus, the Moon could be expected to be positioned in the old Ecliptic, while the Earth tilts. Is it?

Moon Orbit Observations
El Paso, Feb 6: Moon transit did not happen until 1:15 AM Feb 6 when Moon was at 185° South and 98° overhead, a difference of 32° and 22° from expected. Note: Moon tracking too high in the sky by 22°.

What does the common man learn from the lack of comment in the media, the lack of mention by the leadership if their countries are so primitive that they look to their leadership for news of importance? They take silence on this matter to indicate a cover-up. What else? That the leadership has not noticed? Prophecy and folklore serve the common man well, in these instances, as this speaks to the changes they are noting. And in developed countries, where the media blares irrelevant information and ignores such matters as the wild weather that threatens every township and farm, a pervading sense of something amiss has taken hold. Thus, the leadership has lost the people, who have become jaded and suspicious of any messages or directive, as the truth has obviously become a victim to other agendas.

Moon Face Observations
Biloxi, Mar 7: Big, beautiful yellow moon rose last night. It seemed to traverse ENE to WSW as it went. Note: transit noted is for a Moon on the old Ecliptic plane with a tilted Earth.

Spokane, Mar 7: The moon appears to have rotated counter clockwise by about 45 degrees. The reading I've done on the Internet this evening shows that my view from the Northern Hemisphere, here in Spokane Wa. seems to be the view that I would see from somewhere near the Equator. The folks in the Southern Hemisphere have an upside-down view from ours. The feature that makes up the man in the moons left eye, on the right side of the moon, is now on the top of the moon. Note: 45 rotation of the face substantiated by photo from Wisconsin, same lattitude. If a hemisphere flip is a 180° change to the Moon face, then moving to the Equator is half that or a 90° rotation. Since Spokane and Wisconsin are at a lattitude approximately 45° north of the Equator, a
23° tilt would put the Moon face rotation at half of that, or 45°.  

Anyone laying out the orbit of Planet X, which we have detailed in excruciating detail, and the Earth's orbit, in which the Earth is trapped, can see a crunch point approaching. The Earth is pushing back, scuttling back, but at some point her orbit turns and places her in front of the onrushing Planet X like a tiny car on the freeway attempting to reach an exit ramp and to do so must cross in front of a truck barreling down the highway. This draws Earth into Planet X, the point we have predicted when the magnetic grip will take hold to the extent that rotation slows to a stop! This is dependent upon the speed of Planet X, a variable unknown to man, but known to us. At this point we remind the establishment that they have still not informed the public, the common man, of what is about to befall them. And until they do, and relay whatever news they learn promptly to the public, we will stonewall them. If this sounds like blackmail, it is whitemail, as our pressure on the hands of evil which have run this cover-up is all for the good.