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ZetaTalk: Stage Set
written June 22, 2003

The massive Back-to-Back Global Quakes experienced on June 20 when the Atlantic Rift faced Planet X were followed by an odd calm. During the recent 3 weeks of intense Global Quakes that began on May 26, such periods of dead calm have been noted periodically. This does not mean that nothing is going on, quite the contrary. Global Quakes are times when the crust adjusts, weak point under stress finally snapping, often in unison as one point giving will change the dynamics at another point, and as the plates are tightly locked down, the whole globe shutters in unison.

The calm exhibited in the days following the massive back-to-back Global Quakes on June 20 is deceptive, as a drama has been staged to begin. As we have mentioned, the Earth wants to continue to rotate, has established this with the magnetic core aligned with the Sun’s magnetic orientation, the slushy magma turning the core as portions of this non-homogeneous magma pull toward or away from influences they are attracted to or repulsed from, and the crust going along with the magma. This is a status quo that for many reasons does not want to change. Now comes Planet X, gripping the Atlantic Rift such that rotation around the core is urged to stop. Where the appearance is an odd calm, the tightly locked plates will suddenly snap, allowing sudden and strong subduction or compression along the Pacific Rim, this then allowing sudden stretch along the Atlantic Rift, so that strong quakes, tsunamis, volcanic eruptions, destabilized cities along the stretch zone, and disconnected road and railways result.