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The pole shift will come and the pole shift will be over. And there will be a lot to do and a lot to have and a lot to know after that. But survivors won't be only us who prepare or only us who behave. There will be a lot of people that would do anything to get hold of what we have and know. And they will take any measure needed. How to defend? Your ideas?

Offered by Tomaz.

It is certainly not the intent of Troubled Times to be a militant home pages filled with topics like "4 easy was to off someone and topics of the like". I am all for survival of the fittest which means pushing away from the table as well as the computer desk as needed and exercising. The will to do is a remarkable tool. (I know from experience.) What you learn from all this, try to practice so that knot tying and fire starting or what to eat or what not to eat is all fresh in your mind. Number 1 rule do not ever tell anyone that does not share your views that you are preparing for this and give them a verbal shopping list of your stores or supplies. What I am prepared to do is not a blue print of what all will or would be willing to do. Because bad guys and gals will survive to.

Offered by Lou.

When groups of people working together are faced with the occasional shithead, the odds aren't exactly fair. If I had a large quantify of an item I would definitely split up the lot into many parts and hide them all separately. Then if someone steals some it would be unlikely that they would get all of it.

Offered by Joe.

My advice has been to do bait and switch when preparing, and have a mobile survival site. This means if you do mail order, the place the packages arrive should not be where the site is, but the stuff should be moved. Have a tent and supplies and several places picked out. Then if gangs are where you don’t expect them, move. Set up afterwards based on the lay of the land, and who is in this or that place. Be flexible.

Offered by Nancy.