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icon Rapid Climate Change

How long does it take land to warm up or cool down during a change of season? You can compute what clothing will be needed based on the following. You know what your target climate will be like, so can plan accordingly. You also know what your current climate is, both winter and summer. Presumably, you have clothing for your current climate available. Thus, the only variable you will need to address is your target climate. Plan for that, and you'll be all set. As we have stated, if your target climate came from a formerly frozen land, such as the Arctic, and is frozen solid and covered with ice, then it will take longer to thaw and warm up than lands only temporarily frozen during a winter season. Alaska will not be tropical within a couple months, as the permafrost must first thaw. Double the months required for a temperate winter to turn to summer, in that case, to determine the time period needed before a warm season can be presumed. For those regions such as the Bulge of Brazil that were formerly tropical but are plunged into cold air, the cold will descend in accordance with the new target latitude. Humans live on the surface, and are affected by the temperature of the air around them, thus. One day a location can be tropical, and the next ice will be formed on the lakes and streams. A sudden and intractable winter.

ZetaTalk December 4, 2010