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Yamantau mountain in the Urals is as well known as the Denver airport in the US. These are openly known to be secondary government sites, in case Moscow and Washington DC become inoperable. In that both are lowland cities, due to be swamped during the coming pole shift, moving government operations to the secondary sites will occur gradually. This will occur increasingly as the Earth changes announce that the time of the pole shift has arrived. Such moves are in operation already, though are not highly publicized as they are likely to give credence to what we, the Zetas, have been saying about the coming times.

Just as the US has sites backing up the backup site, this is the case in Russia as well. Mount Weather in the US is close to Washington DC, and is still considered a bunker of the elite, as is the site near Kokomo, Indiana. But the US has dozens of other sites where bunkers have been dug and furnished, and this is true in Russia too. One need only follow the conspiracy web sites to get a picture of where these might be. They are invariably well guarded, with exploration by the curious public aggressively discouraged. Equipment, workers, and supplies come and go but there is no explanation.

In the US, we have encouraged the public to avoid the general Denver area, as the military operation assigned to defend a secondary site of government will take some time to implode into infighting and turf battles. If the military units will have the capability of moving overland, or enough fuel to muster helicopters, then survivors nearby must consider them a threat. In the case of the Urals, which are a continuous mountain range that will not experience volcanic upheaval or mountain building, the Russian military could traverse the entire length, and will do so. Why would they not? There will be a vast flood in all directions, so there will be no external threat or challenge to the Russian military. We have referred to the Urals as an island in the Aftertime. Put an armed bully on an island with starving desperate people and the bully is only encouraged to be more brutal.

ZetaTalk ™ July 9, 2011