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We have warned that any volcano active within the last 10,000 years should be considered a candidate for eruption during the hour or the pole shift, but activity covers a wide range of actions. Hawaii's volcanoes will continue to erupt, as they have been doing for a long time, but this is more in the category of oozing rather than an explosion. The volcanic belt in Arizona is similar, as its recent history shows lava flows but no explosive eruptions. Karst rock formations are undercut by water flows underground, giving rise to sinkholes, which is well known. But what would cause the Sunset Crater to ooze, building the crater and laying down a lava flow, a mere 1,000 years ago?

Rock formations that have been eroded by water flows, both on the surface and deep within, are not entirely stable, and give signs of this by settling periodically. This includes sinkhole formation, but a deep sinkhole can create a pathway for a magma flow, temporarily. This should not be taken as a sign of a pending eruption, which requires a much larger path and greater force. On the side of caution, riding out the pole shift on a lava bed that showed this weakness within the last 10,000 years would not be the best choice if one had alternatives. The worry about life in the Aftertime in Arizona does not come from volcanic activity, however, but from soil that is inhospitable to gardening.

ZetaTalk ™ September 3, 2011