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ZetaTalk: Angels
Note: written by Jul 15, 1995

There has been much confusion about angels, who are regularly shown in the Christian religion as wearing flowing white gowns and having wings and haloes. There is no such creature, or at least no creature that looks like this, although there are entities that operate in the manner ascribed to angels. This myth sprang up during the early Christian era in response to humans in the traditional garb of that day seen floating. The robes, wafting in the wind, appeared as wings. The sunlight, reflecting off their oily hair, which in those days was never truly washed, appeared as haloes. Angels.

How did these humans come to be floated, in plain sight of other humans, when today levitation done by ourselves or others is registered only in the subconscious? Repression of memory is a factor of the fear and anxiety of the populace. We do nothing that will increase this fear and anxiety. If the observer can view the scene and incorporate startling views without alarm, this is allowed. In the old days, where people were more accepting of magical happenings, this was the case. Today, people are more scientific, and realize they are dealing with something outside the frame of reference. Panic lies just under the surface, and the Awakening is paced with this in consideration.

Because these humans were close to Jesus, part of his entourage in fact, they were assumed to be close to God. The typical response to any relatively unknown phenomenon clicked in - fill in the blanks. Thus we have stories of how the angels came to be, fallen angels, ranks of angels, and variations on their appearance, their personalities, and exploits of angels that grew every time they were retold. There are merely spirits, and such descriptions of angels is a way of describing good and evil, the compassion and pulling toward others that characterizes those in the Service-to-Others, or the pulling toward the self characteristic of those in the Service-to-Self. There are angels among humans who have never left this Earth. They think of others intensely. They sacrifice themselves. Are these not angels?

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